Apr 28 2009

Low Price Domain Name Registration

Looking for a Low-Priced Way to Register Domain Names?

An Internet domain name is an essential pillar for your business. It can also be an expensive one, depending on the domain you're looking for. Generic domain names and those in the dictionary tend to sell for a premium - with many of them fetching hundreds of thousands of dollars. Check out our article on choosing a domain name for tips on selecting an effective domain name for your business. Once you've decided on the domain name. You need to find a reliable domain name registrar that not only offers competitive pricing, but also the necessary features that enable you to manage and administer your domain name...  read more »

Jun 24 2008

ICANN - Domain Upgrade Notice Hoax

Yet another domain name email scam

If you receive an email with the following, you can be ensured that it's a hoax. Whatever you do, do not click on the link or visit the site! Delete the email immediately...  read more »

Oct 31 2007

My domain name expired - can I get it back?

Didn't renew your domain name in time?

We look at what happens to a domain name after it expires and examine ways for you to get it back before the public get their hands on it.  read more »

Apr 11 2007

How to Find a Reliable Domain Name Registrar

How to Find a Reliable Domain Name Registrar

The domain registration market is lucrative, which means there are a lot of people, including unqualified and dishonest ones, out to make a quick buck. We sift through the garbage and finds the best domain name registrars to suit your needs...  read more »

Apr 08 2007 Sucks is a fraudulent, dishonest registrar

Contract Web Development Inc. created the "EuroDomains Sucks" page to bring awareness to (Eurodomains sprl) and its dishonest activities. If you have been a victim of Eurodomains via business conducted with them, please read on.  read more »