Difference between Web Design and Web Development

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I am a bit confused about something web related. It seems that very often terms like web design and web development are used interchangeably. I always thought that they were different, yet have never been quite able to really put my finger on what some of the specific differences are.

Then again, maybe we have come to the point where in a practical sense there is no real difference between the two? Maybe they are just different ways or approaches to the same end goal or result? Then again, I know that there are people who work as web designers and there are others who work as web developers.

Of course, I have not ever had the chance to really meet these folks personally, or else I would have asked and then I would not be here on the forum posting this question! I guess that what I am really wondering is what does a web designer actually do on a daily basis.

I mean, when they get to work in the morning, how do they spend their time? I am also wondering the same thing about the work life and time of a wed developer. If people who actually are web designers and web developers could respond, that would be tremendous. Thanks in advance…

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