Reader Questions

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What do you think makes up a good domain name?

I am a relative newcomer to the world of online marketing and building web based businesses. However, I am very eager to learn and the whole process of learning about this kind of thing is rather exciting to me. I do know a little bit about the basics, but have been wondering a lot about …

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Drupal warning: unresponsive script

I’m noticing that when I visit pages such as “permissions” or the “block” listing, my Drupal 6 site takes forever to load them up while another site with more or less the same setup does it extremely quickly. Also on the slow site the user login box gets moved to the middle of a gigantic …

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Best Drupal Courses?

I have recently become pretty interested in learning more about the different types of content management systems that are available on the internet. I suppose that almost everyone is familiar with Word Press, or at least understands what it is and generally how to use it. I found it incredibly easy to use and to …

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What Components Go Into a Top Facebook App?

I really am enthralled by Facebook. I mean not just the idea behind creating a place where people can go and meet old (and even make new) friends and hang out and post photos…and whatever. But I am really impressed that the technology behind the site is readily available to almost anyone who knows a …

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Music Production in Ubuntu

I have used all kinds of computers and operating systems to make music. Now, I do not just mean taking an already almost done song and doing some minor editing, but rather actually laying down the tracks and mixing and then layering in the other elements. So, in short, this is high level work and …

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