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These are questions submitted by our readers. Feel free to comment and contribute to the conversation! If you have your own question that is not already on the site (use the search box at top right to see if it is), feel free to submit yours by browsing to the Contact page in the main menu. Duplicate questions will not be posted. We, or a reader from the We Rock Your Web community, will respond as soon as possible.

How to change “acting as” on Facebook app?

Here’s my situation: I’m trying to “like” and comment on posts using the Facebook app on my iPhone, iPad, etc. as me personally (and not my business page), but I can’t get this to work! When I log into Facebook via my browser (desktop or mobile devices), I’m able to click on the “acting as” link and change (toggle) whether ... Read More »

What is Answer Works 5.0 Runtime – English?

Just like the previous poster, I’m trying to make my PC faster by cleaning up some of the unnecessary software in my program list. When I’m browsing my list via “add or remove programs,” one of the first things I come across is “Answer Works 5.0 Runtime – English“. What on earth is this? I’m on a Dell laptop. Any ... Read More »

How to make Gmail check mail more frequently

I’ve noticed that, since switching to Gmail to handle all my email accounts, that it can take quite a bit of time for new emails to show up (i.e. it does not check often enough). Does this have anything to do with my POP versus IMAP account? Or is there a setting within Gmail, or a browser plug-in (I’m using ... Read More »