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The Latest Data Breach News

Data Breach News: credit card machineUnfortunately the news is consistently full of headlines about security and data breaches. Major retailers, credit card companies and other organizations have all fallen victim to hackers, putting millions of consumers at risk. Trying to keep up with all the latest security breach news and who’s affected can be overwhelming. We’ve put together this comprehensive guide to help you stay on top of what’s happening with the latest security breaches.

Recent Security Breaches

These recent credit card breaches are listed in chronological order, but feel free to skip to the company by clicking the link below:

2015: Scottrade | Experian | Ashley Madison | OPMAnthem | Home Depot
2014: JPMorgan Chase
2013: Neiman-Marcus | Target | Adobe

Scottrade Data Breach

When it Happened: Late 2013 and early 2014, announced in October 2015
Who it Affected: 4.6 million customers
What Was Compromised: Names and street addresses (possibly Social Security numbers, email addresses and other sensitive data)
Resolution: Offered customers identity theft protection services

Experian / T-Mobile Data Breach

When it Happened: Between Sept. 1, 2013 and Sept. 16, 2015
Who it Affected: Potentially exposed personal information of 15 million customers and potential customers
What Was Compromised: Social Security numbers of those who might have applied for T-Mobile cell service
Resolution: Two years of free credit monitoring and identity protection

Ashley Madison Data Breach

When it Happened: July 2015
Who it Affected: Users of a Ashley Madison, a commercial website that enables extramarital affairs
What Was Compromised: Hackers obtained 60 gigabytes of personal information and threatened to publicly share the names of users unless Ashley Madison agreed to shut down its site
Resolution: Those users whose details were exposed are filing a $567 million class-action lawsuit against the parent company of Ashley Madison

Office of Personnel Management Breach

When it Happened: April – June 2015
Who it Affected: 21.5 million federal employees
What Was Compromised: Social Security numbers, names, dates and places of birth, addresses as well as security clearance info
Resolution: Employees and dependent minor children who were under the age of 18 as of July 1, 2015 were offered credit and identity monitoring, identity theft insurance, and identity restoration services for the next three years through ID Experts

Are you a federal employee? Get more info on OPM’s Cyber Security.

Anthem Health Insurance Breach

When it Happened: February 2015
Who it Affected: As many as 80 millions insurance customers
What Was Compromised: Records including Social Security numbers, birthdays and addresses, no credit card information was obtained
Resolution: AllClear ID identity protection for two years at no cost to customers

JPMorgan Chase

When it Happened: September 2014
Who it Affected: 83 million accounts, 76 million households, 7 million small businesses
What Was Compromised: Email and postal addresses, and phone numbers of account holders
Resolution: JPMorgan says it spends $250 million a year on online security and intends to double that amount

Home Depot Credit Card breach

When it Happened: April 2014 – September 2014
Who it Affected: 56 million customers
What Was Compromised: credit card information
Resolution: Offered the affected customers a free year of identity theft protection from AllClear ID

Neiman-Marcus Breach

When it Happened: 2013
Who it Affected: 1.1 million Neiman-Marcus customers
What Was Compromised: Credit/debit card information, names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses
Resolution: Customers affected received one free year of credit monitoring

Target Credit Card Breach

When it Happened: November to December 2013
Who it Affected: About 40 million customers according to Forbes
What Was Compromised: Credit/debit card information, names, addresses, phone numbers and email addresses
Resolution: Customers who shopped during that time were offered a free year of Protect My ID

Adobe Systems Data Breach

When it Happened: 2012
Who it Affected: 38 million Adobe users
What Was Compromised: Credit/debit card records stolen, users’ Adobe IDs and encrypted passwords
Resolution: Notified users to change passwords and offered a year’s worth of credit monitoring to customers whose encrypted credit card data was stolen in the breach

What Happens after a Data Breach?

So, the hackers have your data – now what do they do with it after they “pump and dump” your information from the servers? Find out more about the black market trading and selling of personal information that goes on behind the scenes in this quick one minute video.

Protect yourself from data breaches

Identity theft can happen even to the most cautious of us. As you can see from the list of security breaches above, millions of people have had their personal information stolen. And in most security breaches the company that was hacked offered affected customers identity theft protection services. But that’s not very helpful after your information has already been compromised. So, be proactive by signing up for Identity Theft Protection to stay ahead of the game. For a minimal monthly payment you’ll rest assured knowing that someone is keeping a close eye on your credit.

Have you been affected by a security breach?

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