What is Akamai Netsession Client, netsession_win.exe?

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What is Akamai Netsession Client, netsession_win.exe?

My firewall suddenly has asked me to let through "Akamai Netsession Client", specifically netsession_win.exe. I've never heard of this before, and my general rule of thumb is if there's nothing new going on or nothing has changed, I block it. Anyone have any idea what this is and if I need to let it through my firewall?

I should point out that around the same time, some wow64 file (can't remember now exactly what it was called), and INSTALLER_UPLOADER.EXE ( from the same Akamai directory as the netsession file: C:\USERS\MYNAME\APPDATA\LOCAL\AKAMAI\INSTALLER_UPLOADER.EXE ).

This one looks awfully fishy, so I blocked it.

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a guest
The Akamai interface

While the Akamai netsession client interface is commonly used for a lot of things, I hear it's often exploited as well. Can't hurt to block it, and if something stops working, go back and let it through.

a guest
Same here

I just got the same security message.

a guest
Related security message

I'm getting a related security message from Online Armor: "C:\Users\MyName\AppData\Akamai\installer_no_upload_silent.exe is blocked."

The "silent" part makes me suspicious...

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Same here, not allowing it

Same here, I'm not admitting it, everything works fine without it...

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Let it through

It's only good for you, let it through. It increases net and streaming which supports Akami. It's useful.

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Faster file transfers?

I had this thing show up immediately after I used a new 128gig flash drive I got from a company in China. I think it is in the drive to allow for faster file transfer from the C drive to the device but I am not sure. So far I have blocked it, but reports I see from a Google search seem to indicate that the file is safe.

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I don't like it, installs without permission

I don't like akamai netsession client, it installed without permission and when I checked it's properties it claims it was installed on a day my computer was offline.

Wiki says it also supports peer to peer file sharing and that it can use our PC's to re-share cached Akamai files to offset loads on their own servers. Akamai's page only loosely eludes to that lil' fact.

That's a big deal if you are using a metered internet connection like a tethered cellphone or mobile 3g/4g hotspot device. You could get hit by an outrageous bill for data limit overages or have your connection throttled back over usages that were not even yours. It's an even bigger deal if live in a rural area that is only served by dial up, the bleeding bandwidth would lead to timeouts, lag, or otherwise frozen web browsers.

The more I read, the less I like about. This thing basically installs its self then leeches off our system's resources and internet bandwidth without any user knowledge or permission to re-share the web content or streamed media we have downloaded to our own PCs from Akamai’s customers. Some of Akamai's customers include Apple and the iTunes store, Hulu, Netflicks, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe systems, Yahoo, and Blizzard Entertainment.

Does this sound bad to anyone else? First off, they are secretly using peeps without permission to increase their bottom line with a stealthy program that installs it’s self with no user input. Second, how do you effectively uninstall a program that installs without permission? Third it is P2P web server, poised to be the most distributed p2p app ever created, is there a hacker in cyberspace that isn't working on a way to exploit it?

This just feels bad on so many levels…

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Adobe Reader

I had Akamai NetSession Client appear on my machine yesterday. As I had also put on a new version of Adobe Reader yesterday I assume it came in with that app. I will be removing Akamai from my machine.

a guest
Thanks for the help!

Thanks for the help! The "let it through idiot" it is prolly getting pawned by nasty things lol. Thanks for the info tech guy!

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Akamai actually caused problems

It downloaded for me and installed without asking as well. I noticed it the other day when my machine started randomly resetting like it lost power, very slow start ups etc. So i did a registry scan and saw it listed there and said "What the **** is this?" not a disk defrag a registry one so I removed it. Seems the problems I WAS having have stopped. **** stealthy pricks.

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Would you let a thief in your house?

This is like letting a thief get into your house, via your window, without asking  permission. This is the wrong policy for a company! Good or not, I have removed it from my system. Akamai should ask before installing software.

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PC randomly turns off now

My computer has been randomly turning off as well! As if it suddenly lost power. I don't think it's a coincidence that this has been happening and I've found this Akamai thing on my computer as well! Removed to ****.

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Listen to your firewall

Seeing as my Windows firewall auto-blocked and THEN asked me if I wanted to unblock, I would say it is evil and therefore a cleansing must occur!

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Block it

Personally I don't like things that install themselves on my computer without my knowledge, but it seems that there is a lot of going on behind the scenes nowadays. With more and more complicated technology and transferring tons of data, like video, I guess we can't control it anymore. It's good to be suspicious however. I was blocking this thing since it got here. Here is the explanation of what this thing is and what it supposedly does on the Akamai website.

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Installed without permission

The same for me. Installed without permission and to get my computer to actually open anything up I keep having to restart. Do I have to uninstall?

a guest
How to uninstall

Go to the folder where Akamai is located. Click on "uninstall.exe". You will see which company installed the program. From this point you can decide if you want to continue to uninstall the program. I personally like to minimize the program in my computer.

a guest

I downloaded it on nfl.com to make my videos stream faster. I have had no problems with it.

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Nero Burning ROM

Nero Burning ROM is the program that put it on my machine originally. The interesting thing is that it has been happily dormant since November 3 when I installed it and only December 14 did it suddenly ask about blocking. I installed the two Akamai Netsession programs.

a guest
It may be Adobe

It may be Adobe, because according to my PC this nasty file was installed the same date, six days ago. I did not notice it until I started Microsoft Word and my firewall blocked it. I don't like anything running on my computer without me turning it on myself.

a guest
Need for Speed World

The Akamai netsession interface and Akamai netsession interface service installed itself on my computer and was used by Need for Speed World. So it's starting to look like it's used by a lot of programs.

a guest
Corel Wordperfect

It also wants to install with the trial version of Corel Wordperfect, but it is asking first.

a guest
Real Player

I'm not sure if the people that complain about it installing "secretly" or calling it sneaky are quite correct. I'm pretty sure that many of them are on the same boat as me that when installing a program and that small window with the terms and conditions come up on installing any program the tendency is to just check the box and hit next.

My guess is that if we bothered to read those we would have seen at some point something saying that whatever program we were installing would also install the Akamai interface. And someone else noted here, many programs use it... in my case I think it was Real Player that installed it.

I have allowed it because my Firewall has told me that I had already allowed it for another program before (probably Adobe). Still if you are having problems with it there is always the option to uninstall or disable it.

a guest
Need for Speed World

I just double clicked uninstall on it, and found out that it's Need for Speed World that installed it... but I don't get why it runs all the time.

a guest
Nero Showtime

I also had Nero Showtime install it on my computer back in November but didn't get the prompt from Windows to block it until late December. It's probably safe but I don't think I'm going to need it so I got rid of it anyways.

As for finding out how it got there, if you can find a user.dat file in the directory and open it, you can see what program installed it. Some user.dat files will even tell you under "Type" in the files properties.

a guest
If you are in North America

If you are in North America, and the program installed itself with out your permission, it is considered an illegal act. It seems like all of us are having the same problems at the same time, thus meaning it cannot be from a program. My advice would be to block it.

a guest
I'm in Australia

I've also just had the firewall pop up and ask me for permission to allow this. It installed a few days ago, I'm not sure how it got there, I think through an Adobe update. It's interesting that this is happening, I'm in Australia so it seems it's not just North America.

a guest
I just got it also

I just got it also. I had an upgrade to Firefox. I'm not sure if it is related. I did a reboot and got a firewall message so I blocked it. Thanks!

a guest
Mine doesn't say who

Mine doesn't say who installed it when I push uninstall.

a guest

I did get this message from Akamai after installing iTunes and restarting my PC.

a guest
My guess is it is a backdoor

My guess is it is a backdoor the Chinese cooked up. Once everyone in America has it on their computers they will shut the whole thing down at that point crippling our economy. I say this happens on or about 12/21/2012.... Muhahahahahahhahaa.

I googled it because I have not installed anything on my computer in months. I don't like it. I didn't ask for it, so why does my firewall have to be the one to tell me about it?

a guest
The Akamai Netsession Client

The Akamai Netsession Client was required by Adobe when I downloaded a trial version of Acrobat 10; it appears to be used as a download manager. Windows 7 firewall warned and I uninstalled using the W7 Control Panel. If it matters, I typed 'Akamai' in the search bar on the start menu which fired up an interface that allowed me to stop the process which was running.

a guest
Commercial download manager

Seems NetSession is a commercial download manager used by Autodesk, Adobe, Microsoft and other big companies so even if you uninstall it, it may get installed when you download SW from them. It does not seem to be spyware. See akamai.com/client.

I have it on my PC for over a year and does not seem to affect performance or anything

There is an entry in add/remove programs to uninstall it if you like, although I would not loose the time on doing it over and over since seems many companies use it.

a guest
Came with an iTunes update

Looks like mine got installed with an iTunes update. This from the readme.txt file that is included with the package:

**** Akamai NetSession Interface ****


This file describes the Akamai NetSession Interface.

The Akamai NetSession Interface is a download manager application. It was
installed on your computer when you downloaded content that uses the service
to provide secure, high integrity downloads of large files.

The NetSession Interface supports downloading from a central source and between
peers. When peer-downloading is enabled, your computer can serve as an upload
source for other computers -- without adverse impacts to your computing.
Peer-to-peer downloading can provide faster, more effective downloads.

The NetSession Interface contains no adware or spyware, is safe and secure,
uses minimal resources, and provides you the ability to manage and control its
actions, including the ability to uninstall it if you do not want it on your

How It Works

The NetSession Interface does not have a noticeable desktop presence during
downloads, since its work is integrated into the sites or applications that use
the service.

However, there are two interfaces you can use to manage downloads and the
interface itself: admintool and a Control Panel extension.

... and also:

Before you uninstall, please note: If you uninstall the service, you will
delete files downloaded to the cache folders under the installation folders. If
you don't want to delete those files, copy or move them to a different folder.

If you do not have a serious need to uninstall the service, it may be better
not to, since other downloads may require NetSession later. NetSession may be
installed again when you download software or media that uses this service.

Also, the Akamai NetSession Interface is a shared network library that may be
used by multiple applications. It will uninstall correctly only when other
applications using the interface are uninstalled. Other applications may not
perform correctly if they look for but do not find the NetSession Interface.
For that reason, you should not simply delete the NetSession files.

a guest
Part of Dropbox

Akamai netsession was part of my Dropbox install I believe.

a guest
Norton 30 day trail expiring

I just got the alert from my Win7 Firewall too. And I don’t think it is a coincidence; as it happens that this PC is brand new and it coincides with the Norton 30 days Trial expiring. It may be a cheap scare tactic to get me into renewing, which I will not; besides, it makes me angry. I already have a program installed which I pay also for online monitoring, and it is in all my PC’s. If that service finds it a ‘threat’ it will block it and alert me to delete it.

a guest
World of Warcraft

Do you play World Of Warcraft? I have this same thing sitting on my screen today. Looks like a WoW update process but let me look into this some more. I'll get back.


a guest
Adobe Photoshop/ Premiere Elements 10

FYI, I installed Adobe Photoshop /Premiere Elements 10 and sub it pop upped & began to request permission to access the Internet. So I blocked it for the time being.

a guest
Comes with Adobe trial download

An Adobe trial download is when Akamai was installed. If one actually reads the information when installing software you usually see the notice about Akamai.

If in fact you were NOT notified, the I would be rather reluctant to allow it to turn on.

As with any service, I leave them off until something complains.


a guest
TCP/IP errors

My firewall is blocking this Akamai Netsession Client and now MS Outlook is giving TCP/IP errors and will not send or receive. I am guessing it installed when I received and opened images from someone's IPhone/Boost Mobile. I guess I have to unblock it to get MS Outlook to send and receive email...?

a guest
Malware, not virus

I have a brand new computer and I wasn't online when this program installed itself. My sister in-law was uploading photos from her jump disk when this program installed itself without permission and I immediately noticed performance problems with my computer.

My Norton blocked it and it was asking permission to access my files when I wasn't even online. I tried to call Akamai to ask about it and they couldn't give me a straight answer. Several Google searches made me weary so I called a computer tech under my warranty and he advised me to remove it and now if my problems continue, I have to take the computer in for a complete removal.

As for it being illegal to install itself, the tech said that this program is considered malware and not a virus and thus is not illegal to install itself to your computer without permission. My advice to anybody who finds this is to do a complete uninstall and if problems continue, you need to take your computer in to be serviced.

a guest
It's an application accelerator

@a web rocker: You need to chill out a bit.

It's not malware or a virus. It's a legit application accelerator. If you stream videos from a web browser, then you've probably installed it.

a guest
Akamai can't be trusted

Any program that circumvents a user's permission to install on their computer is a form of malware and can not be trusted. It may be commonly used, but due to it's exploits doesn't make it safe.  Better to be safe then sorry later remove the program and all of its trash that came along with it.

tammieo (not verified)
thanks for the great info on

thanks for the great info on akamai! It attached itself to my computer when I updated my garmin gps.


yall Rock!

Ralinos (not verified)
I got this warning as well,

I got this warning as well, looked found this as first on the search. So I decided to post a reply, my friend is an IT guy and says that Akamai is a client server for photo/video file sharing. So if you use VIMEO, YouTube, Facebook, Picasa, or any webgame downloaders, you have probably used & may need this akamai-netsession-client. I have provided the link to their official page, which shows you how to find the client on your computer. (win: start-control panel-Akamai net session control panel (32bit) )for me.

That being said if you can't find any programs using the client or the client control panel, then you should block it.

FYI: My client only said Kuma Games was using it, while I know for a fact that Facebook uses it as well (maybe silently?)

Ordinary User (not verified)
Installed an update to HTC Sync

Installed an update to HTC Sync for my Verizon phone and was informed to turn off my antivirus program during this process. The update installed two programs. One was the normal HTC update and the other was Adobe Air Following the installation of both programs it required me to restart the computer and upon reaching the desktop I received the Windows alert message asking to give permission to allow Akamai NetSession Client to be installed on my computer. The check box indicated this would give program access to not only my computer but to my network. I chose "No" and selected "Cancel".

a web rocker (not verified)
Akamai NetSession for NFL viewing

I also downloaded this at NFL.com. When viewing video there is a link that says "Higher Quality Video" and when I clicked on it, the Akamai NetSession Client was installed. I was prompted to install, accepted the EULA, watched it install, and then clicked "Finish" when it was done.

The next video I clicked on to watch was in HD and looked great. I am sure it can be used by the Akamai company for other things but it is a legitimate software and company, is required for the videos I watch on NFL.com, so I have to trust it just like I trust Microsoft all the time.

You don't have anything to worry about, I haven't had any problems or any attacks. So use it for whatever it was intended for on your computer and enjoy.


Photoshop Queen (not verified)
Adobe uses it for Photoshop

Adobe also uses it to download Photoshop & the rest of their collection! I'd leave it alone Shocked)

Stormyweb (not verified)
Wow, so glad to find this is not just me

Wow, so glad that someone else was wondering what the hell this program did! My firewall said  the same thing, and this looked very fishy...

Thanks everyone!!!


a web rocket (not verified)
Vista browsing ok again

mine was installed by "Need For Speed World"

uninstalled it @ software in my configuration screen.

Vista browsing ok again!

(still don't know what it was)

Mike (not verified)
I got Akamei NetSession from Staples

I got it courtesy of Staples Inc when I bought some software about a month ago

Don't Like Software Invasions (not verified)
Unchecked From Start Menu

I might have got it when I downloaded Adobe Reader.   I noticed it shortly after that.

I don't like univited installs.

I'll leave in on the computer, but I unchecked it from the start menu.

a web rocker (not verified)
This page helped me figure out Akamai netsession block

Because this page helped me, I wanted to give my experience. My internet wasn't working correctly and every time I opened something that needed it, it weny blank. I taught my dad how to block it too. So i started to look trough my process and found this. Googled it, found this page, blocked it and now it works again. Thanks

jabbott (not verified)
I was having strange

I was having strange performance problems on my computer, then it began blue screening.  But it was not jiust one computer but all of them on my home network. I suspect this software was being exploited.  I have uninstalled, performance has returned.  Time will tell if the blue screens stop.

a guest
Don't install stuff on my computer without my permission

I'm so glad I found this. If it comes with Adobe Photoshop I would have been freaking out when it installed on my computer. If it actually helps the performance then that's fine but no, I don't like things being installed on my computer without my permission or worse, my knowledge.

I really hate not being tech-savvy. Every time something happens on my computer it makes me wonder if I did something I shouldn't have, but all I use my computer for is work, so I find it hard to believe that I would download something harmful from one of my clients or sites I use for research.

I recently had to get a new motherboard formy HP. I lucked out and a friend did it for the price of the motherboard alone, but I don't want to have a repeat performance of that. Do you know what it's like to work online and be without your laptop? I swear, I thought I was actually going to go through physical detox or something! And using a friend's computer, well that just sucks all the way around, especially when it's 10 years old and the owner is less tech savvy than you! Anyhow thanks for the info!

a guest
Companies should ask me before they autoload software on my comp

I don't like it when companies put anything on my computer without me making a direct choice for them to do so. I keep reading in the comments where other people feel the same as I do about it, and then there are those who keep talking about the terms and conditions. Fine, let's assume that the program is listed in the terms and conditions. I have no idea whether it is or not, but for the sake of the discussion, let's assume that it is.

If the program isn't actually needed to run the program you downloaded, then why do you have to take it to begin with. Is it just me or does anyone else feel like this is just another sneaky way to get you to download programs you don't need. I mean you obviously need the main program this one comes with or you wouldn't be downloading it in the first place, but what I don't understand is why they don't ever just offer you a list and let you know which ones you HAVE to have to make the program run correctly. It's ridiculous to have to remove it or anything like that when you weren't looking for it in the first place.

Strij (not verified)
Akamai is a backgroup program that installs when you download

I had a similar curiosity, but it seems like a lot of people have the same question, with minimal searching, I found an answer.

Its just a background program that installs whenever you download one of their products or a product from their customers. Most commonly I found on their list was Adobe and Apple. You probably gave it permission to try and install when you accepted the license agreement that no one ever reads.

"Akamai NetSession Interface is a tool that can help you you enjoy faster, more reliable downloads from a variety of sources you choose. When you download software from companies like Autodesk®, or other companies offering PDF files [adobe], documents, and media streams [apple], there’s a good chance that download is powered by Akamai NetSession Interface." http://www.akamai.com/client

Here is a link to their customer list, and likely you have something installed that is on this list: http://www.akamai.com/html/customers/customer_list.html

a guest
ticks me off when I software gets installed I did not ask for

I use my computer to make a living, so it really ticks me off when I get some software installed that I don't need and never asked to have installed on my computer. And, from time to time I let my son use my computer to do some of the things he needs to do. But if I'm not careful, things like this get installed when he ads a program. I might notice it when I do it, but I'm not standing over my son's shoulder when he is on the computer, nor do I intend to. My solution is to do a weekly check on my computer to see if there is anything that needs removed or cleaned.

I work pretty much every day of the week, so I just take one day on the weekend and do the cleaning. I look to see which programs are running that I don't need or use, then I remove them. The only thing is, if you're going to do this, you need to be able to keep track of which programs are vital to your system, but may look like weird names on your list. When I started doing this I had to have a friend come over and show me which programs were needed. It always helps to have nerdy friends like I do.

Kathy El (not verified)
Akamai client

I was reading about the Akamai  client issue.  I recently had some router issues and got a (new) printer which required uninstalling and reinstalling several of the software programs  I have  on my computer.  I distinctly remember that one of the programs I installed/reinstalled  said that I needed to install the Akamai program previous to the install program I was trying to run for the other program.  I don't think this is a bad program.    I believe it came with the HP printer software but I might be mistaken.   I do know that if you block Adobe Acrobat from net access it will not print to file..it needs to connect with some server to complete the process.  I THINK Acamai is something related to that process or a similar one.  I absolutely remember being prompted to say yes or no to the Akamai installation....and it was necessary for a program to run.  It is not a virus or malware. .   My computer is running great now.  Don't remove it or I suspect something wont work right on your computer.

a guest
akamai netsession

I recently downloaded a bunch of software to my new computer. I believe this is one of the things I had to accept in order to successfully download the original program, though I don't remember which one it was. I was going to go in and remove this because I don't like to have programs on my computer that I did not actively select. It feels like someone pawning something off on me that I never asked for. If I need this to run the program, that's fine, but then why isn't it just a part of the original program?

I didn't delete it yet because I am not entirely sure what it does or what it would do if I deleted it. For now I am just going to let it run on my system and hope it doesn't do anything wrong. But since I did download other programs I wouldn't even know if this was the one causing problems. Like I said, I'll just let it go for now and hope for the best. I'll be coming back to check and see what others had to say if I do have problems with it.

a guest
akamai netsession

I am so glad I stopped by this page. This akamai program showed up when I was downloading something on my computer earlier today. I didn't know what it was, but it was part of the other download so I let it through. That always worries me because I obviously don't want to install something that is going to harm my computer. Since I go to pretty much the same sites every day and do about the same thing on my computer every day, it isn't always a hard job to try and find out where I picked up a problem at.

Like I said, I let this through and I see conflicting opinions on here. It seems for the most part that the program is helpful when viewing certain files and may even improve the way some of the programs work. I'm a bit confused about how or why it would cause a blue screen, unless the program it came with has issues or the computer had issues before this was installed on it. I am going to leave it on here for now and hope I don't have any problems with it. I'll check back here later if I do.

a guest

I have the same rule of thumb as you do. If I did not go out of my way to put something on my computer, then that means I generally do not want it on there at all. However, I do recognize that there are times when things have to be put on my computer in order for some other program to run or sometimes just in order for some other program to run a little bit better than it currently is. If this program makes things work better, then I am all for it, but I wish that companies would let you know what and why they are putting something else in your system along with the program you originally wanted. Doing something like that would not only make it easier on those of use that panic over unknown programs, but it would also mean that people would come back because that means they are really user friendly.

Of course, these days it seems like all companies assume that everyone has an IT degree or something. Either that or it is just the opposite and they think that none of knows anything at all.

fran (not verified)
AKAMAI download is safe

The Akamai NetSession Interface is distributed networking software which greatly enhances the quality and speed of downloads and video streams you get from websites that support Akamai technology. The Akamai NetSession Interface handles the caching, reflecting and sending of files delivered to you through the Akamai network. The software is safe and secure, and does not contain any adware or spyware and never will. It can also be easily removed if you no longer wish to use it (see 'How do I uninstall the Akamai NetSession Interface?'). 

a web rocker (not verified)
PC Slowed Down - Akamai Was the Culprit...

I had a problem where my PC started to go really slow like the processors were having problems. I even got the dreaded blue screen at one point. I proceeded to remove programs and saw that somehow this akamai thing had been installed on my PC a week ago when I hadn't installed anything for weeks. I booted akamai out my pc and everything is working fine now. Do not trust this program, delete ASAP.

random file (not verified)
Akamai NetSession problem

When I allowed the "Akamai NetSession Client" to run through my computer settings it reset as if the file had been corrupted, so I removed it right away.

a web rocker (not verified)
thank you

Thank you for providing the facts instead of just guessing. I appreciate you sharing the info.

a guest
akamai leech

Things like this really bother me. As one comment pointed out, it could cause a lot of problems with people going over their usage, whether they are on a cell phone or not. This program may be used to enhance other programs, but it shouldn't be able to do that while accessing your stuff without you knowing it. And it reminds me of the reason that I never do scheduled updates. I want to know exactly what is going on with my computer while it's happening.

I've had a bad experience with going over my data limit without actually doing anything. I very rarely download anything unless I have to, and that is a pretty rare event. So when my Internet got shut off for 24 hours because I went over my download limit, I was less than happy. I didn't even know I had a download limit and I was not online when it happened. It was an automatic update that was happening and was taking my limit. I had to manually go over what was going to be downloaded and updated and then schedule it to happen during a certain time period...like between midnight and some wee hours of the morning.

a web rocker (not verified)
For the first time in years

For the first time in years my firewall popped up asking if I'd like to allow Akami through the firewall. I immediately thought this was suspicious, especially considering I haven't used my computer since yesterday and forgot to turn it off last night and I haven't downloaded anything in weeks or used any new hardware lately. I don't know where this could have come from since I usually only browse a few sites. I'm appalled this thing installed itself. Thanks for the info guys; I immediately uninstalled it.

I'm glad I caught this early on before it could cause any problems for my computer.

a web rocker (not verified)
Computer Seemed to Lose Power

I'm not an expert when it comes to technology, but in this thread people mention how their computer shut down like it lost power, well the same thing happend to me. I let it go on for a while and finally googled Akami Netsession and it led me to here. Fortunately I found this site, I immediately deleted the program.

I just can't believe that Akami was able to install itself through all of the firewalls I have in place.

a web rocker (not verified)
akamai is a part of today's tech world

Even if you unistall it, it will be reinstalled when you download new or update your current software. It's a technology that's used by lots of legitimate software developers.

an old fart (not verified)
Streuth that's a lot of conspiracy theories -pay attention peeps

G'day - I actually paid attention when this thing got installed, just didn't remember the name. All you have to do is LOOK at it to see what is going on. It is a download manager that a bunch of software companies are using to spread load on their servers and other simple objectives - it means you downloaded something and clicked "yes" to use their download manager - remember that now? If something crap has been happening to your computer you need to resolve that, not blame the first thing you see you don't bother to check out properly. Which will happen with this app next time you restart the computer.

In my case, bless their little cotton socks for making it easy on themselves, but I don't want it. Uninstall using the program in the nominated directory, as noted above. Simple.....

a guest
Akamai issues

I went through a couple of computers before I figured out that I really need to pay attention to everything that is being put on my computer. Most of the time, I could fix whatever the issue is, but every now and then I would get the dreaded blue screen (which I not-so-lovingly refer to as a Smurf's butt since I feel like my computer is trying to tell me to kiss it.) and new it was more than I could handle.

I have yet to come across akamai that I know of. If I did, it has not done anything to my computer. Then again, I very rarely download anything. Just about everything I use comes from software that was installed on my computer by a professional. It's not that I am all that; it's just that I use my computer for a very specific purpose.

But, one of my friends just got done getting rid of this. It would shut her system down n the middle of whatever she was doing. Of course, once she got rid of it, her computer went back to performing as usual. I don't know what it has conflicts with if it is useful in other areas, but for some people, it's a real pain.

Not as ignorant as you (not verified)
Response to all concerning this post

Seriously grow up and use your heads. Akamai is NOT SIMPLY A DOWNLOAD MANAGER. People want faster streaming and faster connections and better security this is what it's for. It's almost as common as Java. And to be perfectly honest everything in windows fails so if you're having a problem with your computer, it's most likely because of a "feature" of windows itself. And any tech that says Akamai is malware, or any other kind of malicious software is a fraud.

Heycon (not verified)

Never accept It. It's a virus almost the same as the "Java updater" virus. Please don't accept any of this or your data will install small useless stuff everyday until it's useless.

a guest
Explanation of Akami Net Session Client and Firewalls

With the proliferation of internet connected computers and everyone spending all kinds of time working on their computers, including networking with others and sharing files across the web, there are a number of new error message codes which may creep up on you.

I think that the author was correct to block this. Akami Net Session is certainly not a common error message. Especially considering the fact that several additional files, including an installer, appeared in the net of the firewall, I think blocking was the right move.

In fact, almost any time your firewall (or virus program for that matter) catches something and it asks for your permission to allow it through, that is probably a clue that it does not belong. Another general rule is that whenever you are in doubt and do not recognize the name of the file or program immediately, do not allow it through. If you do, it can be just asking for all kinds of trouble.

I think that likely this was some type of virus or malware program attempting to access your computer and steal information.

a guest
Akamai or Any Other Strange Name, I Block it All!

I have not heard of this process before, but whenever I see something that does not look right, I immediately do a system back up for that moment in time and then set about stopping that process and ultimately eliminating it altogether.  If I stop the process and locate the executable file that goes with it, then delete it, and there are no ill effects on my computer, then I know things will be okay.

However, with the image backup on my hard drive, I know that if something unexpected happens, I can always go back to that moment in time and start over.  This way I know I am not risking my computer to long term ill-effects for trying a potential solution.

I also try to find any message boards or discussion groups online that may have users that have experienced the same thing and see if they have any advice that I can follow to either eliminate the problem or understand it more clearly.  I highly suggest you seek out other resources for yourself as well.

a guest
akamai and spyware

This is something I haven't come across, but I don't allow anything through that I haven't heard of. I agree with the suggestion to block it and then if something doesn't work, reevaluate the need to let it pass. However, make sure that the program that isn't running correctly is something you actually installed. If you get an error that a program isn't running properly, check to see what the program is and if you don't recognize it, do virus and spyware scan to determine if your computer is infected.

While none of us ever mean to install spyware, it often happens. Sadly, it can sometimes come from companies that you thought were trustworthy. Before installing any software or downloading applications, you need to read the website to make sure it's not spyware. If the website doesn't say either way, be on the safe side and don't download it. While many companies aren't looking to steal your information, they are interested in tracking your web habits, which many are not comfortable with.

 As someone who works from home, I'm on the computer 8-12 hours per day and I have to stay on my toes to prevent unwanted applications from being installed. It can be hard when researching information at different sites, but a bit of common sense goes a long way.

a web rocker (not verified)

Really irritated how this company/product got on my computer without me accepting. 

Good job I was randomly checking what I could delete on here.

DISLIKE how I knew nothing about why it happened to get on, or what it did on my computer. Deleted. 

Shall not be using anything of this companies products.

a guest
Akamai Net Session Seems Pretty Legit

I recall seeing this pop up on my computer in the past also and when I read your question I decided to revisit the issue and see what people were saying about it.   There are quite a few internet forums and message boards out there that will tell you what you need to know if you are willing to go through some of the different pages to find what you are looking for.

What I came up with is that, generally speaking, Akamai is a service provider for many other clients that are legitimate businesses and legitimate programs.  If you see the Akamai Net Session window pop up, it is likely related to some other program you have authorized to operate and make changes on your computer.

However, if you are really concerned with where these may be coming from, you can always do a complete backup of your system to either an external hard drive or to a cloud based back up service and then try deleting the program you are concerned with.  If everything works fine, they you are good, but if you have problems you can go back.

a web rocker (not verified)
Akamai is Not harmful

Akamai came in when I installed Autodesk Design Review on a few computers here.

It's easy to find how it came on any computer:

Go to Control Panel. You'll see an icon regarding Akamai Netsession Interface Control somewhere.

Open it then go to Preferences. In the middle, there is a path to a folder. Just go there. The content of this folder is related to what software is using this program.

a web rocker (not verified)
This is a Virus

This is a Virus.

To get rid of it, you will:

  1. Start regedit
  2. HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Run
  3. Delete Akamai NetSession Interface (Before you delete it, look and see where the path is and delete the folder)
  4. Finished
a web rocker (not verified)
how to block Akamai

how do you block this deploy.akamaitechnologies.com?


I am running Windos XP, latest edition.

Valarie (not verified)
Akamai NetSession Interface

Someone on here shared a link about this program and actually it is a useful program that allows you to watch video such as You Tube or anything of the sort without it skipping and stopping all the time. It lets you watch video no problem.

It also helps Adobe load faster older versions were rather slow and actually sometimes froze up before loading. Now when I load Adobe reader it comes up no problem with no freezing.

The reason why it seems it is doing so secretive is you probably missed what the installer reads. It is used by Adobe and other programs so you probably won't know it installed because it comes with these programs. It is perfectly safe. I never had a problem with it before and I have had the updated version of Adobe for a long time now and nothing ever popped up warning me about it before. I allowed it and nothing wrong happened. According to their site, it says it will never be associated with any malicious software. Adobe is 100% trustworthy and no spy ware has ever been connected to installation of it. I have been using Adobe for a long time. Even Adobe flash player which is used in the games I play and is probably why games on Facebook now load faster and have fewer problems. Here's the link to the program and what it is about: http://www.akamai.com/html/misc/akamai_client/netsession_interface_faq.html

a web rocker (not verified)

Just tagging on to this link... I installed it to get some drivers from Asus. But found the same day when I run command line netstat - various files are using my router which has seriously reduced my connection speed. I generally get 5 mb but gone down to less than 56k with this program. I rang sky to ask about the speed and they showed me how to run netstat... there we're over 25 connections using my router - there should be less than ten they said. They told me to see a pc expert to get files removed that could cause this. So I brought my laptop to work and suddenly, the firewall stopped this program. So I've researched and found this link and now removed the program from my laptop.

Be warned... it is sharing things - I don't know how or why as I'm not an expert - but it all points to this one dodgy program!

GFGL357 (not verified)
Akamai Netsession Client

Akamai Netsession Client was downloaded with Adobe Reader. I "blocked" it and removed it from my computer. I don't need all the garbage that certain programs try to download with updates. I am sick and tired of the Adobe updates. I do not trust them. You have to be on your guard constantly to prevent them from spying on you! 

Gitouze (not verified)
Who is Akamai?

Akamai is a company which allows other companies to share their datas on the web. Typically, Facebook is a customer of Akamai Technologies.

Whixch means that many links (maybe all) you click on Facebook are mirrored via Akamai servers. It allows you to have a better connexion as Akamai serers are everywhere in the world, and you can access your webpages faster.
It also explains why the NFL streaming is faster via Akamai program.

Now, there is also maybe some malware named Akamai, to be accepted by your systems. Be careful from where it comes (adobe should be OK).

Anyway, no program is needed to be installed, even from adobe. The Akamai mirroring is to be done by itself whe you browse on the web with your usual browser (firefox, safari, opera, IE...)

Hope it helps

Gitouze (not verified)
Further info on Akamai

Here is a list of biggest Akamai Technologies customers:
Hilton Worldwide Hotels,
Adobe Systems,
Miles Kimball,
J. C. Penney,
Blizzard Entertainment,

Akamai also provided streaming services to ESPN Star (India) during the course of the ICC Cricket World Cup 2011.

a web rocker (not verified)

I checked my programs and Akamai downloaded with Skype ... which makes sense if its purpose is to speed up video. Haven't tried to uninstall it .. but I'm only allowing it if I'm actually going to use Skype that day.  Still not comfortable with it going through my firewall if I don't need it that day.

a web rocker (not verified)
Get Rid

I have an AMD Bulldozer and 8GB RAM, Its a relatively new build and barely has anything on it. Noticed that it was very lagging this morning with no clear reason for it. Checked my task manager (after it finally decided to open) and noticed there were about 3 instances of the program opened. Took the advice from some people on here and uninstalled it. And now my PC has now resumed it normal high response speed.

Very dodgy software if you ask me, cant believe it didn't ask me to install =s

Cheers for the great advice

Gitouze (not verified)
User decision bypass

Even if most of the time the software does not impact the user experience negatively, the auto-installation is an issue for me. Absolutely no certificate, or ID performed automatically, should authorize this kind of administrator actions on a computer, especially from the Internet!!

Adobe Customer (not verified)
Adobe uses Akamai Software to download & install software

I just purchased some Adobe software. I read the "read me first" file prior to downloading my new software. It clearly stated that Adobe uses an Akamai program to download it's software to customers. You can't download Adobe products without installing the Akamai program first.

a web rocker (not verified)

When I tried to delete it, it mentioned what I downloaded using it recently - Autodesk AutoCAD. Indeed, for downloading AutoCAD, the official Autodesk website had me download a downloader first and then use that to download AutoCAD itself.

So I'm certain it's not a virus on my machine at least. If you download Autodesk products, you know that's what it is.

MoonDawg (not verified)
Akamai NetSession Client

Just deleted it and anything pertaining to it, rebooted and all went well. Sneaky boogers.

a web rocker (not verified)
Akamai and ZeroAccess Rootkit

I work on a antivirus help forum Computing.Net, and this Akamai has been known to be infected somehow. Its a Rootkit getting in using a fake Adobe update to sneak in. I suggest you all run a Rootkit Remover, seek advice from any free virus help forum. 

Akamai.com is no way connected. It's just using its name and update to get in.

Shadmin (not verified)
What is this?

This Akamai Netsession interface just popped up on my McAfee firewall which asked if I should block it? Which I decided to do since I did not install it and don't know why it's installed itself? It sounds like a useful tool for a hacker, especially if they found a way to exploit it? I really don't like the P2P ability it has and leeching off my bandwidth is not something I need so it will remain blocked!

Billy (not verified)


This link will answer all your questions about Akamai_client_netsession.

Chiller (not verified)
Akamai Software/ Firewall/ Warning/ No Worries

As you can see, Akamai (http://www.akamai.com/) is a well established, legitimate company who is at the forefront of web, media, etc. technology. Yes, it is true that these major companies are often sought after by hackers to exploit and attack computers with the viruses they create. However, I wouldn't be too alarmed by their software being on your system anymore than having Microsoft software. Akamai showed up on my computer after installing Adobe Reader. These 2 companies work together and endorse each others products. It's always better to be safe then sorry when it comes to having your computer exploited. No one can promise that hackers haven't found loop holes in about every type of software that there is. But unless you're a major corporation with a wealth of data and possess documents/ information that safety is a critical matter for, don't spend too much time worrying about exploits.


Mae91 (not verified)
Akmai netsession Client

This was downloaded to my computer when I updated my Dell Drivers today.  When I saw 2 instances of it listed under "processes", I decided to look it up.  I was wondering if anyone was having any problems with it.  My computer is running faster now.  So, I'm assuming all is well.

EFFnut (not verified)
akamai technologies

If you ask me I think its a front for the NSA or Homeland sucking away at your Privacy. It's built into Firefox 16 spitting little bits of web surfing info out in secure HTTPS packets. Don't worry its just Mr. 666 gathering info trying to figure out how to work out his best lie to you. Like "It's for your protection!" So how is visiting a gardening site a threat to national security?

Rocket (not verified)

This is a list of customers that use the akamai client to help speed up your internet experience: http://www.akamai.com/html/customers/customer_list.html

This is how it works: http://www.akamai.com/client

Brief description of what Akamai Cloud app does and who they are: http://www.akamai.com/html/about/index.html

They are based in Cambridge, Mass. 

If you are experiencing problems with web related content, it's safe to uninstall the software from your control panel. 

You wont get the same speed from certain media but you will still have all your normal internet functions.

Levi (not verified)
About Akamai

The Akamai NetSession Interface is secure client-side networking technology that enhances networking protocols for delivery of software and media, improving the speed, reliability, and efficiency of content downloaded from the Web.

NetSession Interface increases service quality by allowing a limited number of uploads from your computer of the same files you recently downloaded. This upload sharing is geared to have little or no impact on your computer's performance, and you can disable or enable uploading at any time.

This software comes with a game called Rift, and there are dozens of things that download and install to your computer automatically, Just because the crappy windows Firewall blocks it does not mean its a bad program. Akamai is completely legit, though I will say its smart to check on something just in case if you do not know what it is.  However do not go by the common citizen who probably has about 10 toolbars added to their Internet Explorer. 

Debbie (not verified)

My computer says it was installed for use by Dell. 

NUFFSAID (not verified)
Akamai Netsession

I've done a bit of research on this intrusive bit of uninvited software. For starters it's a close buddy of almost all AV/firewall software so they will obviously allow it to pass through their so-called protection unhindered, you getting the drift of where this is going? Unless you scrutinize your firewall very closely, you will never know it is accessing when it feels like it! It is also associated with many pieces of software available as a download such as freeware, shareware or otherware! On the plus side, it may be doing you a service by speeding up your downloads, really! Prove it please or clear off.

Best place for this and any other software that refuses to ask, announce or otherwise alert you to it's presence on your computer is the bin via the delete function!

My choice (not verified)
a sure fire way to tell if this is a harmful app!


That's it!, free!

Gets rid of any backdoor sneak programs, worms, etc. Not a virus checker though!

You have to subscribe, I think don't quote me, it's been so long since I've installed it. 5+ years.

Do not accept free trials, or it will expire in 30 days and then you will have to uninstall it and re-install it, but you will have to go through your registry to uninstall, so DON'T ACCEPT TRIAL OFFER, and don't upgrade.

Just start the program, let it tell you your files are out of date and accept that. That's it.

The program will not update files on its own, it will only update when you start the program. By that I mean the program will not update files automatically unless you purchase the product.

My scan shows NO MALICIOUS PROGRAMS done 10 minutes ago. It uses a bit of memory (10 mb).

Greg McLean (not verified)
bad program

DO NOT Install!

Hacked  my machine bad...  my speed on non-internet stuff was cut by... let us understate by 1000%.  Instant becomes 1.5 sec. Playing Sangband...that Rogue spinoff from my childhood that has NO graphics.... challenged the machine that I bought 2 months ago. Because I downloaded Netsession from whatever hackjob that they recruited. I did this just to help a friend FIX a DELL product... download drivers to a repaired machine.  I would wildly guess that EVERY program gets filtered by Netsession. It only deals with downloads...what else does it do?

Uninstall works well..

Endorsed by DELL.com

(because that is where I got it)

Greg McLean (not verified)

My family has spent around $20,000 with Dell.  My mom still thought that once I endorsed a good company ....it would always be one.....NOT!!!!

We polled the jury... overwhelmingly.... crappy software endorsements...

NO Akamai!!!

Dell ...quit further miring your rep!  

Seriously.   Gaining....gaining....sold out everyone.

Vernon Gardner (not verified)
Akamai Netsession Client Overview

Like others, I was concerned when Norton Internet Security blocked some features of this program and did I wish to allow it certain access. My natural instinct was to remove it but then I read several of the more useful comments here and looked into it further. It coincided with several updates I'd downloaded from Dell, so I guessed that wasn't a coincidence. Then I looked at the following link to see what it is and how it works.


Next I followed their advice and opened the Akamai NetSession Interface Control Panel, which can be found in Windows Control Panel. Opening this shows which applications or websites are using Akamai and will help explain why you've got it. For me it confirmed that it had been installed as part of the Dell updates to my laptop and no other application or website.

For now I'm happy for it to be here but I will look again if I get issues.

Hope that helps others.

Mark (not verified)

It is also installed by Dell Download Manager. Dell uses this to help a user download drivers and software for Dell computers from their support website.

DosDinosaur (not verified)
Explanation of 'netsession_win.exe' from Akamai

I found this on the Akamai web site. It explains why this software is installed and the benefits. This utility is explained at: http://www.akamai.com/html/solutions/client_faq.html

There is something that bothers me. This page brings up the fact that any machine running this software has other users getting content from your computer. The web page states;

"NetSession can also use a small amount of your upload bandwidth to enable other users of the NetSession Interface to download pieces of the publisher's content from your computer."

Richard Charman (not verified)
Akamai Netsession client

Thank you for the information. Great job!!!

Garry (not verified)

Dell Computers uses it for their downloads. That's where mine came from.

Mike (not verified)
Akamai was installed

Akamai was installed when I downloaded AutoCAD2013 from the Autodesk web site.

bjorn johansson (not verified)

If you have to approve of every file installed on your computer... Then don't buy a game..... It can be like millions of different ones... Would be a SOB to have to approve every single one. You people need to get your tinfoil hats OFF... It's 10MB ram and 0 cpu usage... What's the big deal? Stealth installs.. lol... You must be getting insane from all those files winamp installs then... omg u ppl need to get a life...

Jim (not verified)
What is Akamai Netsession Client

I got Akamai Netsession Client when I downloaded a zip file from Asus.com for my tablet.

It was needed to download the file.  Hope this helped.

Coach_1 (not verified)

Akamai installed when I was downloading a learning course. I probably clicked OK when my firewall queried me without checking.  Now Akamai uses a lot of CPU time when I am not downloading anything.  So I removed the program. I hate high cpu usage when I'm not doing anything on my computer.

Dillon P. (not verified)
I like it, will keep it.

I finally get curious enough to go online and this page is what I find.

Akamai has been on my computer for at least 6 months, and aside from the very slight reduction in speeds during my online gaming (and the slight lag that comes with that) I have had absolutely no problems. AVG, Comodo, Advanced System Care, IOBit Malware FIghter, even Windows Firewall have all scanned this program and it's directory for me, and I haven't gotten any messages telling me to uninstall, or even hinting at any problems. 

My gaming aside, I run a small business. And when I have to get files to my coworkers I use uTorrent. Akamai has sped that up considerably. Before I could upload maybe 260 KBps, but with Akamai running I can hit over 600 KBps, with no change to my ISP or bandwidth.

So here is what I have to say about it: If you are willing to trust a program that silently installed (like many other programs that you don't even know are on your computer) then trust it. If you can't trust it because you didn't intend to get it, then block it. Akamai NetSession has been a great boon to me, and I will continue to use it.

Thank you for reading,

Dillon P.

Eternia (not verified)

Basically, it is a tool developed by Asus. It helps the company to fast detect your configuration and eventually bring you the information you require in a timely manner. In my personal case, it seems that the program is the result of a download on Asus official website so as to fix a touch pad issue.

new guy (not verified)

I see someone said that they bought a new drive from China, with Akamai?
I'm sorry, but Akamai technologies which are responsible for the Akamai Net session, come from Cambridge, Massachusetts, and have its headquarters there. So i don't know where you got that information from.

March (not verified)

Here is the low down. I am betting everyone in this thread has a Dell computer. The easiest way to check this issue is to open Control Panel and go to Programs and Features. Look for this program and check out its installed date, then in Win7 you can click on the column heading Installed On while in Programs and Features to sort by date, and see which other programs were installed on the same day. In my case, it was a Dell diagnostic tool to check my computers drivers and for other updates. I run this periodically to maintain performance.

Now despite the fact that Dell installed this, I removed it. I hate programs that don't play well together and because this through up an alert, it's gone!!!

I never keep code or programs on my PC that interrupt my work. In my case, when the program tried to "phone home" I got a blue screen of death, and on reboot the windows security alert. Way too much drama for my work life. Dell you need to fix this. Your lucky I just didn't call your 4 hr onsite support guy and make him come fix this.

Good Luck!!

pavel (not verified)
Slowed down my machine

Akami run on 3-5 percent of CPU all the time. I uninstalled and computer runs significantly better.

David Gonzalez (not verified)

I am a hardcore gamer. This application allows me to have a better internet connection to play my games online. It also eliminates my lag. Without it, my gaming experience sucks. It hasn't ruined my computer although it does take up space. If you do not play games online, you should uninstall it but if you do, i recommend you keep it.

Dan Wills (not verified)
Runs, Downloads, Uploads, Eats memory on its own

I don't truly know the specifics about how this program works, however I have noticed it functioning on its own entirely. Just this morning I had booted up my computer and Akami was almost instantly streaming about 100k Up/5-10k down loads and I hadn't touched a thing yet. Peerblock doesn't put it on a block list so I assume it's not that bad. Peerblock prevents anything that is AP2P or malicious from connecting to the internet with a very specific list of what to block and/or allow that is constantly updated, the only way to bypass this is to manually select the IPs from the blocked list and allow them, which I have never done for anything nor have I had a need to. My bottom line is I don't want anything running or using up my memory or internet bandwidth without my knowledge of what it is doing or at least asking me first. I've noticed enough times that this program is eating up my RAM and my bandwidth, causing my computer to run slower, and I have absolutely no clue what it is doing at all. I tried shutting down everything else I could except for core system processes and it's still ticking at 100-200k Upload, 5-10k Download..

Maybe it is useful for something and if it is necessary I will reinstall it but for now I'd rather not have some mystery program chewing up my resources for unknown reasons.

Also my computer is running better without it as far as I can tell, no CPU/RAM/Bandwidth spikes now that it's gone.

GregC (not verified)

I thought I was having some sort of HDMI compatibility issue with my new ASUS monitor, so I went to the ASUS website to download the user guide, and apparently that's when the Akamai NetSession Client was downloaded.  One of the posts mentioned the Akamai NetSession Interface Console in Control Panel.  In there is a readme file.

IT_Architect (not verified)
Akamai is a content delivery network

Akamai is a content delivery network which got into the game early and is tough to beat on price, which is why it is so widely used.  It figures out where the closest and most available servers are to balance network loads and keep things fast.  Dell and others use it to download drivers, patches, and information.  E.G. Imagine what kind of connection Dell would have to buy if all of their software came from a single building in Texas, and what it would require of the surrounding infrastructure.  When you say to keep something up-to-date for me automatically, there is a good chance they are using Akamai to deliver that content.  It is distributed hosting, similar in purpose to mirrors for software delivery except it's more flexible, efficient, and intelligent.  It can also be used to deliver images etc. for world-wide high-traffic web sites.  Akamai maintains servers all around the world, and since many companies share these servers, it makes this capability cost effective.

Can or is Akamai collecting and selling information about you as part of their business model that can be used against you for commercial or nefarious purposes?  That I do not know.

Sab (not verified)
Akamai NetSession Client

Downloaded a game yesterday, this morning I had a firewall alert about Akamai NetSession Client.

I went to uninstall it and I see it's from Perfect World.  So I'll keep it for now... If it slows my pc or whatever, I'll uninstall it Smiling

dacrac (not verified)
Akamai Netsession Client

Akamai Netsession Client seem to be a Dell.com online tech support client. I blocked it.

Pc rebuild & repair (not verified)
It's for peer to peer things

It's for peer to peer things like BitTorrent, uTorrent, etc. It will help your download and upload speed.


Jeffrey Kuntzelman (not verified)
Akamai Netsession Client

This program was part of Dell when I downloaded drivers for my old Dell machine that I am rebuilding, and may end up putting Ubuntu Linux on it. So I'm not worried about it at all. Has anyone had issues with Dell-based programs affecting their systems with a virus or spyware lately? If so, let me know. I highly doubt they'd want client systems being infected.

Noushin (not verified)
Found the root

Hi Guys, I went into the directory for my Akamai.

it was in C:\Users\****\AppData\Local\Akamai\Cache\

that I found a folder called:


If you downloaded something from autodesk, chances are this is where it came from.


MeowMunky (not verified)
Good old Akamai

If you look through Akamai's privacy statement it's pretty clear that they collect information and share (read sell I guess) it around, though they point out a few times that they don't personally keep any identifiers such as name / address etc (suspiciously no mention of IP addresses, doh!). There is also a lot of oddly phrased sections which I guess *might* mean they can send data to other companies with the identifiers and leave it up to their good nature not to use it, possibly.. It has obviously had a great deal of time put into it to make it as loosely written (yet presumably legally sound) as possible, bloody lawyers!.. Or maybe I'm just paranoid Sticking out tongue .

Ignoring the privacy issues, I have always found this company's "downloader" incredibly shady and I have no idea why it is even the slightest bit legal in its current state. IT_Architect mentions that their prices are tough to beat, well yes.. any company that uses their end users internet connections to distribute large amounts of their traffic without paying for it, as well as sell any personal data they gleam in the process (99.999% of the time without said user's knowledge I'd guess) is bound to have a leg up on the competition.

I say without the users knowledge because let's face it, very few people (if any) read a full license agreement inside that tiny window companies seem to love. As an example, Autodesk have either created or now own some of the most widely used and complex content creation applications around - apps that are used for designing your house, car, office you go to work in, through to creating the films you watch on your flatscreen and the computer games you play before bed hehe - and yet somehow they can't seem to figure out how to make a resizeable installer, or an installer where you can right click and copy or print an agreement. Their Autodesk Download Manager installer that comes with Akamai consists of a small window stuck at a very eye friendly ~10 words per line and 8 lines deep (around a third of the word count their 2014 installers display). I used Ctrl+c to copy and paste the license agreement into notepad++ and did a search for Akamai (am a bit bored, lol) and it finally shows up in section 13 (ominous enough) - the final section, but before the definitions etc so it's not just a case of scrolling down to the bottom to see it...  If you include all the sub sections (10.2.1 etc) it'd be the 97th section, or for a better sense of scale, ~140 odd presses of page down on the keyboard if reading in the installer Smiling. Here is some of it...

"13. Autodesk download technology may use the Akamai NetSession Interface, which may utilize a limited amount of your upload bandwidth and PC resources to connect you to a peered network and improve speed and reliability of Web content." .. blah blah nicely phrased bs blah ... "By clicking "Accept" and using the Autodesk download technology, you accept the Akamai License Agreement (<http://www.akamai.com/eula>)".  A quick glance at the licence agreement shows that yes, they do log your data with your IP address *shock*.. in no way could any company ever link an IP address to the end user... or use that in a court... oh wait.... Sticking out tongue

This is where I call into question its legality - If it had a separate licence agreement saying the usual "by clicking yes you agree to install Akamai NetSession and accept our terms and conditions as outlined here.." after agreeing to Autodesk (or whatever software you are installing), then the end user would have a fair chance to do a bit of research on Akamai NetSession and see what exactly they were agreeing to get into, and whether or not they wanted to give up a portion of the internet connection *they PAY for* - to a company that will then use it for monetary gain! And then, to add insult to injury, not hand over even a tiny fraction of their earnings as compensation for reduced internet speeds / ping times etc. ugh.  shady shady shady company. If they did have a separate agreement within installers, then fine.. legal-ish in my mind.. or atleast fair game I guess.

But no, they hide it in one line slap bang in the middle of a 14,665 word license agreement, that basically says oh, by the way, you are also agreeing to something that isn't outlined here... wtf ? Smiling.. It's obvious why, I doubt many people would like to knowingly install spyware that leeches their internet connection, or if they did for one download that required it, (which would admittedly be a lot slower without the millions of infected pcs they rely on) they would uninstall it right after it was finished like any sane person should.

My advice to anyone that needs to use this downloader, or just as general safe practice with any installer from ze web is to use an app like Total Uninstall to install it - something that monitors every file / change to registry etc that an installer does so you can safely get rid of it completely at a later date. Or in my case, every time Autodesk Downloader has finished downloading something! Smiling . You could just create a system restore point in windows before installing then roll back after.. it's a bit of a pain though.

If you already have the NetSession virus, and again this is me ignoring the privacy issues etc, please just get rid of it!. Why should they profit from something you pay for without having the common decency to ask politely, or even mentioning anywhere clearly that they are installing highly suspect code that will run 24/7 on your pc and use up your connection . One word for corporations like this : Scum. Even annoyances like Ask.com toolbar etc now have to be very clear that they will be installed, and have to give you the option to skip it these days after a sever clamp down on spyware. Why has Akamai slipped through the legal net ?, in my mind they are incalculably more evil than Ask Smiling

If you have some game or piece of software you own that refuses to run after you have uninstalled this then threaten to take the software provider to court, lol. make it public, tell the world !. I doubt very much at any point did you knowingly agree to pay for software that told you *anywhere* up front that you had to keep some 3rd party pos that uses your internet connection in this way running constantly. Hell, the software company that bundled it in should be paying YOU for use of your internet!.

I'm sorry if this paints me as a bit of a bandwidth scrooge, but there seems to be no such thing as an "unlimited" internet connection around here any more, no matter what the adverts tell you hehe. Dig deep enough and you will always find a "fair use" policy. Quite often I have fallen foul of this with multiple people watching web shows / youtube etc at the wrong time of day :/. Even if this only sends 100meg in a 5 hour period or something pathetic like that, it could be enough that I would get punished by my isp, and for what, why should I have to get into shit with my isp so a company can save a few bucks?, Id rather pay a few bucks extra for the software than have a virus Smiling. If Akamai was an open source, zero profit kinda organization with a no bs front end to an app that I could set up to only run outside the hours that my isp doesn't monitor then I would happily leave it sending away.. If only such technology existed... wait.. isnt there something that starts with a "b" and ends in "ent" ?...... Sticking out tongue

Rant over hehe.. that was sadly fun to write Smiling.. peace !

Monte Katzenberger (not verified)
You have to reinstall windows to remove Norton

This is just one example of one of the many lawsuits Norton has lost because of how they exploit the consumer.


Also, what SHOULD be a simple file scanning interface (virus protection program) simply is NOT when it comes to both Norton and Macaffee. Norton and Macaffee change so much of your windows registry that it cannot be uninstalled...the only way to remove it is to reinstall windows. Symantec (Norton) has also been sued for allowing certain companies to produce phishing software that their antivirus program would let pass as legitimate programs. Funny that a company with a basis that is rooted in your security would allow your personal information to be gathered and shipped to servers in China. I've been using Avast for about 10 years and it has served me decently. It's free for home use, they make their money from commercial use of their software. I have also heard good things about Avira, but I have never used it.

As far as the Akamai thing, it just popped up on my machine sometime between when I went to sleep last night and when I woke up this morning. It could have come from Adobe's auto update, Netflix, or Diablo III.

Monte Katzenberger (not verified)
Akamai did not "circumvent"

Akamai did not "circumvent" an Admin's decision making process to decide weather or not to allow a piece of code to be installed on a computer.

I've been diagnosing hardware and software issues in personal computers since before the original 80286 based processor machines were ever available to consumers (since the 80s). I have run into hardware issues that looked like software issues...I have had software issues that looked like hardware issues! Recently I had a Toshiba Satellite experience which led me to believe that Toshiba purposefully enables quick boot by default just to lock you out of the BIOS and boot device selector so you have to send it in to them for repair when Windows fails. When there is a REASON to be paranoid, I am the MASTER of paranoia. I remember when computer viruses were written to attack businesses only. And yes, there are all SORTS of stupid random pieces of code that can get past most virus protection programs. Some of them install themselves simply by visiting the wrong website.

Here's the thing: when you run an .exe file (all program installers are .exe or zipped .exe) it can run OTHER .exe files. Look in any of your software folders for ANY of the major software manufacturers (Blizzard, Microsoft, Adobe, Broderbund, Corel etc...) and you will find all sorts of third party .exe software that was installed when you installed your software. 

I don't know why you think your friend's/relative's zip drive was responsible for installing Akamei's net protocol, I find that highly unlikely. You should test it by inserting it into a computer with a fresh Windows install and see if it puts it on there. I think it is more likely that Adobe updated (because Adobe's default settings are "Automatically install Updates") and since you entered into an agreement with Adobe when you clicked the "I agree to the terms and conditions" button neatly spelled out for you in a 200 page EULA that you did NOT even read, Adobe has the right to install any third party software in your computer for use with their software. It could also have been Windows updating...Windows does silly things like, forget registry settings randomly, forget to assign a drive letter on a SATA drive even if it was present when Windows was installed. Windows could have installed an update that had the effect of blocking Akamei inadvertently even though it had been automatically unblocked since the day it was installed.

Monte Katzenberger (not verified)
Hacked Akamei maybe? Surely not the legitimate version.

Even IF that piece of code that SAID it was Akamei was indeed the culprit when you were going through your computer to find the "problem" by looking through your installed programs I highly doubt it was a legitimate copy of Akamei. Akamei is tried tested and true. One telltale sign of this is that you can CALL them with your PHONE. Sure, maybe Akamei was the culprit, but if that is the case it's probably a "hacked" version of it created by a phisher.

There is also the miniscule possibility that your computer has hardware using chipsets that were not in the test groups for Akamei while it was in development, and it was indeed the culprit. But one way or another, you or someone using your computer installed that program.

But I suspect your issue was more than Akamei...usually if a computer bogs down like that then starts blue screening (like you said yours did) it means that Windows has corrupted itself beyond useablilty either through viral activity or just plain old time (Windows naturally corrupts itself, unlike OSX) and your windows needs to be reinstalled. If it's trojans and worms that corrupted your windows usually you have to wipe the hard drives too.

But I suspect that you have already reinstalled windows by now so you already know.

TMJ (not verified)
Personal choice

Nothing can download to your computer without your permission! Start reading before clicking is your best bet or change your firewall and virus settings and check you control panel.

Akamai simply comes with adobe to read files faster if you stream videos without down loading (watch tv on a browser) It is not necessary to have. Your computer will work fine with or without it. This is simply a personal choice if you want to use it or not. Adobe does maintain it so it will continue to update with adobe flash player. 

As far as I'm concerned, I'm happy I don't have to download any clients to my cpu and make it slower just because I want to watch TV for free. THANK YOU ADOBE!

Mike (not verified)
If you uninstall it

If you uninstall it from the add/remove programs, it tells you what program it came with or what program uses it.

Mreadwin (not verified)
Akami netsession client

I saw it on task manager using 7k of my memory, bye bye.

Anonymous (not verified)
Anything associated with Yahoo is bad news

Anything associated with Yahoo is bad news. They make a lot of money off distributing spyware, adware, and other malicious programs.

Cole (not verified)
Netsession spam.

This was randomly on my computer one day and man has it been a pain to stop opening pop-up adds in whatever browser I happen to use. I thought at first it was spyware or something working externally from my machine, but after some command line stats, I found that it was running off my computer with the FQDM (foreign qualified domain name) changing every time I got a NETSTAT on network activity. I did notice one specific FQDM that kept popping up and guess what it was? Akamai etcetcetcetc! One had like "e.mg.net.akamai-ads01" something similar to that effect. ANYWAY I finally got an IP address from the Host and changed windows firewall network filters to block it every time it appears, I haven't had an add popup yet I fear I haven't gotten rid of this thing completely though. MSconfig services and processes are clear of it, I even snooped around in the REGEDIT application and found nothing. If anyone has anymore information on this let me know. Even if this is a legitimate company, it seems as though someone is using it as a delivery system, things should not be this difficult to get to stop running in the background.

a guest (not verified)
Akami netsession client

Akami netsession client installed itself with out my permission and seems to have broken my internet connection half the time. I would try to go to a website but all my PC does is "Waiting for website". I don't know if it is Akami netsession or not but whatever it is I have to re-image my entire OS. That also means I can't carry over my files. I have had to re-image on a few machines because of this. And I know its not my internet connection because the internet works fine on all the other machines in my house.

guest (not verified)
Akami netsession client

Akami netsession client installed its self without my permission and seems to have broken my internet connection half the time. I would try to go to a website but all my pc does is "Waiting for website". I don't know if it is Akami netsession or not but whatever it is, I have to re-image my whole OS. That also means I can't carry over my files. I have had to re image on a few machines because of this. And I know it's not my internet connection because the internet works fine on all the other machines in my house.

James (not verified)

It's from AutoDesk.

Jim L (not verified)
Resources about Akamai Technologies

To prevent unnecessary suspicion, here are references to Akamai:

Their company website: http://www.akamai.com

Their webpage about the client session software: http://www.akamai.com/client

Wikipedia summary: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Akamai_Technologies

What the netsession client is: a download manager.

What the netsession client is not: spyware, adware, or virus

Who uses netsession client: Media publishers.

The net session can be launched by programs like Chrome or other browsers and tools for secure downloads and streaming. It can only be installed by programs approved by the user. It usually accompanies other products which the user approves and installs. For example, if you purchase a product from Adobe online, it will include the use of the Akamai netsession client which you can find here:


Once installed, it downloads your media ensuring that it has no errors. The program can be found in the Windows Control Panel or the Mac System Preferences pane.

If you're worried, Akamai's website about the client has the instructions to verify the authenticity and integrity of their tool.

If you really don't want it, just uninstall it from Programs and Features.

I hope this is helpful, Jim

Steve (not verified)
Not Necessarily Malware/Adware Related

This is used for peer-to-peer communications and is included in GNS3.  GNS3 is a Graphical Network Simulator used by people who are either running networking simulations or are studying for some kind of network certification.  If you had installed GNS3 for such a purpose, then this is how this program got to be installed on your computer.

another one (not verified)
Installed to support a download of purchased audio content

When I downloaded a course I had purchased from TheGreatCourses.com, they also have the web site teach12.com, I had to install Akamai to do the download.  That was a week ago, it was a one-time download.  Checking IP traffic tonight I found that it was running and talking on my network.  At no time was I asked whether I would allow it to continue to run at startup and/or use up my bandwidth.   Just uninstalled it and the uninstaller told me it was put there to support teach12.com.  Uninstall killed the running processes and removed all traces as far as I have been able to find.  Searching for anything with akama* or netsession* I find nothing on any hard drive.  So, it appears that their uninstaller is well behaved, too bad the company is not.  Slime-balls. 

Needless to say I am disgusted with akamai. 

thegiant (not verified)
Akamai NetSession Interface

Akamai NetSession Interface

If the software or media publisher uses the feature and if you enable it, NetSession can also use a small amount of your upload bandwidth to enable other users of the NetSession Interface to download pieces of the publisher's content from your computer.

hmm NO uninstalled

Alpha Bravo (not verified)
download manager

Its a download manager you get it from such things as adobe


a user (not verified)
Akamai Netsession Client

Hmmmmm, which way do I go?

I would like to say that Dell sux! Since I stopped paying for extended warranty service about 2 years ago my computer has had all kinds of problems, glitches, and crash upon crash.

I use a few things on my computer often that others say uses Akamai, so I'm thinking I should keep it, even though my computer seems to lag and freeze more that it already did after not renewing my warranty. For a while I was convinced that Dell was purposely causing my computer problems. I can't say for sure that that's what's going on, but it sure seems that way. So part of me wants to remove it, but I just don't know!

My computer is currently full of viruses in apparently "locked files" that I can't access, like over 140.

Pman (not verified)
I don't like it...

This program just reeks of malware. First it gets installed without my knowledge, the "Allow this program through the firewall?" question pops up without the computer being in use, back when i had let it through the firewall it started spiking my computers power usage every few minutes. I don't like that one bit...

anon (not verified)
couldn't agree more

Couldn't agree more.

lexaa (not verified)
nfl mobile

I'm trying to watch my NFL mobile on my android in hq on this akamai interface link but when I click it does nothing. Can anyone post a link to help me out? android in HQ but it says I need to click

Matej (not verified)
Windows Security Alert

I have got this message after I restarted computer when new NVIDIA driver was installed. I try to click on Cancel button. I haven't seen this message before too.

PasserBy (not verified)
Akamai and Netession part of MANY packages and good for Broadban

I've been in computing since the '80s and Thoroughbred O/S and just got a G700 with a 20MBps cable Broadband connection ... Netession does ask permission anymore than several PDF viewers that are licensed to big software co's ( Adobe, Micro$ucks, Apple, etc ...). So if located in a directory like Macomedia Flashplayer it is reasonably safe ...

However if you are operating with a lower end connection with a limited UPLOAD speed than the "cooperative" component of the file transfer accelerator COULD hinder the latency of your internet activities henceforth the performance of your PC.

Bottom line: AKAMAI NETSESSION & CLIENT is legit (if part of a package)... Like any program you can uninstall at will but beware that may incoming traffic application (videos, some games, file transfer utility, etc ...) DO require it and will reinstall at the first opportunity, There are registry keys that force reinstall on bootup because required by another module, in itself it is not viral but it was a technique mimicked by viruses since M$ introduced this in Windows... Several commercial utility will install it each time they upgrade, so if you uninstall check every time your download or upgrade software ... I suppose that software Publisher will eventually put a message on screen listing the licensed components bearing other names during the installation process ...

If you a have a fairly recent PC running Vista/Windows 7 or 8, have a connection with upload capacity you do not use, and system is not used at 100% (Generally disk and memory bottled WAAAAY before the CPU ), most systems are ON AVERAGE used at 10-25%, feel slow when passing 50% and CRAWL above 85%) then you will benefit from it and also benefit from others letting the utility run on their systems ...

Cloud computing implies clouds and clouds imply rain, so expect to be wet in the very near future where TV switches totally from Broadcast to On Demand "a la carte" as the basis of their business model ... Cable providers may start using your PC, XBOX, Media Center, even TV as part of their "distributed cache" for content distribution.

Gordon Seifert (not verified)
Looks legit

I found that it was installed the same day I installed the latest Kindle reader for the PC, but when I started the uninstall it said that it had been used to stream from Microsoft. I just saw an article on ZDNet about Akamai and IBM getting together to work against DOS attacks. The link to it is ridiculously long so Google "IBM, Akamai team up on cloud security effort". It looks like it is not malware, but I don't like the way it comes in unannounced. I did not allow it access through the firewall and will see what, if anything, complains.

josh (not verified)
Hopefully some useful information

Firstly from what i can gather akamai netsession client is "supposed" to make downloads and streams faster but generally doesn't do much other than limit your bandwidth a little, and therefore it is perfectly safe to disable / block it. As for wow64.exe that is the executable for world of warcraft (64 bit) and is trustworthy. Unfortunately I cannot tell you anything about the other file but if you find it in task manager and right click it i think there will be an option to search online and it might return some useful information.

Gamer and video watcher (not verified)
Mine came from perfectworld entertainment

I got mine from perfect world entertainment which is the website I play a game on similar to world of warcraft. I stream alot of TV, movies, and music, as well as play other games but I have been having performance issues with my computer so I am going to try and block it for now and see if it changes any thing for the good or bad. Probably wont remember to come back and update it but it seems like if you stream alot or play online you're probably better off keeping it. Though I don't like things sneaking their way onto my computer, it does sound like its atleast mostly innocent and intended to speed streaming and data transfer in games and stuff...

Gamer and video watcher (not verified)
Don't uninstall if you stream tv/video and/or play games

So with the things I was reading I uninstalled akamai from my computer and now when I stream my videos and tv shows, and play my games, its slow and laggy, and the shows almost studder!!! I know my computer isn't that good, but with akamai I never had that issue before, I will looking for a way to download it again because I was so much better WITH it then without it!!! If you have a really good computer you dont need it but all I have is a laptop and I really liked it better when it was on my computer. Even web browsing laggs out now!!!!!!

Nasco (not verified)
Akamai straight scoop

Akamai.com is a legit company that has been a publicly traded since April 1999 (AKAM). If you did a little research about this company you would find out that they are the leading company that helps speed up the internet. First they helped businesses and now with the Akamai NetSession Client it will help speed up your internal network as well. For those that have found this service to be not helpful, i.e. virus or bug or spyware whatever is grossly mistaken and is most definitely not part of Akamai. I got a hold of this program when I bought a new router from ASUS and I didn't install it right away, but when I did I noticed my internal network speeds immediately increase to almost double when transferring files between devices and computers.

Please do your research on this company before blocking it. The reason why it looks to go outside your network is so that it can help speed up your internet experience when it is using websites by companies currently using their service. With that said there are quite a few company's that take advantage of their service which means you are already using the service and now the client side can only help you go that much more faster.


I hope this helps to clear this up. For those stuck with their computer restarting I would suggest you use a program like MalewareBytes that will help rid you of all the nasty things you've collected over time. You can find plenty of articles on Google to help you rid yourself of these adware bugs, viruses and trojans that have a tendency to reinstall themselves... i.e. ScorpionSaver or whatever it's called being just one of many.

Subrat (not verified)

I think its initiated by Microsoft security essentials. Akamai is one of the leading backup service provider which also maintains the anti virus defination for Norton and other leading anti virus providers.

ScubaDM (not verified)
Oh good lord

People this software does NOT install without permission. Trust me, you clicked yes to it. Read the terms of service sometime or stop blindly clicking ok, ok, ok... when you install something. If you don't want it go uninstall it from your applications. If you don't mind having it but do NOT want to be a peer in a bit torrent type session then go into the control panel and disable uploads. Like someone else said if you've played WoW or some other games you are already using similar technology and likely don't even know it.

Aleksandar (not verified)
Yeah same here

Yeah same here. I was just curious, searched Google and found this forum. By the way, from my information I got that was installed by Microsoft Corporation...so then I don't have to worry about it lol.

Edward (not verified)
Accepted to "allow access through firewall" - perfectly fine!

I get it is hard to know what everything that gets installed on your computer is. We have all installed some seemingly harmless small program and had a bunch of crapware installed.

This does not seem to be the case for Akamai. This seems perfectly legit. I have always allowed them access through my firewall and never had any problem.

No reason to imply this is a virus when not one person spoke of any bad effects. They are accompanied with Adobe and some other big name firms. They have a legitimate business website and social media presence.

My question is... Do I receive any benefit to running it? The message I get when I uninstall reads  it could cause problems with downloads from their clients. You may have to reinstall it. I don't mind reinstalling when needed so why keep it running if it is only for occasional downloads?

Brad (not verified)
Akamai NetSession Client Installer

The same thing popped up for me. My firewall said:
Akamai NetSession Client Installer is trying to launch C:\Windows\SysWOW64\msiexec.exe, or use another program to gain access to privileged resources.

Allaiyah (not verified)
Among the things that use

Among the things that use Akami's self-installing software are MMOs published by Aeria games. It's suspicious, but it doesn't seem to cause any harm.

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