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Social Media has taken the Web by storm creating endless amounts of user-generated content and communities for brands, groups and special interests. Networks like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Pinterest provide ways for users to share content with each other and have changed the way society, individuals, businesses, organizations, and governments interact. We’re always staying on top of the trends and new tools and tips that may be useful to you, including how to Link Facebook to Twitter and reviews of apps and services like Hootsuite. We’ve even got some Instagram Tips and Tricks for you so you’ll look like a pro!

How to Use Pinterest to Drive Traffic to Your Site

WRYW Pinterest board

PinterestPinterest seems to be the latest craze in social media. Those who use online media as their preferred method of communication and work have learned the hard way that no matter how good your writing is or you ad copy, there’s one thing that we never outgrow. That one thing is pictures. Pinterest is the site that uses the most direct form of capitalizing on this phenomenon and they offer their site to online users now so that they too can benefit from the image craze…

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Get Content Noticed with Image Optimization

Tips for Using Images to Enhance your Content

An article with compelling images averages 94% more total views than one without. If that wasn’t enough, research indicates that our brain processes visual content 60,000 times faster than text. So, it’s fair to say that visuals should be a large part of your content marketing strategy to make the biggest impact on your audience, captivate new fans, and increase engagement…

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9 Social Media Best Practices Tips

Social Media Best Practices

Social media got your head spinning? Tweets and likes and pins – what does it all mean?!? Likely, you have already jumped in and are doing a great job of creating followers and fans for your pages, but now what? We have put together nine steps that we think are crucial in creating a successful, strategic social media marketing plan…

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Social Media Timeline Cover Size List

Facebook cover photo size

Branding your offline experience is important, so why not make branding your online experience a priority too? It is important that you take advantage of the updating your social media pages with the right timeline cover sizes to capitalize on your already captive audience of fans and the new universe of potential customers who might find you via search.

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Freedom on the Tweet: Can Twitter Censor By Country?

Man with mouth censored

As Twitter expands globally, it recently made the news with its announcement that it can now censor tweets by country. Twitter may have fallen in to the shadows, particularly with Facebook announcing its recent floatation in to the stock market, but Twitter has its own upward movement on its mind. As Twitter faces worldwide growth it must now begin to take a few more things in to consideration. While the social network has the ability to reach out to individuals worldwide and allow for the freedom of uncensored speech and expression, these freedoms are coming under fire as Twitter reaches in to less liberal countries. As Twitter begins to grow its presence in a number of countries, it must begin to look at how this growing presence affects its mode of business…

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