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Introducing the New WeRockYourWeb.com on WordPress

Old wryw site

Notice anything different around here? WeRockYourWeb.com has a new and improved website! We've been working really hard behind the scenes for the past few months migrating our site over from Drupal (where we started in 2006) to Wordpress - that's 8 years worth of content! We made the move for several reasons, most of which include having a more user-friendly experience for you the reader - on your computer and on your mobile devices... Read More »

Best Website Templates Comparison Table

Website design templates

This table is a companion resource to our Best Website Templates article that provides all the necessary details for the leading website template providers. Use this table to help yourself in making an educated decision when it comes to the best website template service provider. You can read a more in depth review or visit the companies website directly... Read More »

Create a High-Powered, Easy to Use and Secure E-Commerce Site

Lady shopping online

Think of back in the day when you needed to hire a web designer or web master - the archaic guru that spoke in code and impressed you with a flashy website that did everything from sell your products to make your coffee...or did it? Was it all hype and promise, and when it came down to it, after having shelled out your hard earned cash, you learn that the website is so complex that you need to hire them again and again to make updates, fixes, add products, and to keep it working and online? It's time to kiss the old web days goodbye.... Read More »

What’s the Best Open Source CMS?

Guy designing website

CMS stands for Content Management System. A CMS lets you update and manage your website without needing a wealth of technical know-how. The open source community is a software community of developers that contribute their time freely to developing software for everyone. We take a look at the best open source CMS options out there... Read More »

Want to Place Drupal Adsense in the Middle of Your Content?

Internet advertising

Drupal comes with many handy modules, not the least of which are the Adsense and Adsense Injector modules - which let you control the look, feel, and placement of your Adsense ads within your Drupal pages. The problem? The Adsense injector, while having the right intentions, isn't quite to the level where it will allow you to "inject" ads into the middle of your content. We show you how to tweak your template files and allow automatic insertion of ads after a particular number of paragraphs... Read More »

How to Build the Best Event Management System in Drupal

Drupal logo

If you've used Drupal before, you've no doubt come across the event module, which has been offered as an add-on Drupal since the early stages of Drupal. It provides basic event functionality, and a separate event repeat module can be used to create repeating events. The problem with the event module is that the code is relatively unstable, there are numerous versions out there that all use a different code base, and in general, the module is losing support. We show you how to use the CCK, Date, Calendar, and Views module to create the best event management system in Drupal... Read More »

No Tooling Around with the UniversalKey in Drupal

Drupal unkown toolbar item

Are you seeing the error message unknown toolbar item "UniversalKey" popup in an FCKeditor window? This is a result of an update to the native FCKeditor software that caused the removal of the "UniversalKey" button. The "UniversalKey" button was one that loaded a Universal Keyboard that allowed the use of different keyboard layouts based on language and country of origin. Unfortunately, FCKeditor did not have a license to use the Universal Keyboard, so they had to remove it in the update to FCKeditor 2.4... Read More »