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I have a couple of sites that I really want to start promoting but am not quite sure what might be the best ways. Recently, I have started hearing a lot about redirected traffic from other domains. I am not really sure I quite understand the idea here behind this type of traffic. So, anyone out there who can explain this to me, it would be great. Also, since I see a lot of places trying to sell this type of traffic I am wondering if it is any good. I know there are places out there that will sell you like a million hits to your site, but most of that is basically junk traffic, and likely very UN targeted. So, is the redirected domains traffic like that or is it at least a bit targeted? Which are the best companies to use for purchasing this type of traffic, and how much should I really expect to pay for it realistically? As I am thinking about this, I wonder if anyone can tell me how these companies go about generating the traffic in the first place. I would also appreciate some input on which type of offers might be good fits for using redirected domains traffic.

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