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BigStockWe’re able to extend free Big Stock Photo credits to our visitors for a limited time. Big Stock offers millions of stock photos and vector art to purchase – royalty free, starting at $1 per photo (pricing depends on how many credits you purchase).

Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from BigStock.

Search for images and select your resolution and image type

You can search for stock photos (or vector images) and choose your preferred image size. If you’re using the stock photography on your website the smaller images, optimized for faster load times, may be better suited to your needs. If you’re purchasing the stock images for print media, there are very large, high-resolution, as well as vector-based stock images for you to download.

You can search images by category, and use keyword searches to narrow down the type of images you are looking for. You can even use an image color picker to filter stock images based on the colors that are in them. This will help you narrow down images in specific categories to those that fit the look and colors of your graphic design, template or website.

Royalty free stock photography

The images at Big Stock Photo are royalty free, which means you can use them wherever you want, including on for-profit websites. You in effect inherit the right to use the image. You can also purchase extended licenses in the event that you wish to resell the images as part of a print or media product.

Editorial images

You can also search for editorial images – brand names in celebrities, music, and sports – without having to worry about model release forms. Looking for your favorite shot of Roger Federer blazing a serve down the T on the tennis court? Or Beyonce shaking her booty on the stage? You just might find what you are looking for on Big Stock Photo.

Stock Images for web design or PowerPoint templates

Finally, you can download versions of your selected stock photos that have been optimized in graphic design, web design, or PowerPoint formats.

Big Stock Vs. iStock

Big Stock Photo currently has over 11 million royalty-free stock photos and vectors. The main advantage Big Stock has over iStock at this time is more affordable pricing. Whereas iStock continually adjusts and raises their prices based on various “license” categories (premium, Vetta, etc.) in an attempt to encourage exclusivity with photographers, Big Stock Photo has more or less maintained their pricing schedule over the past few years.

A good way to go about your stock photography search is to simply search Big Stock first, and if you can’t find what you’re looking for there, try iStock or another stock photography site. We have done a lot of research to share the pros and cons of the various stock image companies.

What’s your favorite stock photography site? Share your thoughts with our web rockin’ readers below 🙂

Big Stock Photo promo code

Use this link to get the best deal we can offer from BigStock.

BigStock Contributor Tools

With millions more in stock photos, BigStock is growing at what appears to be a more rapid clip than iStock and its competitors, although we can’t be sure. One thing that appears to be helping are the various tools they’re providing to contributors (photographers or artists who are submitting their own images to the library in exchange for compensation). A new keyword trends tool, for example, lets contributors see volume trends in keyword searches based on seasons, so they can focus their photographic efforts and associate effective keywords with their uploads. This process should also help those looking for stock photography to find it more readily.

Why We Like BigStockPhoto

Big Stock Photo is our preferred stock photography provider. They have a user-friendly interface, a referral program that works, customer service that’s outstanding, and a growing collection of images. They have all sorts of tools, an API interface for photographers, and they make it easy for photographers to engage within their community. Pricing, on a group-credit basis (i.e. buy credits in packs) is also more competitive than iStock.

Seasonal BigStock Promo Codes

Big Stock Photo will occasionally offer discount codes that are only valid for a specified time period (a holiday, for example, or Black Friday’s online equivalent, Cyber Monday). Check above as well as in the comment section below for time sensitive promotional codes.

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Thanks so much for writing this article. I am a frugal person by nature and I am more likely to check out a site if they offer promotions like these. In fact, sometimes the only way I end up learning about some companies is when they offer promotion and I happen to run across them here on the Internet.

As for Big Stock itself, I have yet to use them, but I have heard some great things about them. I really like iStock and if they are similar, I know I’ll enjoy using Big Stock. I’ve heard that they have great customer service and that their price are far better than iStock. To me, iStock can be a bit pricey, but then you are paying for quality and people who do good work should be justly rewarded.

I’m also wondering how hard it is to sell your photos on sites like these. Is Big Stock any easier to sell to than iStock is? Do they treat their photographers as well as they treat their customers? It seems to me that the only downfall to sites like these for photographers is that they don’t always get photo credit when you buy the photo. Then again, if you develop a good reputation on these sites, it might be worth it.

I didn’t even know this stock photo site existed. I just lost all my images when my motherboard developed a short, so I’m glad to have some kind of reference to affordable images. I’m wondering how often you can use them though. I mean, once you buy the image are you allowed to use it more than once? I have several websites and some of the images I use can be used on more than one of them. I’m wondering if I would be violating any rights by publishing the images on multiple sites.

I really like iStock, just because they are so easy to navigate and they really do have some great images. So, when you say they are better than iStock, that means I really need to check them out. Do you know if they charge a fee to sign up and add images to be sold. Or, do they charge a percentage for selling the images? This is an entirely new ball game for me as I have never sold any images, But, it looks like something I might be interested in doing. If nothing else, it just gives me a new hobby to get into. If the hobby happens to turn into a money making thing, I’m okay with that too. 🙂

Thanks for the great references.
If you are in the market for royalty free images, photos or vector art to purchase, than BigStock is the right place for you. Here you will be able to choose from literally millions of different types of images and media. This article provides a good general overview of using BigStock photos and also provides some coupon codes so that you save some money on your image purchases. It actually sounds like a great deal to me.

As an author and a web designer I am quite familiar with this site. It is a place that everyone should check out. You can buy images and then use them according to the type of license agreement you have chosen. Of course, if you intend to do something highly commercial with them, like include the images in a book or sellable compilation, then you will likely have to purchase those rights.

I must say, however, that the author has done great research. I was not aware that you could download your items in various versions. This includes photos (or other images) which have been optimized for use in graphic design, web design or Power Point formats.

I just signed up with Bigstock but the 5 free credit promo code is not working for me. How do I get 5 free credits.



Alex Schenker
Hi Shweta,

Can you share with us which codes you tried and which ones did not work?

The author gives a reasonable comparison between Big Stock Photo and iStock. These are both sites which provide royalty free images and other art for purchase. Both sites have an extensive selection, although the author correctly points out that Big Stock is the better site based on this criteria. This really makes them the preferred place to obtain photos. The suggestion is made that a user should start their search here and then only if they do not find what they are looking for (I do not imagine how that is even possible with millions of items to choose from), move on to iStock.

I also started thinking about another opportunity available here. If you have some images that you are not using, or fancy yourself a good photographer, why not put the assertion to the test. I believe these sites do both except user submissions. As people buy your photos, you will earn a portion of the selling price. Have enough photos out there and you could earn an ok side income from this. Best of all, it is totally free to try (I think).

All photo purchasing sites are not created equal. The point of this article is to illuminate why Big Stock Photos is a better deal than iStock. As someone who has used both sites plenty of times in the course of my web design and writing work, I can say that I clearly agree with the author.

Of course, purchasing photos is a great method of getting needed images for whatever work or projects you have going on. In addition to millions of different photos and images, Big Stock also offers vector art. These images and art work are all royalty free, meaning that they can be used in your projects without needing to give attribution. Of course, you should also be aware that you will not have license to go out and resell any these photos individually. While you would be able to put a few photos in a book and then sell that book, you cannot take these photos and pop them onto a website, then offer to sell them individually or even as a collection. Please, follow the rules and do not even think of doing this.

Of course, you might think that finding the exact photo you want will be a challenge, especially considering the fact that there are millions to choose from (and that this number is growing by the hour!). The fact of the matter is that the site has an incredible search engine with powerful options to narrow things down to exactly what you need. You may search by resolution and image type. The main thing to remember here is that you want to choose an image which is closely matched for the area where it will be placed. You do not want to have deal with something that looks stretched or out of place. You may also search by category. As you find yourself getting deeper and deeper within a category, you may choose to narrow things down by using a keyword.

You also have a number of additional options for really tailoring the search to ensure that you find the perfect image(s). This includes a color picker. Now, you can be sure to have something blue (or red or whatever) so that you are sure it will not clash with background colors of your site.

One of the other things that I am pretty impressed with is the fact that you can purchase editorial images. This includes brand names in celebrities, music and sports (and probably more categories that I forgot to look up). I really like the fact that if I want a picture of my favorite athlete or singer, it is no problem. You will not have to worry about violating trademarks or any other type of issue.

The author also correctly illustrates the main difference between the two sites by pointing out their various pricing structures. Big Stock is cheaper and offers more consistent prices. Istock, on the other hand is always adjusting their prices upward.

Another thing I was thinking about these stock photo sites is that someone with a bit of photographic talent might have an opportunity here. Many people quite fancy themselves as excellent (even if amateur) photographers. Well, here is your chance to prove exactly how good you are.

Why not go ahead and take some snapshots. Then upload them to Big Stock. Now, your photos will be up there with everyone else and you hope that people will start picking your photos and actually purchasing them. This is quite an interesting business. Obviously, you should probably study the art of taking good quality photographs and then apply these to your work. The better pictures you are able to take, then the more attention they should attract.

Of course another factor in how well you will do is choosing popular categories. Personally, I think this one just might be the biggest key to success. Since I am not a photographer (nor do I pretend to be one or play one on TV) I cannot answer the question of which are the most popular categories. I can say that I have noticed the animals sections are always full. Especially cats, dogs and babies. Babies and children seem to me another really popular category. I also know one or two photographers who actually take pictures of food. It is a very interesting specialty.

By focusing on what people want, you will have a good chance at success. The site itself will host and display your images your images so you already have a platform. I also suppose that you could do your own marketing, although you should probably first check with the site itself to see what their policies are in this regard. I do not imagine they would have any problem linking from a site you have built to theirs, but check about direct linking to some of your specific images.

There are even a number of courses out there which claim to teach you how to take better photos. Some also integrate certain aspects about listing your photos of stock photo agency websites like big Stock. Others will focus on certain specialties, like travel photography or even children’s photos. Whatever you choose to do, you can be sure there is opportunity.

The amount of money you will make depends on a number of different factors. This is not something which anyone can predict with any type of realism. It will depend most of all on how many photos you post. Some sites will require that each photo undergoes a manual review process. This can make it a bit more difficult and time consuming to achieve a ‘critical mass’ of photos. Then, you also need to consider what your commission will be each time the photo is purchased. I am not aware of the specifics of what these numbers are. It may be a situation where you will be making a couple of pennies per purchase.

Alex Schenker
Save 15% on BigStockPhoto !

For a limited time in the month of March (expires 3/26), click here to save 15% on any BigStockPhoto credit pack. This is BigStock’s limited time Lucky Charm promotion that expires on 3/26/12. Stock up on some eye popping work from some of the industry’s hottest photographers with this exclusive March promotion.

Why does our organization prefer BigStockPhoto over iStockPhoto? Because BigStock is a more honest company. We just got wind that the parent company of iStock, Getty Images, is sending out collection letters to companies to extort sums of money from companies small and large that they are finding are using their photos without permission.

It’s not uncommon for web editors to go to Google Images and find images to add to their websites, or students to use them for projects, etc. Yes – we believe in copyright and respecting the rights of images, but we think there’s a better way to go about this than emailing out extortion letters suing people for improper image use (and some of the examples we’ve seen are quite ridiculous – tiny little logos that barely represent the original image).

The worst case we’ve seen was a church that had added some images to its website found via Google Images (most of these images have no copyright mark on them, and finding out who the owner is is difficult). They were instantly hit with a multi thousand dollar bill from Getty Images demanding payment or they would take the church to court. Are you kidding me?

Yes – you should not use images unless you can locate a copyright on them. But here’s the thing – the majority of Internet users, including moms, kids, non-profit organizations, etc. are now aware that an image from Google Images is not free. Getty Images would do better spending all their time and money on a marketing awareness program for image copyright, instead of going after unsuspecting victims.

Shame on you Getty! This reeks of the MPAA lawsuits for mp3 and movie downloads that would randomly hit unsuspecting users. The entity they created to create payments was eventually dissolved in a court resolution. I expect the same fate to hit Getty Images. For this reason, our company no longer works with Getty, and we no longer send them thousands of dollars in referrals (via their affiliate program), nor do we spend thousands of dollars on their stock photography anymore.

Needless to say, from the pack, BigStock is now our new preferred stock photography provider.

Alex Schenker
Click here and purchase at least 25 credits and you’ll automatically receive 10 credits for free (the promo code EMCMB25G10 will be auto-applied to your order). This gives you a huge discount (up to 40%) off of the normal price of credits. This promotion is good for 48 hours, beginning on Cyber Monday 2011.

Alex Schenker
For a limited time (through August 10th, 2011), existing BigStockPhoto users can use promo code 5-FREE to get 5 free credits when you buy 25 or more.

Try BigRock’s New Discount Promo Offering 22% off!! 🙂

Hi the new promo code above doesn’t work as well.

We Rock Your Web
Sorry for the hassle. We’ve updated the article with a new code that should be working: DIGIX210

Created an account and entered the code (DIGIX210) Pressed CREATE, then there was a message saying :

Your request for DIGIX210 free credits has been submitted for processing and will appear in your account within 24 hours.

We’ll see…

HW2333 Promo Code is invalid or expired

We Rock Your Web
Thanks for pointing that out! We’ve added a new promo code above.

Alex Schenker
Just a heads up to our Community members and visitors that Big Stock Photo and Shutterstock have now joined forces. To celebrate this union, Big Stock is offering a promo code to anyone that buys a 25-day Shutterstock subscription. Enter coupon code SB310 during checkout and receive 10% off any Standard License plan.

If you have never heard of using stock photography, then this article is a real treat. Anyone who is a website owner or product creator has probably known about these sites for years. They provide a number of photos and images and other types of artwork which can be used in a number of different ways. This means that if you have a web site about dogs, for example, you could probably find a number of really nice photos at these places and put them on your site.

Now, it should also be understood that each site will have certain rules and conditions which must be followed. The type of rights which you purchase for these photos will usually affect how they may be used. Generally, commercial use will require a higher price, but you can be assured of using a quality and royalty free image that will not get you in trouble. I always hate getting those fancy letters from legal firms!

I also imagine that many people have grabbed a number of these images simply for personal use. There is also nothing wrong with that.