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Web Development

Web development includes programming tools, web development tips and other key information you may need to develop or maintain a website. You will also find reviews of different web development platforms (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, etc.), ecommerce options for online retail, web template design companies, hosting companies and more.

Using an HTML5 Validator

HTML letters

HTML5 is the next big thing in the web design world. It has been ages since the HTML (HyperText Markup Language) specification and technology has been upgraded, and it appears it will be ages before HTML5 is fully implemented and used in the broader web market. Meanwhile, some of its functionality is appearing in browsers, and web developers are making use of it. In comes the need for an HTML5 validator…

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Dreamweaver Tutorials for Beginners

Dreamweaver tutorial for beginners

There are a variety of programs available that are intended to help you to build your own website; however, one of the easiest and most professional programs to work with is Dreamweaver. Dreamweaver is a program that is considered to be a “web editor” meaning that it can be used to edit and create web pages by implementing a number of web development aspects. Dreamweaver offers a simple interface and an easy way to implement site management, various scripting languages, template elements and cascading style sheets among other things. While all of these elements can be implemented through various other software programs as well as through a basic text pad document, Dreamweaver offers a visual editor that allows you to view elements as they are implemented. Learning how to use this web editing program can be a little overwhelming for the beginner in web site development; however, a basic walk through of features and functions will quickly get you on your way to creating a professional website….

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What is a Bookmarklet Script?


A bookmarklet is basically a software application for your browser. But what bookmarklets are most known for is their ability to run a website script from anywhere – in other words, the application is loaded in the browser, and doesn’t have to be called from a particular web page. For example, if you visit our URL shortcut creator, LinkTh.at – you’ll see a bookmarklet which will let you create shortcuts from any webpage, instantly – without having to copy the URL, leave the page, and enter it into the form on LinkTh.at. This creates a huge convenient to clients and proves to be a big time saver…

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Setting up Drupal RSS Feeds

Drupal setting up RSS feeds

Drupal comes prebuilt with RSS feed support. Unfortunately the same can’t be said for its user friendliness. Here at We Rock Your Web we’ve got RSS support setup with Feedburner. Our installation was simple and painless and lets subscribers get notified whenever new content is posted on your website. Follow these steps to get rockin’…

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No Tooling Around with the UniversalKey in Drupal

Drupal unkown toolbar item

Are you seeing the error message unknown toolbar item “UniversalKey” popup in an FCKeditor window? This is a result of an update to the native FCKeditor software that caused the removal of the “UniversalKey” button. The “UniversalKey” button was one that loaded a Universal Keyboard that allowed the use of different keyboard layouts based on language and country of origin. Unfortunately, FCKeditor did not have a license to use the Universal Keyboard, so they had to remove it in the update to FCKeditor 2.4…

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