Online Backup

Online backup providers give you the means to backup your important files in a remote location. This, combined with a local backup, is a good protective measure against data loss.
Sep 09 2013

SpiderOak Review

SpiderOakSpiderOak is an online, full-featured backup program that can sync, share, access, and store files. By using SpiderOak you can access your files from any device anywhere. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, Mac OS X, and Linux. You can also access any of the files through a computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone...  read more »

Aug 26 2013

SugarSync Review

SugarSyncNo more emailing documents back and forth or saving them on a USB. SugarSync makes saving and sharing documents so much easier and on multiple platforms. SugarSync has been on the rise for individuals, families, businesses, and organizations by making it simple and easy to share files with others in your group. Our in-depth review of SugarSync covers all of the key features including pricing, pros, cons and user feedback...  read more »

May 06 2013

Carbonite Review

Today, we are using our computers for far more than we ever have before. We are going beyond watching videos and creating documents and we are uploading billions and billions of gigabytes of data onto the internet at rapid speed. The biggest fear of anyone who relies on a computer for conducting their day to day affairs is a catastrophic system failure, wiping out all of your data in the blink of an eye. That's why it's important to backup all of your data. One simple solution for online data retrieval is to turn to the cloud and Carbonite has everything you need to get started...  read more »

Jan 26 2013

How To Backup Facebook

How to Backup Facebook and other Social Media

Could you imagine what would happen if one day we woke up and Facebook was gone? What would happen to all your precious memories and photos? We live in a digital world and we are constantly sharing things. But as privacy concerns become more prevalent and novelty wears off, more people are backing off social media, including Facebook. But don't forget to backup your digital life before you jump ship. Even if you don't go cold turkey, the new year is a good reminder to clean up your "social media self" and archive a copy of your files...    read more »

Jan 23 2013

SugarSync Vs Dropbox

Dropbox vs SugarSyncThere are so many important things on your hard drive, from financial statements to your cherished photos, are you prepared for a catastrophe? Two of the most highly regarded backup and cloud solutions are SugarSync and Dropbox.  This comparison will provide all of the key features from both companies so you can decide which best suits your file storage needs...  read more »

Nov 20 2012

What is the Best Online Backup Service?

Best Online Backup 2014 Comparison Guide

Uploading to the CloudThere are many advantages to the technology that we have available at our fingertips today, yet they also bring the potential for devastation. In this article we will discuss the importance of utilizing online backup services, cyber safety and compare some of the most popular services available...  read more »

Apr 19 2012

Could the Digital Cloud Crash?

Is the Digital Cloud Really the End All and Be All of Digital Storage?

Data stored in the digital cloudThe digital cloud is purported as being the solution for technology users worldwide. Offering users the ability to access data from any web enabled location and reducing the need for external storage drives, the digital cloud seems to be the end all be all of file storage...  read more »

Mar 28 2012

Benefits of Online Backup

Top 10 Benefits of using An Online Backup Service

You know the feeling. You just finished the last several pages of your report, and you nailed all of the information and sentences perfectly.

Just as you are about to save the file to your hard disc and print.... ZAP! The power re-sets, and all of your work is absolutely gone. Or worse, the flower pot next to your computer has been leaking unbeknownst to you, and suddenly your entire hard drive with all of your programs, music, photos, and files on it is fried beyond repair...  read more »

Feb 06 2009

Comparing Online Backup Services

Looking for The Best online backup service?

Online backup serversThere are many online data backup providers out there, but their services wary widely and they all offer a range of prices. We tested the top three for you, and here are our findings. Note that the cheapest online backup service is not necessarily the best. Although it should be noted that the same goes for the most expensive...  read more »