Jun 03 2008

How to export Cpanel's Mailman mailing list

Trying to export your Mailman subscriber list?

Cpanel's Mailman mailing list software is not all that bad for an open-source application.  It provides quite a bit of flexibility when it comes to managing and administering your mailing list and its subscribers.  The glaring problem?  There is no easy way to export your list of subscribers!  Here's how to do it...  read more »

Oct 10 2007

bad interpreter: No such file or directory

Running shell scripts in Linux

The error "bad interpreter: No such file or directory" can be attributed to not having the bash shell script installed, but is more likely due to the presence of a DOS file in a Unix environment.  read more »

Mar 15 2007

406 Error (Not Acceptable) An appropriate representation of the requested resource could not be found on this server

406 Error (Not Acceptable)

Are you seeing this error when trying to access a page? This is usually due to an Apache security filter that is turned on by default. Read on how to modify the filter (without disabling it) so your pages can load again.  read more »