Social Media

Social Media has taken the Web by storm creating endless amounts of user-generated content and communities for brands, groups and special interests. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest provide ways for users to share content with each other and have changed the way society, individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments interact. We’re always staying on top of the trends and new tools and tips that may be useful to you, including how to Link Facebook to Twitter and reviews of apps and services like Hootsuite. We’ve even got some Instagram Tips and Tricks for you so you’ll look like a pro!

Dimensions you Need to Know for Your Facebook Timeline

Facebook timeline dimensions

Branding your offline experience is important, so why not make branding your online experience a priority too? Facebook’s timelines and cover photos, gave people (and companies) real estate to add a little more personality and individuality to the page without taking away from the the simple, clean interface and uncluttered experience of Facebook that everyone has become accustomed to. Other social media sites like Google plus, Linkedin and Twitter followed the trend and jumped on the timeline cover photo bandwagon allowing you the opportunity to add a larger photo to the top of your page in addition to the profile photo. Since social media sites are indexed in Google and other search engines like Bing and Yahoo, these pages are increasingly valuable to your brand. So it is important that you take advantage of the updating your social media pages with the right timeline cover sizes to capitalize on your already captive audience of fans and the new universe of potential customers who might find you via search…

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How To Merge Facebook Pages

Facebook login screen

Let’s say you create a Fan Page and your business merges with another one. Or let’s say one of your business locations closes and you want to transfer those fans over to your primary business page. You’ve spent years building up your fan base and the last thing you want to do is alienate the people who you worked so hard to earn the trust and loyalty of. A great tip that Facebook doesn’t really publicize that much is how to merge 2 or more Facebook pages with one another. Here you will find written step-by-step instructions and a video tutorial on how to merge Facebook Pages. Since Facebook is constantly changing their policies and procedures we don’t know how long this feature will last but let’s use it while we’ve got it…

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Binders Full of Women Sparks a Social Media Frenzy

Woman with binders and computer

The first presidential debate of the 2012 election season saw the rise of Mitt Romney’s buzz words like “Big Bird” stealing the light from the real issues and the second one was even more of a twitter frenzy with “Binders Full of Women” taking center stage. Tonight, Obama spoke about “Horses and Bayonets” These trending statements and distractions were welcomed by consumers as well as media outlets everywhere…

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Enter Our Valentine’s Day Promotion


How do you use technology to show love on Valentine’s Day? What have you done in the past for your loved ones and what will you do this year? Tweet, Instagram and/or tell us on Facebook by adding the hashtag #WeRockYourVday to your status updates, photos and any other place you post on these social media outlets. Be sure to complete this task by 5pm EST February 14, 2013, and you will be entered to possibly win a $25 Amazon Gift Card (to spend on your Valentine or on yourself – you deserve it too, right?!?)…

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Facebook Graph Search and Privacy

Facebook homepage on screen

This week Facebook has started rolling out the new Graph Search for all users. Six months ago, on January 15, 2013, Facebook made an announcement they had promised would be BIG. We all hoped for integration with the newly acquired Instagram brand or perhaps a competitor to Google’s recently acquired Zagat. Maybe even an easier way to manage privacy. But, of course not, this went in a different direction. Facebook introduced Graph Search, a search engine within Facebook that queries all user data you are related to (and often much that you are not directly related to) in your Facebook network of friends and beyond to find things like “Pictures of Catholic Friends who like MegaDeath” or “Coffee Shops my Single Friends like in Seattle (a very extensive list!).” Have you tried Facebook’s new search tool yet and more importantly, have you updated your privacy settings?

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Celebrating Facebooks 10th Birthday with Sweet Facts and Features

Facebook birthday cake

Facebook is turning 10! Can you believe it? I remember when I first heard about Facebook. Honestly, it didn’t appeal to me. Probably because none of my friends had it. Back then, MySpace was THE social network to be on, which is funny because now MySpace isn’t anything like it used to be. Of course, we’ve all fallen into the social media crazed world and signed up for that new account. Now when we start a new relationship, get engaged, married, you name it, we get asked, “Is it Facebook official?” It’s as if Facebook has defined our relationships and helped connect us with others, which is what it set out to do. Good job Zuckerberg! Facebook was created to help bring people together and build connections. What better way to celebrate Facebooks 10th birthday than to learn some sweet facts about it…

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