Reader Questions

These are questions submitted by our readers. Feel free to comment and contribute to the conversation! If you have your own question that is not already on the site (use the search box at top right to see if it is), feel free to submit yours by browsing to the Contact page in the main menu. Duplicate questions will not be posted. We, or a reader from the We Rock Your Web community, will respond as soon as possible.

SEO for an Automotive Site

I was recently asked to create a website for someone who has a focus on the automotive industry. The only thing is, he does not want to focus on newer cars and he does not want to focus on doing things like tips on how to do things yourself rather than hiring a mechanic. His …

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Should I Give My Blog a Real Domain Name?

I have been wondering for a while now about adding a real domain name to my word press blog. The blog is nothing fancy, just a number of posts which are varied between text, photos, video and a little bit of audio here and there. I just have really been thinking about building an online …

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Can WordPress Handle My Content Management Needs?

I am asking this question to anyone out there who has had experience using Word Press, so if you have never used it, please do not respond, since I am not after theory. I wonder whether or not this platform (WP) is actually an effective content management system. Yea, I know there are all kinds …

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Some Curious Excel Questions From an Interested User

I must admit to being totally fascinated by Excel and what can be accomplished with all the functions, tools and formulas. Actually, I love playing around with the program and trying to discover new ways and interesting formulas. I have created quite a few that I think are pretty clever. Some of the are used …

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FTP or cPanel?

I keep hearing a lot of talk about FTP and using it to help build a website; how exactly does someone build a site and then use FTP to get it onto the web when we could just use cPanel instead?

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