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Web development includes programming tools, web development tips and other key information you may need to develop or maintain a website. You will also find reviews of different web development platforms (Drupal, Wordpress, Joomla, etc.), ecommerce options for online retail, web template design companies, hosting companies and more.

No Tooling Around with the UniversalKey in Drupal

Drupal unkown toolbar item

Are you seeing the error message unknown toolbar item “UniversalKey” popup in an FCKeditor window? This is a result of an update to the native FCKeditor software that caused the removal of the “UniversalKey” button. The “UniversalKey” button was one that loaded a Universal Keyboard that allowed the use of different keyboard layouts based on language and country of origin. Unfortunately, FCKeditor did not have a license to use the Universal Keyboard, so they had to remove it in the update to FCKeditor 2.4…

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