What’s the best online meeting platform for large company?

For a meeting platform we are looking for: screen sharing, recording, easy access, raise you hand/chat, mobile and workstation compatible. We will host a monthly meeting for 100 employees in different locations. Some of them can go into a conference room to listen and watch as a group. Others will be at their desks or on a mobile device. What do you suggest for this? Thanks!


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Sadie Cornelius
Jane, thanks for your question! Sounds like GoToMeeting would be a great solution for you but you should check out our full review of the best video conferencing if you haven’t already to see the various features, pricing and info for several other companies that might be a good fit for what you are looking for. Please keep us posted on what you end up using and let us know about your experience. Thanks for reaching out and hope that helps!?

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