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Internet Explorer 8 Won’t Install

Installing Internet Explorer 8If you’re having trouble getting Internet Explorer 8 (IE 8) to install, join the club. There’s a number of error messages you might be running into. Read the solution below corresponding to the error message you’re seeing to find out how to get Internet Explorer 8 to install smoothly. If your error message or problem is not listed, feel free to comment below and one of our community members can help you find a solution. And if nothing works and you’re getting frustrated, we recommend trying Firefox as an alternative browser.

Internet Explorer 8 Could Not Be Installed Error

If you’re seeing the error message “Internet Explorer 8 could not be installed. You must restart your system to confirm that any changes to your system are undone“, you will need to first reboot your system so that Internet Explorer 7 can be restored. Once you’ve done that you’ll want to log in to Windows Update to make sure that you installed all the latest updates and service packs (Internet Explorer 8 requires Windows Vista or Windows XP SP2 or SP3 (SP = Service Pack)).

How to Run Windows Update

There are two ways to run Windows update. The first is via Windows Explorer:

  • In the lower left corner of your screen, click on the Start button.
  • Select “All Programs” followed by “Windows Update.”

The second way to install Windows updates is by browsing to, and selecting the Express Update option. The Windows Update service will scan your computer and find the updates you need. Once your system is up to date, try reinstalling Internet Explorer 8 (incidentally, you should also be able to install IE 8 via Windows Update).

A Temp File Could Not Be Created Error

If Internet Explorer 8 appears to install successfully until you reboot, at which point the error message “A temp file needed for initialization could not be created or could not be written to. Make sure that the directory path exists, and disk space is available.” appears, you’ll need to make sure that antivirus or anti-spyware software is not blocking access to this director.

For example, if you’re using OnlineArmor (anti-virus, firewall, and anti-spyware software), you want to bring up the Programs dialog, unchecked “Hide Trusted”, sort by program name, select the entry “IE8-WindowsXP-x86-ENU.exe,” and click Allow. You may also right-click the entry and select Advanced Options to grant specific access permissions. Another program entry you’ll want to allow is reg.exe (found in the path \WINDOWS\system32\reg.exe). Once you’ve allowed this program entry is in your antivirus software, reinstall Internet Explorer 8. This time, after rebooting Windows, Internet Explorer 8 should install and run successfully.

If Internet Explorer 8 Won’t InStall (All Else Fails)

There is one nearly fail-safe method of getting Internet Explorer 8 to install on your machine, regardless of the version of Internet Explorer (6, 7, etc.) you’re currently running. The solution depends on the existing version of your Windows O/S:

  • Browse to Start > Run > type “cmd” > hit Enter
    • Windows XP: Type the following command: secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\repair\secsetup.inf /db secsetup.sdb /verbose
    • Windows Vista: Type the following: secedit /configure /cfg %windir%\inf\defltbase.inf /db defltbase.sdb /verbose
  • Make sure you leave whitespace exactly as indicated, and double-check spelling. Note that running these commands will take a while, and you may get an error message at the end – you can safely ignore it.

What these commands essentially do is restore the default security settings in Windows. Try re-installing Internet Explorer 8 now. The installation should proceed successfully. If it doesn’t, comment below

Troubleshooting – Lost User Accounts?

As a result of the default security restoration, you may lose control over user account selection (ie. if you log off or switch user accounts you won’t see a selection). If this happens, simply restore user account access as follows:

  • Browse to Start > All Programs > Accessories > Command Prompt (if you’re running Vista, right-click Command Prompt and select “Run as Administrator”)
  • In the command prompt window, type “net users”
  • You’ll see a list of user account names. For each one that’s missing in the Windows log on-screen, type the following: net localgroup users username /add, filling in your user name where indicated.

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  • Hannah Dekal

    I downloaded Internet Explorer 8 for Windows XP (sp3) and I thought it installed but I cannot find it in add/remove programs to use it. The setup went through everything (it removed a previous version which I didn’t have but it also installed updates and removed anything malicious etc.) as far as I know I thought it installed and even restarted the computer. No errors appeared. But it is not listed in my programs when the computer restarted.

    I do have Mozilla Firefox installed but I can’t access Microsoft online templates with it. It wants you to access the templates using Internet Explorer 5 or later version hence my trying to download Internet Explorer 8.

    I tried your “Internet Explorer 8 won’t install” suggestion by doing the Run cmd etc. but when I typed in your command “secedit /configure /cfg %windir%repairsecsetup.inf /db secsetup.sdb /verbose” it came back with the following “secedit is not an internal or external command, operable program or batch file” .

    Any further suggestions?

  • Dave M

    I believe Microsoft is not allowing the updates to IE8. Is there anyway around this because a number of programs I use will not function without IE8 installed.

  • David Mayer

    I did the “When all else fails” and IE8 still does not install. Here is what I get:

    Internet Explorer installation did not complete. Please restart your computer so that setup can undo any changes that were made. After restarting your computer, please visit http//

  • mason

    Need to install IE8 on Windows7 pro need a little help

  • Jeffrey

    I am trying to update my Internet Explorer to 8 but it keeps telling me that it is not supported on my operating system. When I try to open one of the windows help pages online, it tells me that I have to update my browser. I have Windows Vista.

  • Guest

    If Internet Explorer 8 won’t install to your computer, do yourself a favor and count your lucky stars. I used to be an IE fan, but I got tired of not being able to get or find my destination. Yes, I loved some of the features, but I spent more time trying to work around the glitches than I did using any of the features. For me, it just wasn’t worth it.

    And what’s up with IE8 having so many problems loading pictures? Every now and then I think I’ll take a look and see if Internet Explorer has improved at all, and every single time, it reminds me why I left it like a nose picking date.

    It always seems that it can’t load the site I’m trying to get to or if it does, I can’t see half of what’s going on on the site anyhow. It seems to have a special issue with pictures. Do the makers of IE 8 realize how vital pictures are to the Internet? They are the first thing that determines whether or not your audience stays on the site.

    Nope, I’ll just stick with FF and Chrome. Of course, they have their issue too, but nothing like Internet Explorer. I’ve lost so much work because of that browser that I don’t even like to think about it.

    • eric

      Try compatibility view man. It’s in internet tools settings etc etc. Many ways to get to it, some versions of IE. It’s actually in the address bar. It looks like a piece of paper ripped in half from one side to the other next to the home button link click the arrows>> Go to page then compatibility view settings to add or remove sites from this list I hope this works for you.

  • Guest

    It shouldn’t be that hard to install a browser. My thought is that if it’s that hard to install the browser in the first place, how good is it going to be to work with after you actually get it installed? To me that’s a sure sign you need to look for another browser. Of course, I have limited patience and I don’t have the time to deal with future issues with a browser.

    I just had my whole system redone and the guy who did it swears by IE, so that’s what he installed in my system. He did a great job, was affordable, and he did it in a timely manner. I was totally impressed right up until he started raving about IE. Seriously, Internet Explorer makes me want to rip my hair out. I can’t get through a solid day o it loading with no problem. Half the sites I use don’t play well with it either. I bit my tongue when the guy was going on about how awesome IE is, but he lost some credentials with me on that one. I’ll take Firefox or Chrome any day over Internet Explorer. In my opinion, if Internet Explorer won’t install for you, count your lucky stars. Just move on to a browser that actually works .


    I did this “all else fails fix” but it still is not supported on Vista. I could just use Google Chrome but I do not like that very much.

    • Kimberly

      Hi Terry, what is the error message that is appearing for you? This can help me determine how to fix your problem. Thanks for reading and commenting!


  • Kevin P

    It is really pathetic. Microsoft…the largest and most elderly of all computer companies is unable to provide a browser that actually provides the ease and functionality of use like


    2-Mozilla, Firefox (which used to be Netscape)

    3-Google Chrome

    I have been on computers for over 30 years and every single piece of junk internet explorer I have used has had problems in a number of ways.

    I tried IE8, boy that was fun experience, NOT!

    I have IE7 on Vista with all the darn security updates, patches, tweeks, and any other BS Microsoft has to offer. I tried to install IE7 from internet in all modes, system not compatible,(with internet install program). However, I have the downloaded version of IE8 that will install but is nothing but a big pain in the butt with glitches, hangs too long, loads page slow or not at all, or partial pages, just worthless, for time, money and hassle. I will stay with the 3 above. Forget Microsoft browser. Sorry for those that have to use it. Microsoft should explore the Opera GUI as a guide since it is open source. HaHaHa

    • Kimberly

      Hi Kevin, thanks for reading and commenting, but sorry to hear you’ve had such struggles. I’m glad you’ve found a browser that works for you though!


  • Jesus

    When I try to install IE8 it says that my operating system doesn’t support it. Any ideas on what I can try?

    • Kimberly

      Hello Jesus, what operating system are you using?


  • foolmutt

    There have been no error messages — IE just didn’t install. I tried command line, secedit, etc., but got a message saying “secedit isn’t recognized as an internal or external command on this computer.”

    Of course Firefox is better, and that’s what I’ve been using. Just wanted a backup browser. I’ll try Chrome instead, though there are several things I don’t like about it.

    • Kimberly

      Hi Foolmutt, if it continues not to work with Chrome please let us know. We want to find a solution that works for you! Thanks for reading! 🙂


  • Bill

    Hello all. I keep getting an error message saying I need update for Windows XP (KB932823). When I try to install the update it says I don’t need it. A continuous problem from Microsoft. I don’t understand why we cant just find this file and add it or why the computer does not override this so IE8 downloads.

  • josephbrown

    I did all these steps but it does not work for me. However finally I got the solution for that and I got rid of this problem.

  • josephbrown012

    Thanks for this post, I will try that.

  • a web rocker

    When I try to install IE8 on my Dell Inspiron 9400, Pentium T2250 @ 1.7 GHz 3.24 GB RAM running Win XP Pro SP3, I get a message that an update is necessary before the installation can proceed. I am directed to and begin to download an update, but then get the message that a current update is newer than the update being installed and it stops. But if I then try to install IE8, I get the message that I need an update before installing IE8. Help, I’m getting dizzy, lol. Is there some way around this? Has anyone run into this same problem? Thanks all.

    • realdude

      I have the same problem trying to install IE8. It’s because I installed Windows Service Pack 3 before IE8. The face that Windows SP3 doesn’t help because I still get warning messages that my IE7 browser isn’t secure and up-to-date. I read a technical article called “Why Microosft Ditched XP for IE9” which explains the improvements in IE8 and IE9. Problem is – you can’t run IE9 on Windows XP.

      I’ve read that the solution to this problem is to uninstall Windows SP3, upgrade to IE8, and then re-install Windows SP3. Everytime, I uninstall a Windows Service Pack, things get all whacked out, so I’m hesitant to try this solution.

  • Anonymous

    I am actually really excited about the new version of Windows coming out. I currently have Windows 7 on my Samsung laptop and I have found it to be very easy to use and this has been one of the most problem-free computers I have ever owned. I had been suffering with a Dell laptop that came with Windows Vista Basic on it for a few years and that thing was just so picky when it came to starting up and running different processes that it would frequently freeze in the middle of simple programs if I was running anything else, like iTunes or something. I managed along with that thing until it finally gave up the ghost in a freak getting-set-in-a-puddle-of-beer accident.

    That was when I got the Samsung which had been pre-loaded with Windows 7 and the experience was great. So with Windows 8 coming out now, I am excited to see what improvements they have made. I am a little apprehensive about a couple of things though which could prevent me from making the switch with my current laptop and upgrading to Windows 8 instead of continuing on with Windows 7.

    The first thing I am frankly a little nervous about is that Microsoft has laid eggs in the past with releasing new software. Windows Vista was supposed to be revolutionary for its time also, but that was so rife with problems that it now lingers like a bad smell on Bill Gates’ sweater. If they are pushing Windows 8 out into the marketplace before it is truly ready or without knowing what problems may come up, then it could be a repeat performance of that embarrassing fumble from several years ago.

    The second thing that has me potentially staying with my current Windows 7 operating system is that this software has been with this computer since day 1 and as silly as it may sound, I think that messing with a good thing just is not worth it. Any manual upgrades I have done to computers over the years have never been as beneficial as I had hoped and really not worth the risk you run of damaging something beyond repair. Wiping out the operating system that this computer was built and designed for and replacing it with another may not work out as perfectly as I would hope.

    On the other hand, if it truly is a step up in terms of the overall quality of the Windows experience and it makes my computer safer and more stable, then I would strongly consider making the software purchase and giving it a try. I suppose what I will do is just wait a little while and see what kind of reviews come in about the overall experience and make my decision based on that. Actually, there should be some data out there already. Maybe I will search for it and see what comes up.

  • Anonymous

    It really comes as no big surprise that IE 8 is giving people problems with installing it and upgrading from a previous version of Windows. I have been a PC user all my life and although I know how to use a Macintosh, I cannot say that I will ever be driven to buy one and learn the intricacies of an entirely new operating system. That being said, I recognize that PCs and the Windows operating system are a lot more problematic than their Apple counterparts and Windows has been especially troublesome over the last half decade or so.

    Everyone remembers the Windows Vista fiasco from about five years ago. It was designed to revolutionize the windows experience and enhance the user’s ability to more easily connect with networks and other equipment. In concept, it was a great movement to make life easier for the PC user, but in practice, it was a huge embarrassing failure. The operating system used up so much of a computer’s resources that it slowed down every single process that was running in the Windows interface and just had major issues with shutting down and freezing up. The previous version of Windows, Windows XP, was largely viewed as a superior product than Windows Vista and many people who had upgraded or bought computers with it preinstalled actually “downgraded” to Windows XP in order to avoid the many problems Windows Vista was giving them.

    Microsoft quickly went back to the drawing board and released what is now called “Windows 7” which essentially was the same concept as Windows Vista, but much more streamlined and functionally stable. Windows 7 was released amidst little fanfare but was welcomed with open arms by the folks who struggled with Windows Vista for as long as they did.

    Now, we have “Windows 8” and to the surprise of absolutely no one, it is having problems loading. Microsoft clearly does not have a great track record when it comes to releasing software that does not make people immediately angry and requires substantial customer support. If they could simply iron out all these details before they release this stuff, maybe they would get better publicity concerning their reliability.

    It just seems very irresponsible to me that they can continue to release products that do not work properly across all the platforms that use it. Updating is clearly an important part of the process and for them to have problems in getting it to load properly is just silly. It is the first experience that the user is going to have with your product; you manufactured the previous software, why can you not just get it right?

    Microsoft, as usual is just greedily getting their product to market and letting people slog through the update process and wasting their time. I am more than a little sick of the Microsoft process that has become a semi-annual event and semi-annual pain in the you-know-what.

  • Anonymous

    Having your internet explorer not install properly is a very frustrating experience. Personally I have had this happen to me several times with several different computers. The only thing more frustrating than it not loading or installing properly the first times, is having it happen again on a second (or fourth) computer! Because at least the first time you do not know (yet) what you are in for!

    There still may be an easy solution to the problem of IE not installing properly. The first thing to try is making sure that you have downloaded all of the proper service packs. So, reboot your system and make sure that the prior version of IE has been restored and is working properly. Next, go to the windows update and see if there is anything you need to download. Chances are good that this is where the problem lies.

    You know all those times when you are working on the computer and see a prompt telling you that there are things to download or that a new update is available? This is the reason you want to stay up to date on these! So maybe take a few minutes every couple of weeks and take care of this chore. Otherwise, you may be stuck like now, needing to wait a whole 30 or 40 minutes while the 372,001 updates download, process and install! Seriously, you should just look upon this as basic and required maintenance.

    On another side note, I did a little bit of research and it seems that Microsoft is quite disappointed with this new release themselves. I think they want to try and bring this new browser in order to retake some of the market that has already switched to other browsers. Unfortunately, Microsoft is too late to come to this realization. They have already been passed up by several other browsers. Mozilla Firefox is growing fast in popularity, and Google Chrome is also a bit better than anything Microsoft has now.

    These will be big hurdles to overcome. Additionally, taking a look at their feedback page, one can see a large (and growing) number of somber responses. Many messages report that this new browser is causing their systems to crash. Others are saying the browser will not display web pages properly. There are even some users who are not able to even get the thing installed onto their computer in the first place! The traffic stats for this new browser are also very poor. The last I checked, IE 8 was responsible for handling a little under 2 percent of all web traffic. That is miniscule and something which the folks at Microsoft cannot be very pleased about.

    To me (and probably a lot of other people as well) it just seems like this company is more concerned about themselves than their customers. They do not really care about even providing a quality experience. Sadly, I do not even think this is ultimately about money. I think they have lost their edge in terms of innovation. So, now they rush everything to market too fast and they have lots of problems.

  • Anonymous

    It seems like any time Microsoft comes out with a new product there are a bunch of bugs. This is equally true for hardware and software alike. The problem is that it often seems like we are the ones left holding the bag and trying to figure out how to fix things. We are not tech support people! I doubt many people would know what to do if the latest version of internet explorer would not install.

    Personally, if I was using internet explorer and it would not install, I would not even bother fixing it or trying to figure out what was wrong. Why waste my time? It is just fighting a losing battle. After all, even if I can get it to work, in another year or two, they will make another version and I will likely run into the same (or something even more insidious) problem. I guess the bright side is that if it is the same thing I might actually remember how to fix it! Nah, probably not. After all, it was a whole year ago (or two or three).

    I have the perfect solution for fixing a non loading or non installing internet explorer. I simply delete it and remove it from my computer. Then I use another browser. I believe that everyone should have at least two different browsers downloaded onto their computers and be ready to go. Seriously. There are a number of other browsers out there that are easier to use, more secure and even work better! There are a number of additional (and really cool) plug ins available for many of these.

    Thanks for staying with me after my little Microsoft rant. Having said all of that, I am going to assume that you actually want to use the silly IE 8 (or whatever the newest version happens to be by the time you read this). Still with me? Great. The first option is assuming that you still have the previous version (or at least a prior version of some type) loaded onto your computer.

    Start by removing all trace of the new version that you just tried to install. This means going to your control panel and use the add and remove programs options. Remove it and uninstall it completely. Then turn off the computer and wait a few minutes. Then turn it back on. Now make sure that it is all gone. Once this has been confirmed, you can use the old version. In fact, I would recommend doing so, just to make sure that everything else is ok.

    Assuming the older version is working properly; try to re download the new internet explorer. Hopefully it was just a little technical hiccup and this solved the problem. I have had things like this happen to me many times. Usually just by cleaning the old file off of your disk drive and then attempting a re-installation, everything will work just fine. It is weird, but it works at least 75 percent of the time.

  • rebin

    Hi, thanks for all your advice. Unfortunately I still can’t restore IE8. While I really appreciate the tips you’ve already given none of them seem to work for me. Do you have anything else that might fix Internet Explorer 8 for me and bring it back so I don’t have to use the super-lame IE 6?

    Thanks a lot. Yours sincerely,


    • We Rock Your Web

      Sorry you’re still having troubles! Have you tried uninstalling your old version of Internet Explorer and installing Explorer 9 from scratch?

  • Anonymous

    After reading all these posts, I feel quite lucky. I really am a novice when it comes to anything related to computers, but some time age I installed IE8 from a previous version without any problem (touch wood).

    The problem I am having is there’s no service pack on this computer, and when I attempt to install updated versions of certain things I am told that I need to update IE8 to IE9, but when I follow the instructions, I can’t update IE8 because I don’t have the correct service pack (SP).

    So I follow instructions to see which version is on my PC, but their is no SP at all. The recommended way to install SP1 is via Windows update, but all it says is that “there is no updates to be installed,” and I clicked on every link, one at a time of course, and their was nothing about service packs.

    Just before xmas I tried to install SP1 via the Windows instructions(I’m pretty sure it was windows), I followed the instructions EXACTLY as per instructions and my PC was almost totally inoperable, it crashed when I tried to boot it. As soon as I tried to connect to the internet(3 connect) mobile broadband, everything closed down and my PC switched itself off. I didn’t cure the problem because I wouldn’t know where to start. So I did what I always do when I have created a real problem which is way beyond my ‘novice’ knowledge, I did a system restore.

    When I tried to install sp1, it took more than 3 hours the actual downloading (with the sheets of paper going from left to right, and the little icon of earth) I’m not good at explaining, but I’m sure you know what I mean.

    Because it went on for so long, I assumed that something big must have downloaded. Unfortunately, the only difference (apart from the crashing) was that many things stopped working properly. It was a real mess.

    Short of putting my PC into PC world, or the equivalent, I don’t know what else to do. As I’m only a beginner, I’m afraid of making matters worse.

  • Anonymous

    I recently had IE9 installed during an auto-update, not by my choice, I was happy with IE8. Now I have issues with sites such as GoogleMaps “Street View” not working. This had worked up until the day IE9 installed. And FF and Chrome work fine.

    I am running W7 Pro with all current updates, Dell XPS laptop, etc.

    I would like to re-install IE8, but now I get an error that says “Internet Explorer 8 is not supported by this operating system” – although this is what was running until recently. How could it now not be compatible? Is MS preventing us from reverting to previous versions? Is there a workaround for this?

    Thank you.

    • Anonymous


      I had the same problem as you. So,I uninstalled Internet Explorer 9, and then I restarted my computer. I noticed that the previous version I had (IE 8) was back again. Hope this helps 🙂

  • Anonymous

    When I try to install Internet Explorer 8, this message comes up: ‘The file name, directory name, or volume label syntax is incorrect‘. Kindly help me. My OS is Windows XP.

    • Anonymous

      When I try to Install Internet Explorer 8 this message comes up: The file name, directory name, or volume Label syntax is not correct. Please help me. My OS is Windows XP.

    • rebin

      Hi everyone who really is compassionate and being kind to help me on how to install explorer 8. Unfortunately, I lost because virus was attacked on my explorer8.

      I will more than appreciate your time

      Kind regards, Rebin

  • Anonymous

    I want to get on the Target website and it tells me I need to install the latest version of Internet Explorer. I clicked on Install and after 15 min and running through various steps it said it was successfully installed and my computer was rebooted. However, I still can not reach the Target site.

    • Web Rocker

      Which Target website were you trying to access –

    • Web Rocker

      To help us troubleshoot your issue: which Target website were you trying to access – And which version of Internet Explorer were you previously using (ie. 6, 7, etc.)?

  • Anonymous


    I can download IE8 but I can’t install it. How can I get Internet Explorer to install?

  • Anonymous

    This problem faces me too. Please solve my problem. Thank you.

  • Anonymous

    Do yourself a favor and do not use IE. Continuous problems. No solutions!!!

  • Anonymous

    I recently got a message on my Windows XP laptop asking if I would like to install Internet Explorer 8. Everything appeared to be downloading o.k. but after rebooting there was no sign of the program. You usually see a message about a new program, and there is a set up program in which you are asked some things like “do you want IE 8 to be on your start screen?”, etc. There was none of this.

    Going into the control panel for the list of programs for Internet Explorer 8 and it was not there. I have tried to download it before from the Microsoft site and had the same non result. There are no error messages or anything.

    I am currently using Mozilla Firefox as my web browser. Can you please advise what the trouble may be? Thanks.

    • Anonymous

      I’ve been looking for just this. Excellent information about the IE8 install difficulties. In fact, I recently got the “Temp File Could Not Be Created” Error but was not able to solve that problem. Now again I will try to install IE8 and if the same error occurs I will try your steps to rectify that problem. If it doesn’t succeed I will have to continue using the Mozilla browser. Sorry Microsoft!

  • Anonymous

    Message says Internet Explorer 8 is not supported on this operating system. IE 7 for xp 64 says installation does not support your OS’s current service pack. No service pack is listed under system properties just xp pro x64 edition version 2003. Help. How do I update or install IE 8? I’m at least able to get around in Firefox but want to run Windows updates. Thanks

  • Anonymous

    When downloading it says can’t download IE 8, detected a more recent version of IE on your computer.

  • Anonymous

    Every time I try to install windows IE8 I get this message: “The procedure entry point SHRegGetValueW could not be located in thedynamic link librarySHLWAPI.dll.” What should I do?????

  • Anonymous

    How am I supposed to get updates or get anything installed when I don’t have IE in the first place. For all those saying “just use Firefox”, well, that’s my problem! I only have Firefox but need IE for work sites (horrible I know) and now I can’t seem to get any updates or the download to work because I’m running it through Firefox. Going crazy…

  • Anonymous

    I keep trying to download this and I keep getting the same message: “Operating system not supported.” The OS I’m using is Windows 7, 32-bit. Please help.

    • Anonymous

      Don’t know I have the same problem so if you figure it out let me know.

    • Anonymous

      IE sucks @ss! I realize they’re much better now than they were in previous versions, but for a browser maker to celebrate the death of a browser (IE 6) with a cake because it was such an absolute piece of garbage and they knew it! Muuahahhahahahahah.

  • Anonymous

    Okay, this is urgent. I’m trying to install IE8, but when my computer restarted to complete installation, it stayed on 89%. I can’t use my computer, so I can’t just stop installing it. My mom is getting upset, so please help ASAP.

  • Anonymous

    I keep trying to download this and I keep getting the same messageprocedure entry point SHRegGetValueN could not be located in the dynamic link library What do I do?

    • Anonymous

      Mine is doing the same thing.

    • Anonymous

      ca va tous

  • Anonymous

    I recently downloaded ie 8 and now I can’t even access the net. I’ve tried restoring my pc, still nothing. Now my computer keeps trying to download my sonic dvd plus? I don’t know if this is for IE8 but I need some help. I’m using xp.

  • Anonymous

    IE 8 can’t install for most people, if Firefox can make it easy for people to install their browser, then why can’t Microsoft make it easy too??? So because of IE 8 not being able to install, I will continue NOT using it and keep happily using my Firefox and Google Chrome.
    Microsoft…. you FAIL

    • Anonymous

      I like Chrome better anyways.

      Then what are you complaining for? I’d say you win.

  • Anonymous

    I couldn’t install IE8 on an XP Pro SP3. After installing ok it returned to the original IE6. I deleted Internet Explorer from the program files and after rebooting it installed ok.

  • Anonymous

    While trying to install IE8, I get the error message “Operating system not supported.” The OS I’m using is Windows XP 64-bit.

  • Anonymous

    I found out that IE8 install problems are in most cases related to corrupted Windows due to virus/malware. I also found a Microsoft page devoted to IE8 installation issues and possible solutions. Try the steps outlined on this page before you do anything else.

  • Anonymous

    Well, sounds weird but – IE 8 says my language isn’t the same as the one used by the installation?

    • We Rock Your Web

      Make sure you’ve downloaded an IE8 version, or language pack, that corresponds with the default language set on your system. Depending on your version of Windows, you should be able to find something to the effect of “Region and Language” in your Control Panel that will let you adjust your language setting. You may also be given this option during the installation dialogs for IE8, I can’t remember.

  • Anonymous

    I went to the command prompt and did what you suggested. I still can’t get IE8 to load. I’m about at my wits end! Please help!

  • Anonymous

    I tried the manual, but it tells me its not a recognized command?

  • Anonymous

    Firefox won’t allow me to even load the windows update site???

    • We Rock Your Web

      That’s a Microsoft limitation, not a Firefox one. MS will only allow the Windows Update site to run in Internet Explorer.

  • Anonymous

    Hi, I have a sony vaio,1.8gig P4,120gig hard drive, windows XP service pack 2. I had updates set to automatic, but updates continually tries to install newer versions of internet explorer. I still have IE6. Each time something strange happens. When IE7 installed, the browser would load, but would not connect to the internet at all!!!

    I received many suggestions like disabling browser helpers, but none worked. It simply would not connect. Tonight i did updates and windows snuck in IE8, as i did not even see it listed in the update list. I thought i would give it a go and let it install. After reboot ” no browser at all “. It would not even load. I had to uninstall it as usual and back to IE6. Now all is fine. I have no firewall turned on and i am sure my AVG antivirus is not blocking it from working.

    Can anyone help? thanks

    • Anonymous

      To use IE8 with AVG antivirus plus firewall you’ll need to go to your control panel > Internet > Manage Browser Add-ons and disable the AVG feature. Then IE8 works fine.

      • Anonymous

        Hi, I checked browser add-ons and “no” AVG feature is listed.
        There are add-ons mostly from “Microsoft” and “Sun”, and one from “Adobe”. Also, a few from “Apple”, one from “Real”.

    • Anonymous

      I have the same problem on my older/slower Vaio. I have XP Home 2002 with SP3. Did you ever get yours to work? Please contact me at rballard9 at yahoo dot com.


    • We Rock Your Web

      Our recommendation is to ditch Internet Explorer entirely and use Firefox ( And make sure you turn your Firewall back on!

      • Anonymous

        Ignore him! There are even more continuous problems in Firefox than MSIE!

        If you have to use something else than MSIE, try using Google Chrome or something, avoid the error-bombed Firefox!

  • Anonymous


    i am not able to download ie8 .

    it says click here if the download does not start in 30 sec, but when i click the explorer it says this page cannot be displayed.

    please help

    take care


  • Anonymous

    I deleted IE 8 cause i had been using FireFox. Well come to find out I need it for a specific program. Now when I try to install it it gives me this error code “This installation does not support your system architecture (32/64 bits)”. Does anyone have any ideas about this? Thx for the help.

    • We Rock Your Web

      It sounds like the IE 8 installation you are trying to use isn’t compatible with the bit architecture of your operating system. If you’re running a 32-bit version of Windows, you’ll need to use the 32-bit (x86) IE 8 installation file. Conversely, if you’re running a 64-bit version of Windows, you’ll need to use the 64-bit (x64) IE 8 installation.

      You can find out which version of Windows you’re running by right-clicking on “My Computer” and selecting “Properties.”

    • Anonymous

      IE 8 is fubar. My mom’s computer recently had IE8 stop working, saying it couldn’t recover the pages online. So unable to go online and download ie8 I had to go download Firefox startup file from another computer burn to disk and install on her computer. Thinking that she may need ie8 I went back and tried to install it as a back up and got the same message as above.

      My recommendation is to ditch ie8 altogether if you can, and if not sorry, you may need to contact Microsoft and get help.

  • Anonymous

    I use the Microsoft auto update website, and the install fails with this error code in the update history. What does it mean and how can I fix it?

  • Anonymous

    I don’t even get an error message; the installer just zips through its work, then disappears. It’s not until I launch IE and click “About” that I find I’m still in good ol’ number 7. Tonight is the second time I’ve gone through this farce.

    I know something Windows Update doesn’t know! According to my Update History there, the installation was a success. I don’t know whether to be scared or disgusted. So I’ll be both.

  • Anonymous

    Microsoft’s products SUCK A**!!!

  • Anonymous

    I’ve been trying to install IE8 since it was released and it always says install successful and restarts. After it restarts it does the whole configuring updates routine before logging on.

    As soon as it gets to stage 3 it says updates weren’t configured correctly and reverts back to previous settings and I’m back to step 1 all over. Update history shows repeated failures. I don’t even use IE. Firefox is my browser for everything.

    What makes this worse is that I needed updates a few months back and I didn’t know it until I was updating my girlfriend’s laptop. I installed service pack 2 on hers and mine was stuck on 1 and every time I checked for the update it would only show IE8 as the update needed. Somehow later I got SP2 installed but IE8 is still a no go.

    I hope Microsoft isn’t trying to force me to use that crap and blocking me from the latest updates.

  • Anonymous


    I am unable to find in the Internet how to install Windows Explorer 8 for Windows Vista. Once I installed but was unsuccessful. Where can I find?


    • We Rock Your Web

      Hi David,

      I’m assuming you mean Internet Explorer 8? You can download the update from the Microsoft Internet Explorer website.

      • Anonymous


        I’ve got the same problem. My computer tries to download this every day without success. It’s not the website as I’ve tried downloading it directly from the website.

  • Anonymous

    I have a 32-bit computer with Windows Vista update 2.

    I started using Firefox and deleted IE?

    I now wish to load Ie8 but when the install starts is says sorry and then tells me to restart my computer and use the icon for troubleshooting. When I click on the icon it says can’t find the target.

    For a while it said I had a more recent copy already installed but after I went through a search for IE components and erased them it now just refuses to install.

  • Anonymous

    Hi there.

    I wanted to play MSN online games, but it stated that I had to have IE6 or later. (I use the latest Firefox browser because I found it to be much better than Internet Explorer, so I got rid of IE8 from my computer.) So anyway, I went to re-download IE8 just so I could play these games, no problem so far.

    But when I tried to install it a box popped up saying I already had a later version installed even though I deleted it from my computer months ago.

    Every search I’ve tried to find Internet Explorer of any kind on my computer results in nothing. If anyone has experienced a similar problem and/or has any ideas for help in this matter it would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advance.

    • Anonymous

      I have the exact problem. Did you get a fix?

    • We Rock Your Web

      To help us track down your problem – can you tell us what O/S (operating system, ie. Windows XP or Windows Vista, etc.) you’re using?

  • Anonymous


    I can’t install the Windows update for Internet Explorer 8. It comes up with a 80070001 error. Any ideas what this is and how I can fix it?


  • Anonymous

    I was having this exact problem – the IE8 installer was unable to access my temp file directory. I was able to grant it access in OA and am now smooth sailing. Now if only we didn’t need to use IE 8 to begin with (I use it for website testing purposes only)!

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