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Does anyone have a promotion code for Dropbox (the online backup service)? I've heard something about being able to get 250mb or even 500mb free with a promo code. I'm ready to sign up but can't seem to find one! The ones I have found I'm hesitant will not work, because when I get to the Dropbox account sign-up page, there is no mention of the free space I might receive.

Hope you can help web rockers! I have some important files I need to get backed up asap.

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If you sign up for Dropbox using a referral link, you will get 500mb of free extra space so you start out at 2.5Gb instead of the usual 2Gb. Any referral link will work as long as the account that sent it hasn’t hit the maximum number of referrals. Click here to use my referral link and get the 500mb bonus space. I currently have 6 referrals out of a limit of 32, so that link should work for you (or anyone else who wants to use it). I think you have to download the computer synching program for the extra space from referrals to work though.

Happy Dropboxing!

Alex Schenker (Admin)
We do happen to have a DropBox promotion for our members. To get 500MB of free space when you sign up, just click here and create your DropBox account (it’s free).