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Skydrive Code

I’m thinking about upgrading my Microsoft Skydrive account (because I need more space), and noticed a Skydrive Code field. I’m assuming I can enter a coupon code here to get a discount or more storage space. Any web rockers know of any Skydrive codes I can use?

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Where is the print screen key in Mac OS?

I just switched from PC to Mac (on a shiny new Macbook Pro Retina display with flash storage :D). The first day was rough (I was ready to return the Mac and stay with PC), but after my Mac friends showed me some tips and tricks, I can say I’m more than hooked now. I’m …

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Plex cannot connect to server

With my HTPC I run Plex to view tv shows and movies and it has been working great. I recently purchased a Roku so I could access the Plex content in other rooms. I think I have followed all directions including assigning the Plex port as 32400 and then port forwarding 32400 on my router. …

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Windows Update KB2762895 BSOD

I installed the Windows Update KB2762895 (2.7MB, published on 11/27/12) recently, which has the description “Install this update to resolve a set of known application compatibility issues with Windows. For a complete listing of the issues that are included in this update, see the associated Microsoft Knowledge Base article for more information. After you install …

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Google docs: how to subtract dates?

If I have one date in one cell and a later date in a second cell what is the formula I need to count the number of days between these two dates (in a third cell)? I tried simply subtracting the two cells and that doesn’t seem to work (it gives me a number in …

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Lastpass Autologin in Firefox is too Fast?

I’m using the Lastpass plug-in to manage all the passwords for my web browser accounts, and it works great (the best one by far Lastpass for Chrome). The Opera one unfortunately does not work at all. But the one I’m having the most trouble with is Lastpass for Firefox. The auto-login options tends to log …

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