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Oct 07 2009

Firefox Address Bar - Google Search

Searching Google via the Firefox Address Bar

 Looking to change the default behavior of the Firefox address bar (ie. when it conducts searches)? Right now, if you mistype a web address, it tried to find the website you were looking for, similar to Google's "I'm feeling lucky" feature. The problem is, that's not very useful for most people - as what are the odds it's going to find it? ...  read more »

Dec 03 2008

How to transfer your website and maintain your search ranking

Moving your website to a new server? Or a new domain name?

There are many reasons to decide to move a website. These range from moving to a new server because you've decided to switch hosting providers, to simply redirecting your existing files to a new domain name. Either way, when you move your website, your search engine rankings may be affected.  Here's how to maintain your search ranking when moving your website to a new domain or server...  read more »

Oct 04 2007

How do I get sublinks in Google search results?

How do I get Google sublinks in search results?

If you type in "movies" in Google you'll see as the first search result with the usual site description, website link, and "cached" and "similar pages" links.  But below that you'll notice some additional sublinks that are not present for other search results.  read more »

Oct 24 2006

Find Your Google PR (PageRank)

503 valid RCPT command must precede DATA

I recently got this error when trying to send an email in Outlook. The culprit? Apparently this occurs when a server is expecting to receive mail before sending. This is usually results from server authentication priorities (for example, you attempt to send mail before your "spam filter" has finished its receiving process.)  read more »

Oct 17 2006

Disallowing https From Google and Search Engines

Why Does Firefox Stall (Hang) Intermittently?

I have encountered this problem off and on. My solution for the moment is to clear the cache, as Firefox is known to experience cache problems.  read more »

Aug 17 2006

Google Offers Eco-Friendly Travel

Google Offers Eco-Friendly Travel

Google unveils its eco-friendly travel service, powered by Google Maps.

Jun 12 2006

PageRank Still 0

Why is My Google PageRank Still 0?

Not to fear! It seems it is taking longer and longer for PageRanks to update these days. As long as your site is listed in a Google search with a description and the pages are cached, it should only be a matter of time before a visible PageRank appears on PageRank Checkers.  read more »