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Time Warner Cable Sucks!

Wow I can’t even believe how much Time Warner customer service blows. Here’s the scenario (this all went down between October and November of 2012): October 2012: I receive a mailer from Time Warner Cable announcing that they are instituting a new cable modem lease fee ($3.95\month). They give me the option of buying my …

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How To Link AdSense to Analytics

I’ve got several of our accounts tracking in Google analytics. When I browse to the AdSense section (under Content > AdSense > Overview) for my main site, the AdSense data shows up in Analytics. However, if I try to access the AdSense data for any of my other sites under the Google Analytics account, I …

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How do I raise the php file upload size limit?

I’m running a Drupal 6 site, but I’m pretty sure this is a general PHP question. I’m trying to figure out how to raise the upload file size limit from the default 2MB. I think there’s a way to do this by editing servers php.ini file, but I’m not comfortable using SSH and all that.

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Enable/disable comments on all Drupal pages?

I was recently experimenting with the Disqus commenting platform. The import\export feature changed the comment form for all my Drupal pages to “read-only”. I’ve decided Disqus is not the best option to handle our comments at this time, so I’m switching back to Drupal’s native commenting system. The problem now is, the comments are disabled …

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Advice for My Friend on Her Boyfriend

My sorority sister’s boyfriend is on Facebook all the time and some of the girls that he has friended on there are really gorgeous. He says that he doesn’t meet any of them in person or talk to them for real, but he won’t give her his password and keeps his computer from her. She’s …

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