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Guide On How To Register Nameservers

New nameservers need to be registered with your registrar before they can be used. For example, if you are opening a reseller account and given the option to set your own nameservers, you’ll probably want to select ones reflecting your primary domain name. If your primary domain is example.com, you’ll need to register the nameservers (two at minimum in most cases) ns1.example.com and ns2.example.com. How to register these nameservers differs from registrar to registrar. See our guides below for examples.


  • Click on my account -> manage domains -> click on a domain name
  • Under advanced options select nameserver registration
  • Enter your nameservers and IP addresses followed by “add nameservers”


  • Click on manage -> nameservers > and then “create nameserver” at the very bottom of the page under “Nameserver Edit.”
  • FQDN is ns1 followed by your domain registered at fabulous, followed by its IP address. Click “continue” and repeat for ns2.


  • Click on my account -> domain list -> followed by the domain you wish to set up nameservers for.
  • Select “click here to add” below “Domain Host Information”
  • Enter your nameservers and IP addresses followed by “register nameservers”


  • Click on domains -> register DNS -> “Register a Nameserver Name”
  • Enter your nameservers and IP addresses

A similar process exists for most other registrars. If we have not covered your particular registrar, please post below.

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  • Anonymous

    How do I do this to registerbird.com? Thanks in advance!

  • Anonymous

    There is no option for Spectranet. Please mention them (they are the pioneer of broadband in India, beginning in 2000).

  • Anonymous

    How to do this for domains with 1 and 1?

  • Anonymous

    How do you do this on FreeDNS.afraid.org?

  • Anonymous

    The way described for Namecheap is not even available. You’re saying advanced options. Well, there is nothing called advanced options.

    • We Rock Your Web

      If you follow the directions above you’ll find the nameserver registration option.

      Click on “Manage Domains” followed by your domain name (ie. click on the link that is your domain name). In the left-hand column you’ll see “Advanced Options,” beneath which you’ll find a “Nameserver Registration” option. This is what you’re looking for.