How to turn on Windows 7 Network Access Protection?

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How to turn on Windows 7 Network Access Protection?

I recently went into my Action Center in Windows 7 to make sure everything was up to date, and I ran into one item - Network Access Protection (NAP), that is turned to Off.

When I click on "What is Network Access Protection" Windows says that it's "a platform that network administrators can use to help protect the security of a network. When you connect to a corporate network that uses NAP, your computer is checked to make sure that it has the required software and settings, and that the software and settings are up to date. If anything is missing or outdated, your computer can be automatically updated. Your network access might be limited during that time, but usually this process happens quickly, after which full network access is restored."

Sounds like it might be a good idea to turn it on. Of course, they don't provide a link to do so. Any insight from CWD forum people?

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Instructions to turn on network access protection

You can turn it on, but you don't necessarily need to if you're on a home network. It's intended more for large business/ corporate/ intranet/ LAN networks.

By leaving it off you conserve resources as well. Nevertheless, for those of you that need it turned on, here's how you do it:

  • Browse to Start > type in "Services" > click on Services
  • Find Network Access Protection Agent in the list, right-click it, select "Properties," and under the "General" tab, under "Startup type," select "Automatic" and "OK." This should make NAP start with your PC. If you wish to start it right away, right-click on "Network Access Protection Agent" again, and select "Start."
Thank You!

This was helpful and for me! Thank you!

Simple info

Thank you for the simple info on network access protection agent.

Browse to Start?

I want to know what is 'Browse to Start'?

I don't see the problem

Typed into services...but I don't see any lists at all what could be the problem?

Very Helpful

Thank you, this was very helpful to me to turn it on.


Thank you sooooooooooooooooooooo much.


Nice one for that , cheers! :@)



I have Windows 7 64bit and a lot of ram and plenty of CPU speed But I still want it to be faster. So my question is how do I speed it up with software. I'm not a hardware tech. I have Windows 7 manager and advanced system care 5 full version and they work great, but still I'm looking for more speed that will improve my overall system stability.

When i leave my PC alone all night and come back in the morning it's slow for a minute or two until I start running programs and the internet. Also I have a DSL connection at 10mbps, which should be plenty of speed for me, but is slow to get back online. When I reboot my PC it takes 2 minutes or more before I can start searching the web. Anyway if you could answer some of these question I would love to get feedback.

Helped a Lot!

Thanx a lot, this truly helped me quite a lot.

guet (not verified)
Network Access Protection

je ne trouve pas network access protection dans services ou je peu le telecharger


Napa (not verified)

Type "Administrative Services" and you will see Services.

Marilyn Coggan (not verified)
How to turn on network access protection on windows 7

I wish to turn this network access protection for windows 7 on as it sounds important.

EJ Nicolson (not verified)

Many thanks in your very easy to follow instructions (easy when you know how). It was most helpful.

imran (not verified)
thank u

thank u

Thomas (not verified)
network access protection

I am running Windows 7 but my NAP is off. I want to turn it on without all the ad-ons


willie pirtle (not verified)

Thank you. It was very helpful. Thanks again.

Glenn Montague (not verified)
NAPA to On Position

Thank you for such helpful advice, I too was concerned about my NAP being off. However prior to your advice you said "by leaving it off you could conserve resource." What exactly does that mean?. The answer could make a difference between me turning the NAP off or leave it on. Thanks again.

Glad we could help you Glenn.

Glad we could help you Glenn. By conserving resource we mean conserving your memory. When NAPA is on you use up more memory than when it is off. Thanks for reading and commenting and please let me know if you need any more help!


Thank you (not verified)

Like having it on.

virgo12055 (not verified)
Network Access Protection Agent - Solutioned

Hello Alex,

I'd like to thank you for providing me with the above info it has been very helpful. Hopefully, and soon, I shall be following your steps and tutoring those read / listen. I've picked up from here and there, but still need to learn more, after all knowledge is endless. A million thanks.



Virgo 12055, I'm glad Alex's instructions were helpful for you. Thanks for reading and commenting and I'll be sure to pass the kind words on to him.


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