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Introducing the New WeRockYourWeb.com on WordPress

Old wryw site

Notice anything different around here? WeRockYourWeb.com has a new and improved website! We've been working really hard behind the scenes for the past few months migrating our site over from Drupal (where we started in 2006) to Wordpress - that's 8 years worth of content! We made the move for several reasons, most of which include having a more user-friendly experience for you the reader - on your computer and on your mobile devices... Read More »

Showering You With Tech News

Person in grass with laptop

We've already gotten some gorgeous days in March so April can only get better, right?! We've got a great newsletter for you this month that will "shower" you with new information including a large comparison over learning sites, Edward Snowden's speech at SXSW, and more! We've also got some tax advice for you to get you organized for next year and a fun Spring Spotify playlist for you to jam out to! So let's get started... Read More »

Edward Snowden Speaks Out at South By Southwest 2014

Edward Snowden on big screen during SXSW

The 2014 South by Southwest (SXSW) Interactive conference in Austin, TX, brought the top tech, entrepreneurs and industry experts in the world of web together. And who were they all there to see? Not Matt Cutts or Michael Dell, nor so many other hundreds of panelists who are veterans, leaders or up and coming in their craft. The talk of the town and all eyes were on Edward Snowden. And he was there to talk to them too. An entire exhibition hall was completely full and two overspill rooms were filled to the brim as well. Not to mention the tens of thousands of people watching and listening to the Google Hangout livestream from outside the Austin Convention Center courtesy of the Texas Tribune... Read More »

We’re Ready For Spring, Are You?

Disc turned into a flower

Woohoo, spring is almost here! It's been a long winter and I can't wait to spend time outside without all my winter gear and seeing my breath! Let's get ready for spring together and document our favorite hobbies, keep up with our New Year's resolutions (that may or may not have gone to the back burner), and celebrate St. Patrick's Day with some traditional Irish music... Read More »

Our Tech Love Letter To You

Cord in the shape of a heart

The WRYW February newsletter is here as our tech love letter to you. We’ve got some not so sexy (by necessary) tax tips for 2014 as well as some video love letter tips and a playlist packed with lovey dovey songs to get you in the “Be Mine” mood. 2014 Tax Tips It’s that time of year again, tax season. Don’t stress out yet though, we’ve ... Read More »

2013 December Newsletter – News That Rocked The Web

Holiday keyboard

2013 comes to a close with some exciting news from the tech world. From a very innovative way to take pictures (by blinking) brought to you by Google Glass, to those pesky auto-play video ads that could soon flood your Facebook. And don’t forget the month can’t be complete without a hack from...? You guessed it. The NSA! This time they hit gamers. In case you missed these and other cool tech stories, here is the tech news recap for December 2013. Ending the year with lots of exciting news and rumors... Read More »

2013 November Newsletter – News That Rocked The Web

twitter ipo

November was marked by the released of the two most anticipated gaming consoles: The PS4 & Xbox One. However, this month would not have been complete without the NSA hacking somebody. Moreover, the news that Winamp is shutting down has the tech world mourning. And did you hear Twitter is now public on Wall-sTWEET and Snapchat turned down Facebook and Google? In case you missed these and other cool tech stories, here is the tech news recap for November 2013... Read More »