Online Security

Millions of people have their identities stolen from them and often times it’s due to online activity. Whether a site you use gets hacked or someone cracks your account password you’re at risk for identity theft. That’s why online security is so crucial in today’s fast moving, online world. Learn more about cyber security and how you can protect yourself on public Wifi by using a VPN. Did we lose ya there? Don’t worry, we cover all of it in the articles you find in this category.

The SOPA Aftermath of the Protest

Surfing web blocked sign

The SOPA aftermath will be remembered in history as the most blatant use of the Internet for purposes of protesting laws seen to date. As SOPA was debated amongst law makers, Internet users learned what it was like to have limited access to content that is normally easiest to find by clicking a few buttons. It was also a great way to gauge how popular these sites are and for what reasons…

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Conficker Worm: Legitimate Threat or April Fool’s Joke?

Worm on keyboard

For a while now articles have been surfacing in newspapers and publications such as Business Week, about the lack of comprehensive security in government agencies such as NASA. But what if the hackers don’t need to infiltrate government systems to pose a serious threat to computer users and their privacy, much less national security? Via the cloud computing concept, all hackers would need to do is infect a large number of personal computers…

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