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Snique Away Invitation

Grand canyon

Use this Snique Away Invitation Link to gain access to Snique Away. Snique Away is the “Rue La La of travel”. Huge discounts on 4 and 5 star luxury resorts world wide, but you need to act fast. This is an invitation only service that we are extending to our members for a limited time…

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Audio (and Music) File Formats


This article on file formats explains the different audio file formats. Learn what powers your iPod and iPhone songs and why you’re able to store so many songs on such a little device. We cover mp3, mp4, wav, wma, and aiff…

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Airfare Stockmarket?

Airplane cabin

Have you ever sat on a plane and the people around you get in a discussion on how much they paid for their tickets? The discrepancy in price can be amazing (and depressing), especially when the person next to you got her ticket for 1/2 what you paid…

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Homeless Hotspots Cause Controversy

Public wifi hotspot

With the economy in such poor shape, you would think that people would be praising any company that offered anyone a way to make money in a legal manner. A company that offered such an option with no skill requirement involved would be hearing their praises sung, right? And if such a company offered homeless people a way to make some money without panhandling, but by actually providing a service that required nothing more from them than to do what they normally do, wouldn’t they be satisfying bleeding hearts to no end? No. In fact, such a company would apparently be flooded with…

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