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Outlook : Can't Get Monthly Calendar View Back

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Having Trouble Getting the Monthly Calendar View Back?

This problem frequently arises in Outlook when you run a filter (such as find) on the calendar and then you're unable to get back to your monthly view.

The Solution

The solution is in the "view" menu, but its location is not all that intuitive. Browse to here to reset the view to the monthly view:

  • View » Arrange By » Current View » Day/Week/Month.

Voila :) Ask any questions you may have below.

Different Versions of Outlook?

Depending on the Outlook version you're using, the names of the menu items may vary slightly. If you're having trouble, please comment below with the version of your MS Outlook.

Make "Month" the Default View

For those that would like to set the "month" view to be the default, follow these steps:

  • View » Change View » "Apply Current View to Other Calendar Folders" » Select Your Calendar » Click OK.
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I can't find a "view"

I can't find a "view" tab/menu anywhere...

Hi Natalie, the view tab is

Hi Natalie, the view tab is at the top in the toolbar area. Options include:

  • File
  • Edit
  • View
  • Go
  • Tools
  • Actions
  • Help

Please let me know if you still cannot find it.


Another Calendar Question

I had created a second calendar in Outlook. I recently deleted it (yes, on purpose!) by right-clicking on the tab and deleting. It's gone, and I'm not able to view it under My Calendars, but I'm still getting reminders from it. Any ideas? Thanks for any suggestions you can provide.

Hi Wendy, is your Outlook

Hi Wendy, is your Outlook synced up with you Google Calendar? If so, be sure you have it deleted in Google Calendar as well or it will continue to show up. Then be sure to empty your deleted items folder in Outlook then resync it all. If this is not the case please let me know and we will find a solution for you! Thanks for reading and commenting.


Outlook web calender view

I just wanted to say how much better my Outlook web calendar looks in Google Chrome browser rather than IE. It is unbelievable. In IE I could not get a month view, open emails in a reading pane or make any kind of changes. Opened it up using Chrome and it is like I am sitting at my office desk. Even my CITRIX applications look better.

Hi Rob, that's interesting

Hi Rob, that's interesting that there was such a difference in the two web browsers. I've had personal experience where something works better in a web browser and it always baffles me. Thanks for reading and commenting with your personal experience.


The Ask toolbar was the problem...

I just sent a comment that I had no options to change the calendar view in IE10 and Chrome browsers.

After posting, I looked at my Chrome browser and wondered about the Ask toolbar that was recently installed. When I uninstalled the toolbar, the "View Agenda" option appeared on the calendar at the right top of the page. This also cleared up my problem on IE10.

My system is Windows 7, FWIW.

Happy to hear you were able

Happy to hear you were able to solve the issue Julie! Crazy that is was the Ask toolbar! Thanks for reading and commenting!



This has been bothering me for a week and I finally found your website. This was so helpful! Thank you so much!


So happy we could help you Emily! It's frustrating when things take that long to solve. Thanks for reading and commenting!


Thanks, needed the help

The design of Outlook is just terrible. It really really sucks. 

The fact that not only do so many users get stuck with this issue, but that the best help is on Google attests to very bad design decisions made by the Outlook 2003 team.

Given all that, I'm thankful I found this help. Thank you.

Happy Valentine's Day!

Happy Valentine's Day

Glad we could help you out Jerry! Thanks for reading and commenting and Happy Valentine's Day to you!


Outlook 2010 Monthly view question

Windows 7, Outlook 2010. I would like the Monthly view of the Outlook calendar to be four weeks (with the current week always the top row) instead of the Calendar month. During the third and fourth weeks of the month I see what has already happened, as opposed to what is going to happen in the next few days/weeks. I can scroll up but would like to have it default to four weeks with the current week on top if possible. Any suggestions? Some free web app calendars offer a custom view that can be set-up like that, so I'm wondering if Outlook can do the same.

No Solution

Hi Jeffrey, thank you for reading and commenting. Unfortunately, with the research I have done, there is no way to display Outlook Calendar this way. Apparently, you are not the only one who would like to view your calendar this way (see here). Sorry I could not give you better news. Thank you again for you comment and please let me know if I can help you with anything else.



That was extremely simple and effective. Thank you so much. I actually read this while on tech support, HAHA! They are very helpful, but were making it into a much longer process than needed.

Thanks again!


Glad we could help you out

Glad we could help you out Ben! Thanks for reading and commenting!


getting monthly calendar back

Thank you so much. I was anticipating  2 hour down time to figure how to fix this. Your answer was right there on the internet. Not sure where the "word web" begins but I'm guessing its the first line "Outlook - can't get calendar view back". Is that right?

Melinda, I'm glad you problem

Melinda, I'm glad you problem didn't take you two hours! That would not have been fun!


I can't open my calendar.  it was fine, then one day I just couldn't open it. I still get email alerts when I have something coming up. but I can't open, add or delete items. anyone have any ideas???

Can't keep Month View in Outlook 2007

I tried all the suggestion above - however, my menus are not the same as posted above. I do not have a "change view" - I am on SP3 MSO - my "current view" setting is set to Day/Week/Month - but everytime I move out of the calendar, it defaults back to the Day view. Even after reboot/shutdown. This started after a calendar filter search - and I've not been able to get it to go back to a month default view.

It must be a bug . . .

Any other suggestions are appreciated. Thank you!



Omg thank you so much! I was getting more annoyed by the minute trying to figure out how to switch it back and googling how I could do it. Life saver! Smiling

Glad we could help Terri!

Glad we could help Terri! Thanks for reading! Smiling

Thought I was an Outlook Whiz...but!

I drove myself nuts trying to figure this out on my own, but resorted to your article. HUGE thanks!

Glad it was helpful Matt!

Glad it was helpful Matt! You're welcome and thank you for reading!

Thanks a lot

Highly appreciated, tried to fix that for several days

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!

I complained to an IT person about this who didn't even understand what had happened and couldn't fix this for me. And, yes, it happened when I tried searching for something in my calendar. The fix was a little different than you had because my version is newer, but this at least got me to the right place. I knew there had to be a way to fix it, but couldn't figure it out no matter how many times I tried. Thank you so much!


U saved me a lot time and frustration.

god bless u.


Thanks, this had been driving me absolutely crazy! And you're right, it happened after I'd done a search with a filter. Then it got stuck in List View and kept defaulting to it.

Fixed, thanks to you.

get month view back

There is no 'view' bottom or header?

Printed Monthly Calendar

How do you format the montly calendar so that when its printed the previous and next month print in the upper right corner.

Thank you

You just saved me!  Thank you.




Well done Son

Amazing how difficult it is

Amazing how difficult it is to run a search for this problem.  I could kiss you.  This just took 40 minutes of my day.

Can't see monthly calendar on left side of outlook

I can no longer see my little monthly calendars on the left side (navigation pane) area of my outlook. My calendars are at the top and I can't adjust them down so I can see 1, 2 or 3 months. Can anyone please help?

Outlook 2007

View menu

Try clicking the "View" menu at the top, then click "Navigation Pane" shown inside the Layout section, then select "Normal". Hopefully that fixes it.


You saved 2 people in the office today!!! Thank you, thank you!!! xoxoxo Currently making out with monitor!! That was a stressful couple of weeks!

Thank you

Thank you! This was driving me crazy!


So simple - yet so hard to find!
Not only was it not intuitive - also searching the help topics within outlook brought no solution. Much appreciated - I could envisage myself spending about an hour trying to find this by myself!


This was making me crazy!!!  You have no idea how happy I am - or maybe you do Eye-wink

Outlook 2003

I couldn't see my appointments in bold either.  I finally started outlook in safemode and it fixed the problem.

God bless you

I was getting so tired of going to the archived calendar to get the non-list view and then back to my real calendar, or of keeping a second window and trying to remember not to go from calendar to anywhere. Thank you!!!!


This was so annoying!! Thank you for posting the solution! Smiling


This is why people buy Apple products.  Are you kidding me?  Out of all the buttons provided there is not one that just goes back to the calendar view?  Just insane.

Outlook Express tips

Great - sorted me out. Thanks very much.

Great - Thank you!

Great - Thank you!  Path a little different for Office 2010, but I figured it out.

You sir, have made the world a better place!

Seriously thanks for posting this. My calendar had mysteriously slipped into this list view and I didn't know how to get it back to normal. So annoying!

Still can't get monthly calendar view in Outlook

I tried the View » Arrange By » Current View » Day/Week/Month approach to having the default view on my calendar be a monthly one, but when I pull down the View menu on my Apple MacBook, I don't have any of the options you recommend.  I tried all of them anyway and none of them work.  Any advice?  Anyone???

Thank you

I have to say THANK YOU! This post was very helpful.

Lost calendar view

Thanks for the help it got me back to where I wanted to be.

One of the things I hate about little Billies programs they are the most user unfriendly developed. You would think they would have an easier way to switch back and forth and even to query an item that one has set up.


Thank you!

What a bizarre setting.

keeping old calendar items

I use Outlook for Mac 11. My calendar appointments get deleted after six months. How do I change this to keep items longer?


Thanks!  This solution worked great!

Calendar has disappeared from Outlook 2010

I have i-Cloud working with my calendar program, and the iCloud calendar is NOT the issue. I created a calendar called "Rides"  under the part of the calendar section for "My Calendar". The other calendars under "My Calendar" are "Calendar" and "Calendar from iCloud", neither of which I use.

I would make my entry in the "Rides" calendar, and then copy it to the #8 calendar that I had set up under the "iCloud" section. I figured that if the cloud failed, I would always have a copy on my PC. But that specific calendar is the one that disappeared.

Might it be recovered?

Log directly into iCloud.com

Hi Bill,

Are you able to access the missing calendar directly in iCloud.com? It sounds like you may have created the calendar locally in Outlook thinking it would be synced up to the cloud? 

Microsoft Outlook Calendar is a great productivity software

Microsoft Outlook is a tremendous program.  The calendar functionality along with all the ways you can integrate your email, schedule, to-do list, and your contacts makes it the ultimate in productivity software.  Unfortunately, problems like this do arise from time to time.  Microsoft generally does a good job these days of streamlining their products and making them much easier to use than in years past.  However, there are still instances when it can become troublesome and difficult to deal with.

I have had great success as a Windows user and a user of Outlook by using the searchable help index.  In the file menu you can find the help button that will take you to a trouble shooter that can get you pretty much anywhere you need to go.  It is especially effective if you are connected to the internet so that the help function can check to see if there are any updates available to common problems. 

If this does not work, then I usually go to the internet message boards or articles like this to get help.  Generally though, I like to stick to the source material.

Great instructions - how to get my Outlook monthly calendar back

Wow, thanks for putting this instructional piece out there.  I really was having trouble with getting back into my calendar after running a filter so this absolutely took care of my problem. I am not the most computer savvy person in the world, so these step by step instructions were right up my alley.

If you are going to be writing any more articles like this, could you include one that would tell me how to clean out duplicate contacts in my Outlook contacts file?  I had uploaded all my contacts from my cell phone and then I brought them in from my Google Gmail account and now I have several contacts that are exact duplicates of one another and I cannot get rid of them in any simple manner.  There are more than a few actually, it is at least several dozen, so the task of sitting down to weed out the ones I do not need really seems like a lot of work and a pain in the neck.  If you could help me get this fixed I would really appreciate it.

Thank you! I was about to give up

Thank you! I was about to pull my hair out on this and give up but now my Outlook calendar works right again!

Thanks, I was lost there but now I am found

Thanks, I was lost there for a bit but now I got it! You saved me.

Outlook Monthly Calendar

I've been looking for a program to help me better organize my work and my school work. Is the Outlook calendar a viable option for that? What I'm looking for is something that can help me track my finances, appointments, and to do list. I haven't installed anything to do that yet because I wanted to look around a bit and see what was available out there. I have pretty limited knowledge of Outlook, though I know some people swear by it and wouldn't even think of using anything else. But I didn't even know until reading this that Outlook had a calendar feature to it.

Does this feature send you reminders for appointments and things you have scheduled? Does it include a desktop app for easy navigation? Does it keep recurring schedules. For instance, if I have to do the same thing every Wednesday, is there a way to have it repeated on the calendar every Wednesday or is this something I need to set up manually? I'm looking for something that doesn't require you to have a degree in technology to use but that is automated enough to make scheduling something I only have to mess with if my schedule changes.

Thank you for solving this Outlook calendar problem

Thank you for solving this problem for me!  I absolutely live and die by my Microsoft Outlook program and if I cannot get it working I think I start having panic attacks.  All of my email, my entire calendar, and all of my contacts are stored there and without having access to that kind of information, I get really nervous and feel disconnected. 

Outlook is just such a useful program; I started using it probably about eight years ago when I worked in a small shipping office.  I used it to of course keep all my email and contacts organized, but I also liked the calendar function because it would provide me with frequent updates and reminders about things that I had on my to-do list.  I got very used to using it on a regular basis and now it manages my entire schedule every single day.  Furthermore, I have a mobile smart phone device that I can synchronize with my Outlook calendar and that means that whether I am at my desk or out in the field, I can definitely stay up to date.

We are using MS Outlook


We are using MS Outlook for Mac 2011 V 14.2.2. I want to see the email messages and calendar (monthly) side by side on the same screen. Appreciate your help.

I don't really understand how Outlook works at all

I don't really understand how Outlook works at all. Every now and then I come across an article like this that describes how to fix features or how to use features on Outlook, and it makes me wonder if I'm missing out on something. I do have Outlook on my system, but I have no idea how to use it. In fact I've given up trying. And if I happen to come across a site that requires you to use the Outlook email feature to contact them, I simply copy and paste the email address into my actual email program because I have yet to be successful when setting up Outlook.

Is this just me? I'm a fairly intelligent person, but it seems that every time I try to set this up I end up hitting a dead end. And I have tried it on every single computer that I've bought. Never once have I got it to work right. So at least I know it's not the computer I'm using. It must just be me! Is this program really worth it? It seems like it might be a great tool for staying organized etc., as long as you can set it up. But, isn't Google just as effective?

none of the above.... click

none of the above.... click on view, to do bar, this gives your calendar space on the right side of the screen, unfortunately, no one has the answer to this one.....

Small month

Those instructions just give you a small tiny calendar on the right hand side/pane. The month view is more than that (as the article instructs), it shows events on each day of the month.

THANK YOU!!!!! I can view my Outlook calendar again!

THANK YOU!!!!! YAY - I can view my calendar again Smiling

I'm using Outlook 2010 - cannot view individual's calendars

I'm using Outlook 2010, and for some reason I can't view certain individual's calendar within our domain. But other users can view its calendar without a problem. I have done a repair for MS Office 2010 but still I am having the same issue. Can you help me fix this or find a workaround?

Viewing folders in Outlook


I need to view the folders in the 1st section, list of mails in the 2nd section, the content of the mail in the 3rd section and my calendar and appointments in the 4th section. Can anyone help me get this done. I had the same view before and I don't know how the calendar and my appointments vanished?

Please help.

Damaged Outlook PST file

One of the reasons for this problem could be that your Outlook .pst file is damaged. You can try Microsoft Scanpst to scan and repair the .pst file. Apart from this you can also try a third party Scanpst.exe utility whenever scanpst from Microsoft fails. 


Hosanna! It worked

Hosanna! It worked. My Microsoft Outlook finally has its monthly calendar view again!!

Lost in Outlook Calendar

I'm able to find until "View » Change View » "Apply Current View to Other Calendar Folders"

Then, I am not able to find the calender in the folder selection. Please help.


Three Months Later

Three months later and you're still saving the day. You were the first option on Google Search. Thank you!

Thank you! I spent a lot of

Thank you! I spent a lot of time on Microsoft help trying to find the answer to this question and your solution took me 2 seconds.

Thank god! This is sure a

Thank god! This is sure a well-kept secret. Thanks so much!!

Yet another SWING AND A MISS

Yet another SWING AND A MISS by Microsoft... I mean really  - could something as simple as this be so difficult we have to have a discussion board to solve it... THANK YOU!


Thanks so much for the great

Thanks so much for the great tips! You saved me hours of fiddling about! Now i can see my Outlook monthly calendar again.


Thank you so much.

Thank you so much.

I can view the calendar now

I can view the calendar with dates back and I can see the meeting schedules. I was struggling with this some days. It's working now so thank you!


This was, as you said, not at all an intuitive fix. Simple, but not obvious, logical, or intuitive whatsoever.

After hours pouring over useless Outlook and Microsoft 'help' jargon-- this tiny blog tidbit has just saved my life, my sanity, and probably my career. With all the love in my heart,



Wow, we're so glad this was of such help to you! Thanks so much for taking the time to share your experience.

Outlook Calendar daily events

My events in Outlook Calendar are mixed together with the next day. How can I view them each day by themselves (ie. one day at a time)?

List view

Have you tried using the "List" View? That should give you a listing of events by time (hour) for each particular day.

Cannot View Monthly Events w/o clicking mail & back to calendar

To see all my monthly events I would click on the Week tab and then click back to Month and everything would show. To get everything to show now, I have to go back to Mail and then back to Calendar. I have to do this every time I move between calendars too.

I will try the fix and will post the results.

Still so helpful

Thank for this posting. I have been working on the problem since yesterday and fixed it in a few simple steps given here. Using Outlook 2003.

Restore monthly view

Any chance of updating this article for the latest versions of Outlook? The menu navigation listed to restore the monthly view doesn't seem to be there, or appears to have changed...

Dumb question but I can't find the answer

I am using Outlook 2010. I can't find the arrow to advance to a different month. I can only see the back arrow. I want to put events scheduled in the future, and other than manually going day by day, I can't figure it out.

I am sure it's really simple. I am just missing it Smiling

Thank you.

Yeah, I still can't figure it out

Like one of the users above, I do not see: "View > Arrange B" under "View." The only options I have are "date from to categories." Then if I expand this I get "Show in groups" or "Advanced settings." I've tried restoring the default view, to no avail. My Outlook calendar monthly view is still not coming back.

Please help!

Printing Calendar Weekly Agenda & Monthly Calendar incomplete

Dear all! Help,

I've jumped from Outlook 2003 to 2010 and I've found that when I print my Calendar in Weekly Agenda View for each appointment and print my name next to the location of the meeting, in 2003 it was not happening, how can I print as in 2003? and Monthly Calendar view: my appointments are incomplete (for example in 2010: 10:00 - 12:00 Dinner with Mr. Pet and that's it! where's the rest?

In 2003 was: 10:00 Dinner with Mr. Peter Johnson (Industrial Club).

That's what I'm looking for! Would you help me??

Are there any options?

Restoring Month Default View!

Thank you! I've been working on this ALL DAY. Thank you thank you thank you!!

Lost monthly view

I have Windows 7 and I found the view button, but there are no views available there, it is just blank. Any suggestions for this? Thanks.

Outlook version?

Which version of MS Office Outlook are you running (ie. Outlook 2010)?

It's Outlook 2010

I'm using Outlook 2010. I'm a different user but experiencing the same issue.

The arrangement is blank.

Thank you!

Such a quick fix! Thank you! Only after rephrasing in Google 4 times did I even find a site close to addressing this issue. I'll be back here to rock my web!

Rock on!

Glad it worked for you :) And thanks for sharing your feedback with us. Keep on rockin'

Outlook Calendar Monthly View

I cannot see the individual appointments on the Monthly View unless they are "All Day Events". They show up in all other views. Is this an enhancement for 2010?

Having trouble getting calendar back in Yahoo mail in Vista?

Use Mozilla as my browser and lost the calendar completely. Could not get it back, so I used IE9 and the calender, along with all the other missing apps that disappeared were there also! Long story is it seems to be a problem with the Mozilla browser (again)!

Calendar view

Thank you! I was going crazy trying to get the monthly view back.

Thank you!!

I am definitely coming back to this site to get my Outlook answers from now on.


No thanks to Microsoft though. They keep changing things and each time it gets less intuitive and less useful.

Big, Huge Thank You!!

Slightly different now in Office 10 but certainly figured it out with your help and the program's "intuition."



And to the Outlook programmers:

"If you can't explain it simply, you don't understand it well enough."
- A. Einstein


Thanks for the tip!

Month view - only 3 items per day

Hi, in Outlook 2003, I used to be able to see up to 8 items per day in calendar month view. In Outlook 2010, I can only see up to 3 items per day in calendar month view. Any suggestions to increase the number of items visible per day? I've tried decreasing font size, but that doesn't work.



Thank you!

After months of doing a work around to find my calendar this has helped me in Outlook 2003!!

Thank You!

I knew there would be a simple solution and I have been looking for it for days! 5 mins on the net and problem solved. YAY!

Having Trouble Getting the Monthly Calendar View Back?

I am trying to use ShareCalendar with several workstations. I shared between two yesterday without problem. Today, I added 3 more workstations. Everything appeared fine, except the Calendar is a blank shell. In the Navigation Pane on the left the calendar name is in bold font with a number in parentheses, similar to new email messages. The Current View is set to Month/Day/Year. If I change to Outlook Data File, the data is there in list form. ShareCalendar tech support says it is a Outlook problem and they can not provide help for me. I think I tried the suggestions in this thread, but I copied them to try again the morning. Any other suggestions for this particular problem?

Thank You!!

Wow.. that's such are relief.... Thanks....

Having Trouble Getting the Monthly Calendar View Back?

Thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you thank you. And this is from someone who is a software engineer!!!! Cheers


Yep, me too, can write C# but couldn't get my calendar back for toffee. Thanks!

My calendar gone, only archive calendar left

My calendar has disappeared from the calendar tab and is now in the mail tab. I have tried clicking on view, current view, done all the navigation panel with the adding calendar button, but I only have 'archive calendar' in my calendar, and my actual calendar in mail, which I then cannot see other people's calendar in that view. Am I just asking the same questions as everyone else? Any help would be much appreciated.


I've had to Google this like six times; I can never remember this one.

.. was that all ?? Thanks !

.. was that all ?? Thanks !

Saved my hour!!!!

It was simple yet still so difficult. Thanks for saving my hour... appreciate it.

Thank You

I spent 2-3 hours looking to get the month view back. After reading your article it took only 2 seconds to get my month view back. Thanks.

Awesome answer

Thank you so much, I was about to pull my hair out I was so frustrated!


I knew the answer was out there but I couldn't get the answer from that ugly little beast of a paper clip that Microsoft uses. UGH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! (I hate him, I really do).

Thanks for the great assistance. I never would have found this on my own.

Thanks for solving this one

Had this problem in the past and used Google to find the solution and here I am again! Smiling

Welcome back :)

Welcome back! Always good to have you here, glad we could help Smiling

Thank you

Why the day/month/week buttons would DISAPPEAR when you do a search is beyond me. I was about to throw my laptop off the roof.


I wonder why Microsoft has to make things so complicated.

Thank you, thank you, thank you

SOOOOO frustrating, thank you for resolving this!


OMG, I almost had a heart attack there. Thanks!

Thanks for the help

It's all been said...

How do you accomplish the same thing in Windows 7?

I can't seem to find the info in windows 7 under calendar view.

In Outlook 2010 you do ..

View > Change View (on left hand side) > select "Calendar" > then slightly to the right of that choose "day/week/month" as desired.

Can I make it default to a particular view?

Do you know how I can make it default to month? I have to put it in Month view every single time I go in, and it's driving me crazy.

Thanks much!

Thanks - you're a star!

Just wasted half my day and was very close to weeping in the middle of the office. Thank you so much for the brilliant post/tip. Bloody Microsoft. Hate it.

Better help than Microsoft!

Many thanks for this - I'd done a search of my calendar and stuffed the views. Much appreciated.


This has been bugging me so much for the past couple of weeks!

This doesn't work in Outlook

This doesn't work in Outlook 2010. F'ing Microsoft. This is the most annoying problem I've ever come across. And that after shelling out hundreds of dollars for this crappy email app.

Thank you for this!

I had to Google how to do this, horrible horrible design from Microsoft! UGH!


Thanks so much for this reply......literally had my head blown off to do this.

Ridiculously simple

THANKS! Lol, I can't believe how many people are experiencing this issue, and how long it has stayed in Microsoft's products! Why don't they just release a bug/ feature fix for this - it's obviously affecting/ pi**ing off a lot of people!

Thank You

I tried to figure it out myself but to no avail. Thanks a lot for this.


Thank you SO much. This was incredibly helpful. What in the heck was Microsoft thinking when they made it *that* difficult to change views.

Thanks again.

Having Trouble Getting the Monthly Calendar View Back?

This helped me a lot, thank you. Microsoft should fix this!

Thank you!

This post was really helpful!!


What in the world was Microsoft thinking?


Thank you very helpful

Exactly what I needed

It's happened to me before and I couldn't remember how I fixed it. It's so annoying. Thanks so much.

~ Brendon

Thanks a million!!! This is

Thanks a million!!! This is so much better now.


Muchos Thank Yous!!!


Had delayed trying to address this for the longest time but was so annoyed by not being able to have the "calendar" view.

Danke Schön!

Many thanks!

Microsoft, if you're listening: you need to add a button that shows in the upper right corner, if users are in any other view except the calendar view. It could read "Reset to Calendar View".


You are such a life saver!

Stuck on that stupid view with management breathing down my neck

Thank You! Thought I was on the chopping block. Thank you thank you thank you!!!

Same thanks!

Same here thanks!


Thank you so much! What a great help. That was such an easy solution but I was finding it so hard to work out.

Top marks to you and zero marks to MS Office for designing something that's not intuitive with too many bells and whistles!

I'm off to buy a Mac!



Thank you verrrrry much.. That saved my life!

Thank you

Worked without any trouble.


This has been bothering me for months and I am SO glad you've posted this info here!


Thank you so very much!

Can get my calendar view back

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!

Microsoft Outlook Calendar

Hey there, I can't seem to fix why my calendar all of a sudden is on the wrong day?? Do you know how to fix it so that it shows today's date?


Also Try....

The Alt + F2 keys.

Thanks for this!

After 30 minutes of looking in Outlook on how to fix this, and after 10 minutes of clicking almost anything I found the simple and clear answer right here. For that I will be grateful to you guys for ever! Eye-wink

Help! Trying to see my Calendar next to email

Please help me. I followed your instructions but no luck. First I clicked on Calendar. Then I went to View on the Toolbar. There is no 'Arrange By', just 'Current View' so I went there. Clicked on Day/Week/Month. Then I returned to the Mail page. Calendar still did not show up.

It normally appears to the right of my email messages. This is driving me crazy!!! MS Outlook Help cannot tell me how to simply display the calendar next to the inbox on the same page, the way I always have it, without having to click back and forth on different pages. AAAARRRRGHHH! I know you can help me. Thank you in advance!!!

Enabling the To-Do Bar (along with Date Navigator)

I believe you want to enable the date navigator in the To-Do Bar. This is how to do it:

1) Make sure you are in the inbox view
2) Navigate to View --> To-Do Bar --> Normal
- The Date Navigator, Appointments, and Task List should be enabled by default.

More info here.

Hope this works for you!

You are the man!!!  Thanks

You are the man!!!  Thank you for helping me get my outlook calendar back!


This problem has been bothering me for months. Finally found the answer here. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it.

Thank you very much!!!!!!!

Thank you very much!!!!!!! It workssssssss

Getting my calendar back

This worked - I tried the other options to no avail, but this worked. Thanks.

Thank you

Of course, the calendar is in the "to-do" bar. How unintuitive..!

Thank you

Thank you so much. I tried everything and couldn't figure it out. Wish I had googled this first...you would've saved me so much time.


Ugh, so glad I found this fix - thank you!!!

calendar view


Big Thanks!

Your post solved a mystery that had been bothering me for weeks! Thanks!

Finally fixed

Thanks for posting this, I have spent at least an hour searching Outlook to try to fix this.

yet another "thanks"

Couldn't figure it out - appreciate the info. Stupid MS.

Thank you Sooooo much

This has been driving me insane (and I didn't have far to go too start with!). I even called Microsoft and they told me to try detect and repair and if that didn't work to uninstall and reinstall office. I told them that it happened after I searched for an appt. and they have never heard of the month view turning to list view. Clearly you know more than the powers that are trying to run the world (Microsoft). Thank you for saving my mind.


Glad to help

Wow, we had no idea this tip would be so useful to so many people. We're happy that you (and everyone else commenting on this page) have found this so helpful! Thank you for posting your comments Smiling

Thank you

You're a genius! This has been bugging me for days and impeding my work! Thank you so much.

Thanks so much! I had no idea

Thanks so much! I had no idea how to fix this! I really appreciate your taking the time to explain it.

Thank you!

That was ridiculous! I was pulling my hair out, and couldn't believe there wasn't a quick "View" button to click! Thank you!!

Than you, thank you

Just saved me a lot of grief. I'll be back for other questions as they arise!

You saved me!

Thank you so much... I thought I was going crazy. I even rebooted my computer thinking it would go back to regular view. They should make this a much more intuitive choice!!

Thanks again!

Another confused user saved

Another confused user saved

that's it!

just adding another thanks! Sticking out tongue


Glad I decided to Google for an answer to that!

thanks a lot

This was just driving me crazy, thanks a lot!

thank you thank you thank you!

That has been driving me NUTS for weeks!

Thank you

This is the silliest application design -- for something that is so essential as seeing one's schedule! Thank you for showing me how to do this!

You Rock

U r a superstar

Can't return to month calendar view

Returning to the month calendar view is even more difficult when the Current View option cannot be found on the > View pull-down menu!

I had to go to > Tools > Customize > Commands and then drag the > Current Views option to the Tools pull-down menu.

Turning Times off in Outlook 2003 Calendar Monthly View

All of a sudden the times of my appointments are showing up in Outlook calendar's monthly view. I want this off - I just need to see my to-do list, not the times. I am not aware of changing anything, and the times normally don't show. Showing the time obscures the actual appointment as there is only so many characters that show in the monthly view.

Me too

I'd also like an answer to this question!

New Calendar

I created an additional calendar, but I cannot find it among My Calendar listing. I don't know where to look. If I try to create another with the same name, it says it already exist, that means it must be somewhere...hiding of course!!!

month doesn't display in firefox

I am trying to set up a link to outlook on our intranet site, the calendar shows up fine on ie7 but on ff3.5 the monthly view has disappeared, I have tried rechanging the settings in the original outlook calendar but nothing is happening, anyone got any suggestions.


Follow up to previous

I had to reset MY view to Day/Week/Month View with AutoPreview. Not sure why, but it worked!

My outlook calendar info is gone!

I think I reset something. This week's appointments still show up on my Outlook Today page, but they are no longer in my calendar. Any way to get it back?


That was making me crazy. Of course there's no simple "UNDO" function. Thanks.

Looks like I wasn't the only one then!



Short and concise...


Thank you, that was driving me nuts. I like how they hide that in the menu.

another thanks...

unfriggin-believable that these glitches still happen and MS gets away with it.

awesome - thank you!

i was pulling my hair out.


Oh thank god. You saved me

Oh thank god. You saved me from insanity!



Another thanks

What a simple solution to an irritating situation.
Thanks a lot!


Thank you! Just what I needed Smiling This monthly calendar view has been driving me batty. So much so that I was actually looking into the open source calendar Thunderbird. What do you think of it as an alternative to Outlook?

Thunderbird Vs. Outlook

Thunderbird is a great email application. We use it together with Lightning (an open source calendar extension) in place of Outlook. We made the switch a couple years ago and haven't looked back.

The Calendar Monthly View missing after search.....

Freaking Microsoft... this was exactly the problem I have been fighting for 3 days!!!!!! I did a search and then this happened. Who would have guessed. Thank you, thank you, thank you for the information...


This just made my day.


Appreciate the guidance.

Great - solved the problem!

Thanks for posting the information!

phew! thanks a lot

phew! thanks a lot. such a relief to have my monthly calendar view back...


Yes, THANK YOU. Good grief, that is ridiculous. I could "fix" it by clicking on one of "People's Calendars" that I keep, but why?

Another easy way is to add the "Advanced" Toolbar & be sure that "Current View" is checked off. Then you can easily reset it that way by just clicking on the drop-down arrow to choose your option. I cleared most everything else off that toolbar (and the standard one).

Thank you

I was going crazy before I found this article.

Thank you

Thanks for this information. You would think that Microsoft's Help would have this in it but it did not, so I decided to Google it and bingo... I found your information.

Thanks for your help.


I've been trying to figure this one out and was starting to feel like an idiot. You sir, rock.



Thanks for posting this. Unbelievable that with all the billions of dollars that Microsoft makes from us they can have such a crappy piece of software and then not provide a Help function that helps solve a common problem like this.

Thank You

Thank you. Help was not working. Now I'm back to the screen I wanted.


Good going!

Thanks, Thanks and Thanks!

This was annoying, spent several hours trying to resolve this. Outlook help did not help. I am back to my favorite daily calendar view.

Outlook monthly view

Awesome - this just saved me after hours of frustration trying to find that darn setting. I'm not sure why this setting has to be buried so deep within Outlook? I guess Microsoft is not exactly known for being user friendly.



Thank you, thank you, thank you

I was beginning to think I was going mad.

Thank you

This was driving me crazy.


Thank you. You saved me.

Thank you!

Wow, I can't believe they made it so unintuitive!
Bad Outlook! Bad!

Great, thanks

I've been searching for the answer for quite some time... You rule!

Wow... thanks!

Perfect. What a strange bug!

Thank you very much

Thank you very much - just what I needed to get Outlook back up and running!

Thanks - annoying Outlook feature

Thanks - this is such an annoying 'feature' of outlook...slipping into some other ugly list view and not being able to change back to the nice colored layout!

You Made My Week

No joke...this problem was really bugging me.

You are the best

Thank you.

You 'da Man!

I was getting pretty annoyed, knowing that the fix was simple. Mine default view got switched to active appts after using the find. It's the simple things.. Eye-wink thanks.




I found your item right away, thanks for the help.
Thank you, thank you.

I think the interface is being needlessly boneheaded fwiw

thank you!

thanks thanks thanks

Having Trouble Getting the Monthly Calendar View Back?

thank you thank you thank you.. this had been driving me nuts, and I spent hours trying to find an answer on the net! Cheers!
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