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Carbonite Review: Can Your Rely On This Online Storage Solution?

Carbonite reviewToday, we are using our computers for far more than we ever have before. We are going beyond watching videos and creating documents and we are uploading billions and billions of gigabytes of data onto the internet at rapid speed. The biggest fear of anyone who relies on a computer for conducting their day-to-day affairs is a catastrophic system failure, wiping out all of your data in the blink of an eye. That’s why it’s important to back up all of your data. One simple solution for online data retrieval is to turn to the cloud and Carbonite has everything you need to get started. If you sign up now you can receive 5% off your 2 year subscription or 10% off your 3 year subscription.

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Carbonite backup is an online cloud that will safely and securely store all of the work you do on your computer without the hassle of having to upload it to any second-hand website. Some companies require you to drag and drop files into an online storage site, but Carbonite effortlessly scans your computer for any files, music, movies, data and/or emails and saves it on its cloud. Carbonite charges a flat rate determined by the number of computers being backed-up. Below, you will find the most up to date costs associated with Carbonite’s online backup.

Carbonite Pricing

Carbonite comes in three umbrella plans, Personal, Pro and Server, each offering several tiers of service based on the customer’s need. Personal is dedicated to individual users and their families, and is limited to one computer per subscription with unlimited storage space. Pro is dedicated to providing backup for businesses, large and small alike, with unlimited computers but capped data capacity. Server is meant to provide greater server backup protection for small to midsize businesses.

All of Carbonite’s plans feature annual pricing. This makes canceling the service, should you choose to do so, difficult and something of a hassle. While you are able to upgrade at any time, canceling can only be done on a year to year basis.


Personal Basic

Carbonite for HomePersonal Basic costs $59.99 per year and is the perfect solution for individual users who want to protect their photos, music and documents. The Home version is compatible with both Windows (XP or newer) and Mac OS X (v10.5 or newer) operating systems.

Personal Plus

Personal Plus will back up your computer, external hard drives, as well as creating a local mirror of your system. This service is $99.99 per year, and if you use your personal computer for work or gaming it might be the best service for you. One major drawback of Personal Plus is that it is Windows only. While they’ve promised to introduce these features for Mac users in the future, as yet they’re still out in the cold.

Personal Prime

The ultimate when it comes to cloud-based backup is the Personal Prime version of Carbonite, which will set you back $149.99 per year. This version offers all the same protection as Personal Plus with the added benefit of Carbonite’s Courier Recovery service, which allows you to request a physical copy of your backup through standard mail. This is ideal for users with very large amounts of backed up data, or if the system failure makes connecting to the internet impossible. This service is only available for Windows users. (Sorry Mac fans.)


Pro Basic

Pro Basic is one of two business options that work to support business systems. Unlike the Personal version, Pro Basic has no limit on the number of computers that can be backed up. They do, however, cap users storage capacity at 250 GB. In addition to all of the standard data backup, Pro Basic offers the ability to revert to previously backed-up versions of stored files. It also offers an intuitive, browser-based admin dashboard which allows the network administrator to view all users back-up status and track available capacity. This option works with both Windows and Mac computers, and costs $269.99 per year. An additional 100 GB can be purchased for $99.99 per year.

Pro Prime

The Prime has everything the Basic has plus Windows filer server backup. This service offers 500 GB of storage space for all of your company’s computers, as well as provides unlimited backup for all Windows-based servers. With this option, you will never need to worry about losing an entire network in the event of a server crash. For the Pro Prime your annual cost is $599.99 per year.

Server Pro Bundle

The Server Pro Bundle is the grandaddy of them all. For $999.99 per year, you get 500 GB of storage for an unlimited number of computers.


Server Basic

Pay $799.99 per year for 250 GB of storage space and an unlimited number of computers to can backup. The Server packages are best for databases and live applications.

Server Prime

For $899.99 per year you get 500 GB storage for an unlimited number of computers.

Server Pro Bundle

The Server Pro Bundle is the same as the one above in the Pro section.

Carbonite Security

Carbonite is dedicated to providing top of the line security for all of your files and data. Because backup is all they do, Carbonite is able to accentuate its security and guarantee your files are encrypted and safe. With extra emphasis on security, as well as safety, Carbonite protects your data with administrative and technical safeguards that work from the moment your files leave your computer all the way up until they are housed in a state of the art data center. Carbonite uses 128-bit Blowfish encryption and is only accessible through a series of login checkpoints. Users have the option to upgrade to 1024-bit encryption for a fee if they feel the additional protection is necessary.

Carbonite Features

If you are the kind of person who is focused more on storage space, Carbonite is a fantastic option because it is a seamless and effortless process that works to back up all of your computer’s data. If, on the other hand, you are looking for a multi-functional product, you might want to look elsewhere. Carbonite will allow you to set up daily, weekly, or even instant backup when creating or saving files. However, if your computer crashes in the middle of editing a document, don’t expect Carbonite to allow you to pick up where you left off. Files need to be manually saved for the backup to occur.

A major advantage to Carbonite is that you are able to access your files from any computer, anywhere in the world. This makes it easy to work on a project at home with your home computer, and pick right back up where you left off when you get in to the office. Customer support is also a priority. They offer online video tutorials, troubleshooting guides, and an extensive selection of how-to guides. Failing that, they offer support via live chat or telephone during extended business hours 7 days a week.

Carbonite Summary

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Carbonite has emerged as one of the premier cloud backup services by focusing on doing one thing and doing it extremely well. The service extremely safe and functional and is priced at or below the what many of its competitors are charging. Combine that with top of the line customer support it’s hard to see how you could go wrong. If you are looking for a safe and reliable online backup, this might just be the product for you. If you’ve got any thoughts or questions feel free to leave them in the comment section below and we’ll find an answer for you!

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  • Josh

    Nice Carbonite review! In my opinion Carbonite has always been the most polished and well working online backup option. However, I hate that they don’t also have a “file storage” option. If they did, I would use them for my backup needs. With the newer solid-state storage drives on MacBooks, I don’t have a need for synchronized backup (due to lack of space) as much as I do a place to simply store all my important stuff online.