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.webintents file extension

I just tried downloading an XML file in the Chrome browser, and then uploading to Disqus for comment importing purposes, but after failing I realized the file had saved itself as comments.xml.webintents. Where is the .webintents extension coming from? The file should have just saved as a normal XML file, ie. comments.xml. I re-downloaded the file …

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My HP laptop keeps freezing!

I bought a new HP laptop recently (a Pavilion dv7-7030us Entertainment PC). The specs are ridiculous and I got it for a good price. It booted up really quickly when I first opened it, but as soon as I installed some of my own security software (ESET’s NOD 32 antivirus and Tall Emu’s Open Armor …

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Why Do Hackers Create Such Dangerous Viruses?

I’ve been reading a lot about various hacks that are going on, even one with a large entertainment company, Columbia House I think.  This is bothering me a lot and it’s starting to make me feel vulnerable.  I don’t know, but I’m starting to feel like there are a lot of these things happening lately.  …

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Cannot read property ‘edit-body-value’ of undefined

I’m trying to edit a panel in Drupal 7, but no matter which input filter I select, when I hit save I get the error message: An error occurred while attempting to process /panel/ajax/ipe/add-pane/panel_context%3Apage%3page_panel_context/top/custom/custom/form: Cannot read property ‘edit-body-value’ of undefined I’m using CKeditor, but the editor doesn’t load in panels mode. Any ideas how to …

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iOS6 Apple maps vs Google maps

I’m hesitating to upgrade to Apple’s iOS6 on my iPhone 4S because I’ll lose Google maps. Has anyone upgraded, and can you tell me if the new Apple maps are as good as the old Google maps? Probably one of the most important things I don’t want to lose is the “traffic” feature that shows …

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Basecamp: Indent Bulleted Lists

Love 37Signals project management service, but I can’t seem to figure out how toindent bulleted lists? I can create a bulleted list easily enough, but I only getone level of bullets (ie. no sub-bullets). Is there a way to do this?

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