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How to take screenshot of entire page?

I’m trying to take a screenshot on my Mac OS in Chrome web browser using the Shift + Apple Key + 4 shortcut. That works, but I’m unable to scroll and get the whole page. Is there a method that will allow me to screenshot an entire web page, as opposed to just the portion …

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How Can I Track My Daughter’s Smartphone?

My daughter just got a new boyfriend. I’m a little concerned, she’s 17 and is dating an 18 year old. I’m not so concerned about the age (it’s only a year) but more so about her having a boyfriend. She’s my little girl and I want her to be safe. I want to make sure …

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Amazon Echo vs Siri: Which Product is Smarter?

I’m interested in purchasing the Amazon Echo. The commercials make it look great, but I’d love to hear from people who have actual experience with the product. Personally, I’ve had horrible luck with Siri, I just can’t seem to ask the right questions. The idea of getting out of bed and asking the Echo some …

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My ipad (2nd Gen) won’t turn on

I have a generation 2 iPad and it stops charging all together. Whenever I plug it into the charger (same charger I’ve always used) the black screen with the battery with a small red sliver starts to blink like it’s charging but even after keeping to plugged in overnight it still won’t turn on. Just says to plug into the wall. The charger is working fine, is my iPad completely shot now? Is it possible to replace the battery? It was working perfectly fine before.

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Are There Sonos Outdoor Speakers?

It doesn’t look like Sonos makes outdoor speakers, which is really surprising to me. Does anyone know if any are coming out or if there is another good option to have the Sonos experience outside? I see there are plenty of wireless speakers made for outside, but since I already have a Sonos system I …

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Shutterstock Alternatives

I’m looking for a good photo stock company that is similar to Shutterstock in terms of good library and quality but with out the price tag. Does anyone have any recommendations to alternatives to Shutterstock they have had a good experience with. Thanks!

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