Reader Questions

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What’s a Good Reminder Email Service?

A friend of mine using a service that automatically sends email reminders and/or allows them to schedule emails to send in the future. It’s really cool but I don’t recall the name of the service and was wondering what other similar types of services like that might exist. Is it free? What about the chances …

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Square Card Reader vs PaypPal Here

I own my own business and sometimes sell items on the go – wanted to get a mobile payment system so was looking into getting a card reader for my iPhone but am debating between Square and PayPal Here. I already have a PayPal account so that seems like the logical way to go but …

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Why should I get a Paypal account?

Can someone explain why I would want to get a Paypal account? I see it online as a payment option for many sites but don’t know much about it. Is it risky to have your bank/credit card information kept by them? I mean, couldn’t someone hack into it?

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Pop up Ad Won’t Go Away

So I am slowly re-downloading all my programs, plug ins etc to my computer to get back to normal and some how this little Xfinity ad keeps popping up on the bottom right hand corner of my screen. Every time I try to grab a screenshot of it, the ad goes away. It pops up …

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best external hard drive for mac

I looking for a hard drive to make a backup of my files via Time Machine and was wondering what types of hard drives people have and like most, specifically for a Macbook. I want something light to transport, that hold plenty of space and is durable to withstand the test of time. Let me …

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