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I do quite a bit of typing and my hands sometimes hurt because of it. Actually, they sometimes go numb from typing so much. I know this is a common problem for people who work on a computer all day and I have tried some of the tricks of using a wrist pad and things like that to take some of the pressure off of the wrist so it does not make the nerves swell and so forth. That doesn’t really work for me. And I can’t slow down because it’s my job and I also do a lot of typing for school. So, I tried the voice recognition software that is installed on Windows 7 and it really drives me nuts. Sometimes I feel like I spend more time correcting the software than I would have if I just typed anything out. I quit using it because my blood pressure is high enough without having the added issue of getting upset over some software. I was considering buying Dragon to replace it. Dragon is not the cheapest software and I will not buy or download pirated software, so I am kind of in a bind. I have to do something and I have heard a couple of good things about Dragon, but I have also heard cons about it. From what I understand, it works well as long as you don’t have an accent. Have you had any experience with this software, specifically with using it with Windows 7? I hate to spend the money on it if it is going to be useless.

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