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Facebook banner size

It looks like Facebook is finally forcing the new timeline layout down our throats. I just got a message when I logged into my Facebook account that I would until August 6th to prepare my timeline. The biggest thing I need to get ready for is the new giant timeline banner. Of course, FB gives no guidance as to how big that should be.

So my question to you web rockers: what is the Facebook banner size? Ie. the optimal size (dimensions) for the banner image that goes on my timeline?

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Facebook banner dimensions

You can find all the details about image size in our article about updating image sizes on the new Facebook Timeline.

The size of the Facebook banner space is 851 x 315 px (pixels). Your best bet is to optimize your file in a graphics editor such as Adobe's Photoshop (or the open source GIMP alternative) or Picasa, etc. For an photo, use the JPG format (compressed), and for solid colors, use the GIF or PNG format. 

Facebook Profile Picture and Thumbnail

The small square thumbnail version of your profile picture that appears in the lower left of your banner has some more confusing dimensions. In a nutshell:

  • The thumbnail image itself is 125x125 px.
  • However, you need to upload dimensions of at least 200x200 px or you will get a "this image is too small" error.
  • Facebook automatically crops 12px from the border, so keep that in mind when designing your thumbnail.
  • Also keep in mind that if someone clicks on the thumbnail, they will be taken to your profile picture, which is large. So ideally, upload a large high resolution image as the profile picture, and a separate one as thumbnail.
Skeletor (not verified)
Correct size for Facebook cover image

The correct dimensions are 851x315. Don't listen to those who tell you the dimensions are 850 or 314 pixels, as that's incorrect and will result in facebook automatically resizing your cover image in ways you won't like. 1 pixel may not seem like much of a difference, but when it comes to image scaling/resizing, that results in ugly artifacts and pixelation.

Nancy J. (not verified)
i really disapprove of recent Facebook changes

I really disapprove the changes that's been going on with Facebook.

I haven't use FB for a while now, and now when I log in i don't really understand what's going on.

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