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How to Stop the Flood of Spam?

Is your inbox getting flooded with junk mails that are obviously spam (and maybe some that are not so obvious)? There are hundreds of anti-spam solutions out there. We cut through the pack and find you the best spam blocker.

And the Best Spam Blocker Is...

MailWasher Pro wins as our most effective antispam software. Why MailWasher? It separates itself from the pack by allowing you to screen emails before they even arrive at your inbox. You can literally see the contents of an email through a secure viewer without having to open the email message itself. This effectively reduces the risk of getting exposed to viruses and spyware to zero.


But the best part is that MailWasher gets smarter the more you use it. In addition to friends and foes (white and black) lists that let you specify email addresses, domains, etc. you wish to permanently allow and block (make sure your friends don't get flagged as spam by accident - once they're added to the white list, they'll always get through), MailWasher taps into a global database of spam signatures in real time, which lets the software prepare itself for email spam messages before they even get to you. By the time they do, the filter will catch them, and flag them for deletion. You can eyeball the message and confirm that it's actually spam before letting it be deleted. Finally, if you delete a message by accident - don't worry! You'll have access to a recycle bin of deleted messages that you can use to quickly and easily restore legitimate messages.

Spam Blocking Demo

Want to see how MailWasher pro works? Check out this demo slideshow to see just how easy it is to use MailWasher to keep your inbox spam free and squeaky clean.

Spam Blocking - Best Practices

We find that MailWasher isn't useful just to combat spam - it's also useful to delete messages that you don't necessarily want to clutter your inbox with. Let's say you're signed up for an email newsletter, but you're only interested in 2 out of 3 of their messages on average. Simply check those you're not interested in for deletion. Additionally, you can quick respond to emails within MailWasher itself - without needing to open up your email application. And lastly, you can securely analyze and open links within messages, although we recommend as a rule of thumb never opening email links, but rather, visiting the website directly, or at the very least - conducting a search in Google of the website domain name prior to visiting it.

Free 30 Day Trial

But don't take our word for it. Give MailWasher, one of the best anti spam tools on the market, a try for free by downloading their demo. If you don't like it after 30 days, you can always uninstall it. No harm done (and hopefully, some harm avoided).

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Your rating: None Average: 1.7 (26 votes)
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Demo versions?

This spam blocker software sounds helpful and effective, I am obsessed with junk mails in my inbox. Do you provide any demo version of this software?

Spam blocking demos

Mailwasher Pro offers a 30 day trial, and Mollom offers a free license for low volume sites.

Best spam blocker is Mailwasher Pro

This is very nice since this software really screens your mails before it gets inside your inbox. This way, you wouldn't have to sort the emails arriving and no spam. Mailwasher Pro wins my vote for best spam blocker, hands down.

Mailwasher and Mollom

I use Mailwasher to wash my emails, and Mollom to cleanse my spam comments on my website. Definitely the two winners in my book.

I believe that Mollom is also

I believe that Mollom is also one of the best out there which is being used in this website as well. They have spam text analysis feature.

Second that on Mailwasher

I use MailWasher to keep my inbox spam free and squeaky clean. Before that I was using Outlook's default spam folder, but the problem with that approach is that the spam email, if you're using the POP protocol to download your mails, is already on your system, and may infect it without you even opening the mail. By analyzing the mail server side, Mailwasher is able to screen them before they hit your PC, is that correct?

Email cleanser

Mailwasher is a great anti-spam email tool. Why? Not only is it easy to use and actually identifies most spam correctly, but it provides an essential layer of security by capturing email before it reaches your inbox. Many of the integrated anti-spam solutions we tried ran as part of your email program (add-ons or plugins), and at this point, your system is already susceptible to the email. Not so with MailWasher - you get an extra layer of protection in that the email never actually reaches your inbox or system until it's identified, and, if necessary - deleted.

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