Mobile Phones

Sep 17 2012

Introducing Pinterest for Android, iPad and iPhone

The Release Of The Pinterest Mobile Application

Pinterest Mobile AppOn Tuesday August 14th, announced the launch of its Pinterest application for the Android, iPhone and iPad. This new application is designed to make navigation of the popular social networking website easier through mobile channels and it has certainly been met with applause from avid pinners...  read more »

Jun 13 2012

Cell Phones and Cancer

How We View Cell Phones Has Changed Over the Years

A women with cancer uses her cellphoneSince its first demonstration in 1973 the mobile phone has been revolutionizing the way the entire world lives. ver the years it is not only the appearance of cellular phones that has changed, but so too has the way we look at the safety and health concerns of these handheld devices...  read more »

Mar 25 2012

Cool Android Apps

Is Android's App Market Catching up With Apple?

Cool Android AppsWith the wealth of articles on the web covering the coolest new apps for the iPhone and Apple crowd, those who use an Android platform are often left in the dark. There are, however, a number of cool Android apps that are worth looking in to for any Android owner; below we will take a look at some of the most highly recommended of those apps...  read more »

Feb 19 2012

Petitioners Want Ethical iPhone

Petitioners Ask Apple to Open Their Eyes to Factory Conditions

Apple TechnologyApple has made the news quite a lot lately with rumors surrounding the conditions of the factories producing their products. We want to take a look at the response from petitioners who are demanding that Apple address these concerns to produce an ethical iPhone...  read more »