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2013 August Newsletter – Tech News Recap

Web news

As Summer comes to a close, and the dog days are over, we reflect back on a busy month that rocked the web. From Starbucks ditching AT&T’s Internet system and replacing it in over 7,000 stores with Google’s super fast Internet, to Apple’s next iPhone (the iPhone 5s & iPhone 5c) leaking everywhere. Here is the tech news recap for August 2013 in case you missed it…

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2013 December Newsletter – News That Rocked The Web

Holiday keyboard

2013 comes to a close with some exciting news from the tech world. From a very innovative way to take pictures (by blinking) brought to you by Google Glass, to those pesky auto-play video ads that could soon flood your Facebook. And don’t forget the month can’t be complete without a hack from…? You guessed it. The NSA! This time they hit gamers. In case you missed these and other cool tech stories, here is the tech news recap for December 2013. Ending the year with lots of exciting news and rumors…

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Homeless Hotspots Cause Controversy

Public wifi hotspot

With the economy in such poor shape, you would think that people would be praising any company that offered anyone a way to make money in a legal manner. A company that offered such an option with no skill requirement involved would be hearing their praises sung, right? And if such a company offered homeless people a way to make some money without panhandling, but by actually providing a service that required nothing more from them than to do what they normally do, wouldn’t they be satisfying bleeding hearts to no end? No. In fact, such a company would apparently be flooded with…

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