Jul 26 2012

Is Pinterest relevant or just another fad?

So, I have been watching this new social site called Pinterest for a while now. I suppose that there are a bunch of people here who have heard of Pinterest, yes?  read more »

Jul 25 2012

Can you market your company successfully on Pinterest alone?

I have a business which is quite successful in the offline world that I have recently built up an online presence for. It has been a bit slower than I expected in terms of taking off online.  read more »

Jul 22 2012

How can I otpimize and personalize my Pinterest profile?

I have been wondering a lot about Pinterest recently.  read more »

Jun 17 2012

Who's Using Pinterest? Why?

Okay then, what types of people use Pinterest and why is it so popular?


Apr 17 2012

Pinterest CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.

I'm getting the error message pinterest CSRF verification failed. Request aborted.  read more »

Apr 05 2012

Best size for Pinterest image?

Okay, so I've finally got the Pinterest sharing button working in my sidebar thanks to your guys floating social media buttons code. Thanks!!  read more »