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Gadgets are normally smaller techy devices used for various reasons including work, gaming, reading and pleasure. You will also find reviews of computers, laptops, printers and more tech gadgets here. Wearable tech, such as activity trackers, are becoming all the rage. Activity trackers track your fitness throughout the day. In our comparison, we compare some common activity trackers like Fitbit, Jawbone, Nike Fuel and more.

Activity Tracker Showdown: Fitbit vs Jawbone vs Nike Fuel vs BodyBugg vs BodyMedia

Man hiking with fitness tracker

We predict that 2014 will be the year that wearable technology goes mainstream. Companies are coming out with new gadgets to help you reach your weight and fitness goals. Instead of spending your money on a personal trainer you can spend it on a small activity gadget that can help you determine the amount of calories consumed and burned. In this article we will discuss and compare the top gizmos available today to help you choose the best activity tracker to assist in achieving your personal goals... Read More »

Fitbit vs Jawbone: Racing To Be The Best

Fitbit vs Jawbone

Looking for a convenient and cost-effective way to reach your fitness goals without the expenses of a personal trainer? Enter Jawbone and Fitbit! It's easy, just set goals for yourself and meet (or exceed) them. Your friends can hold you accountable as well because you can share your data with them. Track your progress including distance, calories burned, steps taken and more. But which one is best? Read More »

The Ultimate Tech Gift Guide

Gifts for the Tech Guru

Giving a gift fellow tech gurus but not sure where to start? Here is our definitive Tech Gift Guide, complete with gift ideas that are “hot” in technology right now. We hand-picked these items just for our readers and we think would make that special tech-lover on your list this year very happy... Read More »

Best Tablet For Kids, Reading, Students, Work, & Gaming: The Top Choice For Each Category

Couple reading tablets

With the holidays approaching, consumers want to know what tablet to get their loved one. With the amazing advances in technology, the shopping decision is getting harder and harder. We thought we would help our readers out by researching each tablet on the market and determining which table is best, depending on the user. Some may want to use a tablet for reading, others work, and others gaming. In this article we will discuss the tablet that is best for you or your loved one, depending on specific needs... Read More »

A New Dimension to Printing: The Best 3D Printers

3D printer

3D printing, or additive manufacturing, creates solid objects of virtually any shape using a digital "mold". And surprisingly, it has probably been around much longer than you realize, dating back to the early 1980s. The process begins with a computer aided design (CAD) blueprint. The printer then takes the blueprint and essentially slices it into hundreds or thousands of layers, which are then "printed" one at a time to create a 3D object. The print material can range from plastic resins to metals or even chocolate. While still appealing mainly to hobbyists, the potential of this technology is limited only by your imagination. You could create something as simple as an iPod case or as complex as a fully functional motor... Read More »

What’s the Best Large Screen Laptop?

Laptop screen

We did lots of research and the Gateway NV7915u (available at Best Buy for $599.99 at the time of this writing) is by far the best value on the market we found for a large screen, 17"+ laptop. Benchmark scores show the Intel Core i3 processor way outperforming its AMD Turon II competitor (and as a nice surprise, our laptop shipped with an i5!)... Read More »