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How to Link Facebook to Twitter: Attacking Two Birds With One Stone

Frustrated at having to post a status update, tweet, and promote your blog post all at the same time? We can help you take one element out of that equation by automating it – namely by having your Facebook status updates automatically convert into tweets.

Linking Your Personal Facebook Page to Twitter

Simply login to the Twitter application on Facebook (and under “connect your accounts” click on the “Sign in with Twitter” button), and you’ll be able to connect Twitter to your Facebook account and post status updates to Twitter.

Use the Facebook Twitter Integration Service to Link Other Pages

The good news is that same functionality works the other way around – that is, you can post a Facebook status update and have it converted automatically into a tweet. To do so, simply visit facebook.com/twitter.

On this page, you’ll be able to link all your pages to twitter – including any business pages you may have. All you do is click on the Link to Twitter button as illustrated below:

twitter facebook

You’ll then be taken to a Twitter page that will ask you to sign in to your Twitter account (if you haven’t already) to confirm the link:

twitter facebook link


Enter your Twitter username and password (the login that matches the Twitter account you’re trying to link to the corresponding Facebook account (if you’re signed in to the wrong Twitter account you’ll be given the option to sign out first and re-login)) and click on Allow.

After a short “redirecting back to the application” notice, you’ll be taken back to Facebook, where you’ll see the following screen:

twitter facebook settings

Under the “edit settings” option, you can decide how much information you want to share with Twitter. After you “save changes” you’ll be able to simply post a status update in Facebook (remember to keep it under the 140 character Twitter max, and leave 3 characters for a RT (ReTweet), so 137 characters total), and Facebook will automatically send a link back to your Twitter page where a status update will automatically be posted for you. This saves you from the time of having to login to both services and post updates.

How to Unlink Twitter from Facebook

Note that you also have the option of undoing this link at anytime by visiting facebook.com/twitter. This is not an application by a third-party, but the official Facebook / Twitter integration. On this page, simply select the “unlink from Twitter” link next to the Twitter accounts you no longer wish to have associated with their respective Facebook pages. Incidentally, you can also access this connection from within Twitter.

Access The Facebook / Twitter Integration From Within Twitter

You’ll also be able to see which Facebook pages your Twitter account is linked to by logging into Twitter, clicking on “settings” in the upper right corner, and then on the “connections” tab as illustrated below:

twitter fb connections

If you don’t see the “connections” tab, don’t panic. It simply means Twitter hasn’t updated the connection from its end yet. Simply log back into Twitter tomorrow and you should see the tab. To revoke Facebook access to your Twitter account, simply click on connections, followed by the “revoke access” link under the Facebook application, as illustrated above.

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  • Gabriel Campos

    I have already linked my FB fanpage to Twitter but the thing is my Facebook page posts with photos get tweeted with the hyperlink to FB only. And I would like my Twitter followers to see all the images I post on my FB fanpage. Could you help me out here?

    • http://www.coverstorymedia.com/ Sadie Cornelius

      Gabriel, an easy solution/work around for this is to use a 3rd party scheduling application/service like Buffer to compose your messages. You can still kill two birds with one stone but the photo will be uploaded and embedded directly to both Twitter and Facebook. Hope that helps and let us know if you have any other questions!

  • matteo thomann

    Hello, I was a happy user of the Facebook to Twitter link, since 2 days ago. I started a new link with a different Facebook page on a new Twitter account.
    The problem is that Facebook page posts get often tweeted without hyperlink to Facebook.
    The result is a tweet with just the title of the Facebook post.
    It randomly happens with photo posts and shared posts too.
    Thanks for helping

    • http://www.coverstorymedia.com/ Sadie Cornelius

      Matteo, glad to hear you are linking the two! Because the linking service is so limited, I would recommend perhaps using a scheduling application/service like Buffer to compose your messages. That way you can customize the message to be exactly what you want it to say for each channel in one place if that makes sense. Hope that helps and let us know if you have any other questions!

  • http://www.techblaster.net/ Techmaker

    Thanks for the tutorial. With this tutorial I was able to integrate my Facebook fan page with my Twitter account. Now it takes less time to post my content on Facebook and Twitter.

    • http://www.asecurelife.com/ Kimberly Kurimski

      I’m glad this article was helpful for you Techmaker. Thanks for posting about your success!

  • Guest

    I have my Facebook account linked to post all my Facebook posts to my Twitter account. I also finally got all my Twitter posts to post on my Facebook page. It’s convenient, but there are some things you might want to think about when you are linking the two accounts.

    I have a blog that is set to post to Facebook as well as to Twitter. I set this up before I linked the two accounts. Actually, I set it up because Twitter was having issues posting to my Facebook account and I wanted my blog to go there.

    The problem is that you might end up spamming yourself. Or, you might end up posting things to your business account that you really only wanted to post to your personal account. The people who are interested in your business don’t always want to learn that little Johnny went poop on the toilet for the first time.

    If you’re going to link your accounts, you might want to have separate accounts for your business and your personal lives. Otherwise, you’re spending just as much time trying to remove posts that went where you didn’t want them as you would have if you just manually posted to your accounts.

  • Guest

    As a freelance writer, I use social networking to promote my content and I admit that I spend a bit too much time on Facebook. However, I found that it wasn’t too useful to link Facebook and Twitter together because either way you do it, you’re going to either miss out or confuse followers. For example, if you link Facebook to Twitter, the posts you put on Facebook wouldn’t have hashtags, unless you add them and then this might confuse your Facebook followers. On the other hand, if you link Twitter to Facebook, your perfect 140 character posts complete with hashtags may not be as well received on Facebook. I honestly find it best to give individual attention to each social networking channel. This allows me to customize the message for each group of followers. Doesn’t this take longer? Of course it does, but a bit more time can make all the difference when it comes to promotion. The key to ensuring you don’t spend too much time is to set aside time each day to promote your work and to resist the urge to checkout other comments and posts. Though, you must remember that some conversation is necessary to keep your followers interested and prevent being flagged for spam.

  • guest

    I tried this and I am so glad I did! This is the only way I’ve found that actually works. It’s either that or it’s because Twitter finally fixed whatever bug it had going on that wasn’t letting these apps work right.

    I noticed the comment that talk about how this could actually cause problems. Yes, it is very beneficial to people like me who work online and seek to promote their work, but in my personal life, I find that both Twitter and Facebook can cause problems that shouldn’t be issues to begin with. If I didn’t work online I wouldn’t use either one of these (or any other) social media sites. There is such a thing as too much information and there are times when you can easily misunderstand things because you can’t see the body language behind the words.

    My suggestion is to keep your private life out of your business life. If you’re using sites like these for your profession, your personal life has no place in them. As for your personal life, I’d say to keep that off the Internet altogether (unless you have an alter ego and must feed it. lol)

  • Guest

    I went through and used the methods described here. I was kind of flabbergasted because I had already tried to do this a couple of years ago and either I wasn’t doing something right or Facebook and Twitter just weren’t playing well with each other. Of course, as many glitches as both of those sites have, it’s no big shock to think that they would have a function that wouldn’t work correctly.

    Anyhow, I finally did use this method and it seems to work pretty well. The only thing now is that I need to remember to put the hash tags in my Facebook posts so that when it posts to Twitter it might actually be more useful there.

    Now for the really good news. I do a lot of work with parenting, natural healing, education, and politics. I’ve gained a lot of followers because of this. Since I just got this feature working this week, I can already see that I have had followers added. If you work online, you know how badly you need to attract an audience and how many social networking tools are available to do that with. Though Twitter isn’t my favorite and Facebook has more drama than Peyton’s Place, they are still invaluable social networking tools for me and others who work online.

  • Guest

    I linked these up a long time ago and they still aren’t working correctly. I have my Twitter set up to post to Facebook and my Facebook set up to post to Twitter. The facebook to Twitter thing worked right off the bat, but the Twitter to Facebook part has never worked. I see other people post on Facebook via the Twitter app, so I know someone has figured out how to get it to work. I just don’t happen to be one of those people. And let me tell you, it’s a pain in the butt to keep switching between them to try to make sure my entire audience gets a gander at what I’m doing.

    I love the way you set this up with explicit instructions. I’m going to use what you have here and hopefully get it going the right way. If need be, I’ll just revoke all access and start over again. It’s little things like switching between social networking accounts all the time that makes the day go by so fast. And that’s cool for the work day to go by in a hurry. It’s just not so cool that so much time gets wasted. If I can link the two, I can literally save 1/2 the time I’m wasting right now going between the two. Since time is money and in the online world even more so, it’s important to use these kinds of shortcuts. Thanks much for the information!

  • Anonymous

    Aw, this was an extremely good post on linking Twitter and FB. I have been meaning to set this connection up between Facebook and Twitter accounts for ages but never found the time to research it. It was much easier than I expected! Thank you.

  • dietista

    Very good post. I’m facing many of these facebook linking issues as well..

  • nlp shanghai

    What’s up to every one. The content presented on this page in regards to linking Facebook to Twitter is great and overall this site is awesome for people’s experience. Keep up the good work.

  • scrob

    When trying to link from FB to Twitter using this URL http://www.facebook.com/twitter/ I just get sent to my main FB page. When going to settings > Subscribers > Twitter and hit the button “Link Profile To Twitter”, I also get sent to my main Twitter page.

    Facebook.com/twitter has never worked for me, I had tried it a couple of months ago already.

  • 450_Detroit

    In the first few comments (didnt have time to read everybody’s comment) I noticed people complaining that you might “spam” yourself if you are posting all of your facebook posts to twitter. This is a very valid point, and the twitter to facebook integration has been solved with an app called selective tweets. If you want the tweet to go to your facebook page you can easily put in the #fb hashtag which transfers it over. I am looking for an app for facebook that gives me the option to post to twitter, by clicking a button, entering a shortcode or something. Does anybody know of an app like this?

    • Maude

      I think this is one of the most significant information for me. And I am glad I found your article. Also, the web site style is wonderful and the articles I read are really great : D. Good job, cheers

  • Alex

    Hey guys,

    We know that many of you have experienced problems or issues between linking Facebook accounts and twitter. We tested both linking a personal page and a Facebook business page (with We Rock Your Web) to twitter and both seemed to work fine as of October 21, 2012. I am on a mac and using Safari.

    With the recent upgrades in design to twitter perhaps there were some technical glitches. We will keep you posted on any other findings but hope that helps and that you are able to get your Facebook pages linked to Twitter!

    Linking Facebook to Twitter

  • Guy


    This app works well and I’d like to leave a good review on Facebook. My problem is that I can’t find the app page there. I go to the main Facebook app page, here, https://www.facebook.com/appcenter/ and do a search for, “twitter” and, “tweet”, but it’s never found. I searched in the main box at the top of my wall, it’s found, but I only get a blank page. Any ideas?

    Thank you,


  • Anonymous

    I have read a lot about the benefits of linking my Facebook and my Twitter account and I can totally see why somebody who is trying to promote a brand or a business would want to make use of this type of thing. However, for an average “Joe” like myself who really only uses these social media networks to keep up with friends and family from afar, I cannot see a huge benefit of having them combined so that the messages on both are the same. In fact, I have done this already in the past and it has lead to a little bit of trouble that I would not have originally foreseen.

    Let me first say that I am not the biggest Twitter user in the world. The ratio of which I check and update Facebook compared to Twitter is probably twenty to one. I see how Twitter can be fun, but I also just no real interest in getting accustomed to coming up with short enough messages and content that people can read it in 144 characters. It just seems so limited and for the most part, the things that I read there are just obnoxious jargon and self-promotion. I think there is something about “being on Twitter” that is just so trendy and the thing to do that it attracts people I really have no interest in. Therefore, I just have not really got into the medium and have little time for it.

    Facebook, on the other hand, I feel has a lot more functionality and that functionality includes what I can do with Twitter, so there is an element of redundancy that has kept me from crossing over as well. I have been a Facebook user now for about six years and I use it primarily to communicate with friends and family that live relatively far away from me. I also use it to post things that interest me, I find funny, and that I think other people would want to see. It is a great place of interaction for a number of different reasons and I have explored most of its functionality in my years using it.

    When I joined Twitter, it offered me the option of linking to my Facebook, which I thought was a good idea because then my updates from Facebook would automatically populate my Twitter feed and I would not have to go to an additional site to do so. Well, this worked just fine but as time went by I sort of realized that I was not using Twitter at all and the messages that were getting out there to my Twitter audience did not always make sense without the context of my Facebook page around it. It led to some very strange exchanges and the decision that I just was not going to use Twitter anymore at all. I have the account still, but if you see an update from me, it usually means I’ve been hacked.

  • beth

    Do you know what I need to do so a person who follows me on Twitter can connect the link to my Facebook fan page without having to create a Facebook account. I have Linked both pages but when they click on fb/ etc.. to try and link to fb it says they must log in. They are able to connect and read other statutes on fb just fine without logging in or creating a fb page. Thank you

    • Kimberly

      Hi Beth, check your restriction settings. There may be an issue with it there. Basically this is what you need to do to remove all age and country restrictions:

      Log into your account and go to your page
      At the top, click Edit Page
      Select Edit Settings
      Make sure nothing is entered in the Country Restrictions section and select Anyone (13+) for Age Restrictions
      Click Save Changes

      Hope this helps! If it doesn’t please let me know so we can find a solution for you!



  • Penny Sadler

    Everything was working great now it’s not. I’ve revoked access and reinstalled everything and it’s still not working.

    Anyone solve this yet?

  • Twitter user

    Linking Facebook and Twitter together really is not that difficult folks. Or at least, it shouldn’t be now. I find that by starting on my Twitter admin page that shows me the list of “third party” apps I’ve authorized, I’m able to pin down the majority of “synching” up or linking issues.

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    • Kimberly

      Thank you for reading and I’m glad you found it useful for your needs!

  • vikas paul

    Thanks for the easiest way to express the ‘HOW TO’ of connecting facebook and twitter.

  • a web rocker

    I have followed the directions form here and from the facebook blog http://blog.facebook.com/blog.php?post=123006872130

    However, when I click on the link all it does is loop back to the page but will not go to the authorize screen. Any ideas?

  • webdesign

    I was looking for info on how to get drupal to display block in node and found a lot more helpful info as well. I am impressed to read all of this at a single place.

  • Paul

    Says page not found for me too. Arghh

  • Ajay

    Use this https://www.facebook.com/twitter/

    trailing slash “/” in the end makes the difference.

    • Kimberly

      Thanks for the help Ajay. Hopefully this helps with some of the problems users are having!

    • TammyLLC

      Thanks it does make a difference, appreciate it.

  • a web rocker


    I go to facebook.com/twitter and have gone to Subscriber settings to Twitter. But when I select link to Twitter it takes me back to my page.

    I can post from Twitter to FB but not the other way around…I noticed others have asked the same question.

    Does anyone have a solution? Is it a timeline issue? Why would it keep bringing me back to the homepage?

    I have tried it from 2 different computers and it does not work.

    Please help!

    • We Rock Your Web

      Try this –

      Login to Twitter first
      Login to Facebook
      Go to facebook.com/twitter
      Select the page you want to connect and click the “Link to Twitter” button (see image below)

      Link Facebook to Twitter WeRockYourWeb.com

      You will be routed to your Twitter account to a page with a header “Authorize Facebook to Use Your Account?” Below the heading it will ask you to click a button that says “Authorize app” (your twitter account will show as active in the top right corner if you are logged in). Click the “Authorize app” button if this is the correct Twitter account to link the Facebook page to.
      And you will be routed back to Facebook and you should be all set with the two accounts linked so that anything you post from the Facebook page will go to the Twitter account you selected to link as a new tweet.

      Hope this helps!

  • a web rocker

    Confirming Lily Hart’s comment. FB to Twitter not working at all for me. It last worked on Oct 9th 2012. Revoked access across the board, and re-configured. No success.

    • a web rocker

      Yep, not working. I’m wondering if it’s an issue between Facebook and Twitter again. I was using this feature for the last couple months with no problem. All of a sudden it stopped working.

    • a web rocker

      About the same time.

  • Lily Hart

    So yet again this application is not working. I manage a variety of different pages and linked all of the pages to their respective twitter accounts because…well…it’s great. The only and biggest problem is that yet again it has stopped working. I’m not sure what I am suppose to do to get it to work. I have revoked the access then set it up again to no avail. Any ideas on how I can make this thing work again?

    Greatly appreciate your feedback. Thanks!

    • Jarle

      Having the same issues with Facebook, and tried the same remedy to no avail…ended up here via a websearch :/

    • a web rocker

      Linking between Facebook and Twitter has not worked since Oct 10th.

    • Danielle

      I have the same issue, Lily, and I am surprised that there isn’t any information about this anywhere. I have submitted a bug report, tried unlinking/relinking and still nothing.

    • Carla

      Same problem here with multiple facebook pages :(

  • Anonymous

    It says that I only can link to a business page. But what I need is to link to my personal page…

    • We Rock Your Web

      That’s strange, what is the exact context of the message Facebook is giving you when you try and link your personal page? Maybe check to see if you’re using FB as your business page (visit your business page, and in the right-hand column, select “use Facebook as [your personal FB page name].”

      • Anonymous

        I too only get Facebook pages to link to Twitter, why doesn’t this work for personal profiles? I am logged in as my personal profile – not my page…. If this app can’t do it do you know of any others? That would be very helpful indeed Guru!

  • jacqui

    It says Page not Found

  • Jammie@2Bookaholics

    I had tried everything I could think of to unlink that stupid thing. Thank you for that!!

  • Anonymous

    SO, my issue is that I have a community page and it is connected to (synced to) Twitter. But when I want to sync my personal account, it doesn’t even give the option – is this normal? Or is it a glitch I can work around? Thanks!! :D

    • We Rock Your Web

      How exactly are you going about syncing your FB page to Twitter? If you can describe the steps and where you’re getting stuck we’ll do our best to help.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I need to get my posts from Twitter to show up on my Facebook fan page like they do on my personal page. How is it done? Thanks.

    • We Rock Your Web

      Depending on the platform you’re on, there are different ways to do it. Is your website a CMS (ie. WordPress, Drupal, Joomla) or a static HTML website, or are you unsure? We’re planning on updating this article soon as well to include some site-specific tutorials.

  • a web rocker

    I am the same commenter who posted a comment here on February 18, 2012 – 4:48am.

    Let me elaborate my problem with my page. facebook.com/twitter redirects to: https://www.facebook.com/upgradeaccount.php, then: https://www.facebook.com/business/dashboard/ and back to my page.

    Can someone or Facebook/Twitter fix this urgently?

  • Anonymous

    Thanks for clarifying how this whole process works! Facebook and Twitter are essential. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a service that links everything (website, social media networks, email, etc.) into one?

  • Anonymous

    Hey from yesterday my Facebook login is not working. I am darn sure I haven’t changed my password but from yesterday, whenever I try to login to my Facebook account a message appears saying “access denied.” What might be the problem, does anyone know?

    I have been searching for the problem in the Internet form yesterday and haven’t got any till now. I read an article on a blog about the Facebook login account problem but couldn’t solve the problem. So can anyone help me do this?

    • We Rock Your Web

      Did you try using the “forgot password” link to have your FB pw emailed to you?

  • Anonymous

    I found when enabling posting from on e of my Facebook pages to one of my twitter accounts, that only status updates “from the web”, ie. typed in by me were copied to Twitter. Updates from another service, or other source, did not get copied, unfortunately. A bug? An undocumented feature? Can anyone shine more light on this?

  • Anonymous

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  • Anonymous

    I update a company page via a personal email account. I have connected FB and Twitter so that when the FB page is updated Twitter is updated. However, I can not link the other way. When I update Twitter it updates my personal account on FB not my FB page for the company. Any ideas?

  • Anonymous

    This is great info! You might want to spell out the acronyms and add a little more detail/background for those of us who are newbies.

    • We Rock Your Web

      We try to spell out acronyms as much as possible in the beginning of articles for that reason, but we’ll try harder! The last thing we want is to alienate anyone. If ever you’re confused or don’t understand something, please ask! There are no such things as dumb questions, only dumb answers (and that’s our responsibility ;)

  • Anonymous

    Does anyone know how to upload an image to Facebook via Twitter without the link to the 3rd party host? I update FB for my biz via Twitter and I want to have the image post directly to the wall so my clients don’t have to click the link to see it on yfrog. Is there any way to do this? Is there a copy image setting or something?

    I’ve been searching for a few and I can’t find squat. Any suggestions is helpful, thanks.

    • We Rock Your Web

      Twitter is rolling out a new “image upload” feature – when it’s available on your account, you should see a small camera icon to the bottom left of your tweet box. You can use this to add images directly via Twitter. If that doesn’t work for your Facebook integration, they will also be releasing access to their native image API shortly (for developers) that might let you achieve the functionality you’re looking for. Let us know how it goes!

  • Anonymous

    Can someone fix my problem as described:

    I run a single page, converted from my profile. When I access this link (facebook.com/twitter), it redirects back to my page. A fix Submitted by a web rocker on February 10, 2011 – 3:05pm does not even work for me.

    Same problem as the below commenter, judging by the default comment viewing options.

  • Anonymous

    Maybe I missed something already covered, but here goes.

    I need to connect one of my FB business pages to a specific Twitter account, but FB pushes me back into my personal FB page in order to access.

    Does anybody know of a way to make this work the way I have this set up, or do I need to open a different FB account for each business to connect to each Twitter account separately?

    Thanks in advance.

    • a web rocker

      Thank you! The above question is EXACTLY my question… and it’s even asked this year! I have selected my page from Twitter, connected, disconnected, emptied my cache and cookies! Now it doesn’t post anywhere! Facebook PAGE to Twitter account works great…just can’t get it to go the other way!

      • a web rocker

        Go to your Twitter Settings -> Profile -> Connect to Facebook. Click on it and it will show your regular page. Allow. Click on Connect to Facebook again and it will give you an option to check a box your FB pages profile. It will then have a drop-down menu when you check the box, and you can select your pages profile. Done.

        • Denise

          Worked like a charm!! Thank you!


          THI Consulting

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  • Anonymous

    Okay, I’ve got the FB <> Twitter linkup working, but what about Pinterest? You’re supposed to be able to link Pinterest to FB, but what about Twitter?

  • Anonymous

    Everyone that’s so hell bent on linking FB to Twitter – as a social media marketer, why would you want to do this? Having the same message repeated all over the place is annoying to your visitors. Take the time to write a unique message on each service, catering to your specific user base. That will keep things interesting and will have people visiting all your social media services, as opposed to just one (because with linking, they will assume all your accounts are repeating the same thing).

    • Rooz

      First, everyone isn’t on all social media. Some people use facebook and may have a twitter account yet never log-in. Linking them makes sure no one misses out on any valuable content – which is why they “liked” or “followed” your business to begin with.

      Second, linking accounts doesn’t preclude you from tailoring content for the medium. Depending on privacy settings, a person’s facebook info may only be available to their friends, while twitter shows you a bunch of tweets from people you aren’t connected to. Moreover, you can create facebook-specific content and drive them to your twitter for something more suited to hashtags and 140 characters.

  • Anonymous

    Wow, this article is nice, my sister is analyzing these things, therefore I am going to inform her.

  • Anonymous

    I have linked our Twitter account to our FB page so that our tweets are appearing on FB. But I am not able to do it the other way round. Every time I click on any facebook.com/twitter link it takes me directly to the Campaign:My Ads page.

    What’s going on?

    • We Rock Your Web

      We’re sorry you’re having troubles with this. Just to clarify – you’re taken to the FB ads page when you click on any of the “Link to Twitter” buttons? Have you previously linked these pages to Twitter?

      You might want to try unlinking and relinking a page to see if that helps. Within Twitter settings you can see which apps (ie. FB) have been given access to link to your Twitter account.

  • george

    I can’t seem to be able to make it work?

  • Anonymous

    Page cannot be found…

  • Anonymous

    So when I tweet from my phone, it also goes to my Facebook page. But when I get on Facebook, I always see statuses that say “via Twitter” under them. How can I do this?

    • We Rock Your Web

      If you’re Twitter > Facebook link is up and running, you should be able to post to your FB pages via Twitter, and vice versa.

  • Anonymous

    I have been trying to link my facebook up with my twitter account for months and for some reason it has not worked. I used the tips here and success! Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    I have been searching for a way to link FB to Twitter without running into issues for some time now. Eventually I got it from here. Thanks Guru of Search.

    – Seo Sem Expert

  • Anonymous

    Is anyone else experiencing problems getting the FB to Twitter link app to work?

    • Anonymous

      Yes…I click the “Link To Twitter” button and it just sits there. The hourglass cursor sits there forever and does nothing.

      • Anonymous

        I had the same problem. So when I got to the page where you click on Link to Twitter and it just sits there…right click over the button and click on “Copy Link Location”. Then paste this into your address bar and hit enter. It should take you there. It worked for me. Hope this helps.

    • Anonymous

      I’m trying to sync Facebook to Twitter and it is not working. I’ve tried for a few days now. Anyone know a work around?

    • Anonymous

      I also can’t get Facebook linked correctly to my Twitter account!

  • Anonymous

    I found this link eventually… and it doesn’t work for me either. Is it just me, or does anyone else find Facebook the most arcane and puzzling site in the history of HTML?

  • Anonymous

    Tried doing the above for connecting Facebook to Twitter and all I get is the “Redirecting you back to application… and then the ALLOW and DENY buttons are back!! This is sooooo frustrating. I had it working perfectly with one account… canceled that one and tried for my new FB account and now it DOESN’T WORK!!! ahhhhh ANY TIPS?!?!

  • Anonymous

    Essential, if you care about building your brand. You should have all your content platforms (website, blog, social media outlets) “linked” together and communicating with each other. Look at is as a pathway of roads for your visitors to traverse your “campus of content.” Just as students get frustrated when they can’t find a class, your visitors will be frustrated if they don’t find all your content niches that tie your message together.

  • Anonymous

    I accidentally revoked access to Facebook from Twitter, how do I get it back?

    • We Rock Your Web

      Simply go back into Facebook and re-initiate the connection. Make sure you’re logged into your Twitter account before you do (or log in when it asks you to). You can also visit your Twitter settings to view a list of apps you have authorized to access/ use your Twitter account.

  • Anonymous

    The description only works with pages, not with my personal profile.

  • Anonymous

    Sync your posts from Facebook to Google Buzz. Now, you can update Facebook from Buzz and Buzz from Facebook.

  • Anonymous

    Is there a way to link a personal Facebook account to Twitter, not just a Facebook page?

    • We Rock Your Web

      Fortunately, Twitter has finally launched an official Facebook application that will allow you to link your personal FB page to Twitter. Simply visit the Twitter app page [ed: this link previously pointed to apps.facebook.com/twitter/session, and has since been updated to reflect the new page.] on Facebook to begin.

      • Anonymous

        The link appears broken, any help? This is exactly what I’m looking for, but for some reason it’s really hard to find!

      • Anonymous

        Hi! Your info is exactly what I was looking for… Unfortunately, it’s not working. The link brings me to a FB login page (even though I am already logged in on another tab), and after I enter my password & click submit, it loads my News Feed page. No Twitter info.

        I searched for the Twitter app within Facebook and found the “main one” w/the most users, which supposedly 6 of my friends are using (but I don’t think it will let me go to the application or add it because I don’t have a page). So the “main one” is clearly for Pages.

        So if I’m searching for this application that allows personal FB pages to link to Twitter, what is the app’s name? And would the fact that I have to use Firefox have anything to do with this problem?


        • Anonymous

          Same for me. That page can’t be found.

          • Anonymous

            Facebook to Twitter shows page cannot be found.

            • Anonymous

              The updated link you’ve posted in your article works to link my personal FB account to twitter. Thanks!