Data Needed To Use Slingbox

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Data Needed To Use Slingbox

My brother purchased a Slingbox and he currently uses and will continue to use Verizon FIOS in his home. He is planning on being away in the winter and will be staying in a place with no internet access but he will have his iPad Air with him. He wants to view ESPN and wanted to use the Slingbox. He is not that computer literate and asked if I would check on it. I am puzzled by a Slingbox. If this is considered streaming does that mean he will then incur charges on his wireless plan and do you have any idea how much gigabytes he would use. I am not very computer literate myself but a wee bit better than him. Thank you.

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Unlimited Data
Your brother would need Internet access for his iPad and ideally an unlimited data package. The Slingbox streaming will use up a great deal of data in no time so unlimited data is definitely what he will want. It's hard to say exactly how much data he would need to use Slingbox because it depends on the connection speed he gets on his iPad as well as the amount of time he spends on Slingbox. I know a few people who have limited data packages and go over their limit because of the amount of data video uses and as a result their bill gets rather pricey for the over use.
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