Open Source

Sep 15 2008

Thunderbird - Reply Above Quote Doesn't Work

Placing your signature immediately below your reply

Are you trying to set your Thunderbird email settings such that your signature is placed right below your reply (instead of at the bottom of the entire email)? This would seem the logical place to me, as I'm not sure how many people want to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the message each time they need to access your contact information...  read more »

Jul 29 2008

Script to periodically empty SpamAssassin spam box

Is your spamassassin spam box filling up quickly?

SpamAssassin's spam box feature is great - it captures spam on the server before it even has a chance to hit your mail client. The only problem is that unless emptied, it quickly grows in size. It will eventually take up too much server space...  read more »

Apr 16 2008

Open Office: installation wizard cannot be run properly

Can't Install Open Office?

It's frustrating when you've finally decided to take the leap to open source office and the installation won't even work.  Are you seeing the error message: The installation wizard cannot be run properly because you are logged in as a user without sufficient administrator rights for this system?  read more »

Jan 24 2008

Optimize Open Office : Reduce Memory Usage

Is Open Office a Memory Hog?

Open Office is an open source alternative to Microsoft Office.  We show you some quick settings changes that should improve its performance.  read more »