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Over the years we’ve learned a thing or two about running a small business. From managing our team from around the globe (via a slick virtual office), to content marketing and finance, we can show you the tools you need to get up and running, or to extend your already successful business by transitioning smoothly into the digital landscape. Looking for the best email marketing service? Our email marketing reviews compare the best players so you can match up their services side-by-side. Wondering which virtual meeting software to use for your next meeting? Our best online meeting software review will help you determine which service meets your needs. You’ll find a review on just about anything. Enjoy, and if something’s missing, let us know.

Using MarketingProfs to Improve Your Business

MarketingProfs review

Maybe you haven’t heard of MarketingProfs before? Neither had I until a friend told me about it a few weeks ago. But now I cannot believe I went this long without it. And why had so many of my marketing friends kept this great resource a secret? No matter what, glad I’m now on board seeking (and finding) the answers to my marketing questions and jumping right in to use their how-to tips to get started with any marketing activity I am working on. I have found that even after 15 years as a marketing professional, I still find new information to enhance what I already know. Whether you are a CMO (Chief Marketing Officer) of a Fortune 500 company, a small business owner looking for marketing tips, or someone who is just learning about marketing in college, this website has something for everyone and speaks to you on the right level for your expertise…

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Follow These Basic Rules To Maintain Proper Email Etiquette

Man holding computer

As modern electronics have taken us into an age of technology, many of the everyday aspects of communication have changed. Rather than depending upon pen and paper or even telephone as a means of communication, most people now depend upon e-mail. It is crucial to know how to compose an e-mail while maintaining the appropriate rules of etiquette in a variety of situations…

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Get Your Learn on at Social Brand Forum 2013

Social Brand Forum Logo

The Midwest’s Premier Digital Marketing Event will take place October 24-25 in Coralville, Iowa. The Social Brand Forum is a top 10 social media conference, according to Jason Keath at SocialFresh. The event will include national social media leaders as well as digital marketing thought leaders for two days of interactive discussions and impressive keynotes. Small and large organizations will benefit from Social Brand 2013. Marketers will learn how to build better brands through social media, content, conversations, and community. Networking will abound as well, especially given this event’s single track orientation which keeps everyone in the same room together throughout the conference…

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What We Learned from Social Brand Forum 2013 Recap

Team WRYW at Social Media Brand Forum

The 2013 Social Brand Forum was a huge learning experience for me. This was my first conference and I can say it was a success! I learned a great deal of valuable information and I’d like to share the top three things I took away from this conference. My goal is to teach you something new in this Social Brand Forum 2013 recap that you can implement into your business and make it even better…

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Don’t Miss the Digital Marketing Boot Camp

Digital Marketing Boot Camp

What is digital marketing? Find out as industry leaders from Wildfire give an in-depth crash course on marketing across the digital landscape. The boot camp takes place on the campus of North Carolina A&T State University in Greensboro, NC. It covers basic digital marketing terminology to more comprehensive applications in the digital marketing space…

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3 Things Brands Should Avoid To Be More Likeable than Lance Armstrong

Lance Armstrong on a bike

Was Lance Armstrong being completely honest during his “no holds barred” interview with Oprah last night? This uncertain feeling is familiar to many who visit a brand’s website and read the blogs only to feel a slight hesitation about whether the content offered is truly honest or weighted in favor of the brand being represented. If brands beat their chests and say they are the best, claim to never screw up (or won the Tour de France a record 7 times without doping!) and consistently deny customer complaints, consumers will grow to distrust your brand. It is inevitable. Don’t let your brand fall pray to the pitfalls of victory and success. Here are three things your brand should avoid if you wish to be more likeable than Lance Armstrong..

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