Eset Cyber Security Is Finding Viruses In My Dropbox Cache?

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So I recently acquired a new MacBook Pro and installed ESET Cyber Security and Dropbox, among other applications. As my Dropbox folders download and sync (I’m using the “online-only” sync option to conserve space) the ESET scanner continually detects malware, Trojans, and viruses in my Dropbox caching folder (~/Dropbox/.dropbox.cache). I’ve tried deleting the cache folder but it keeps coming back and the alerts are really getting annoying. Not to mention, my CPU and fan are spinning out of control.

-Sam F


Hi Sam, no guarantees on this solution, as it’s always possible that you do have a virus, but in my experience ESET is known to throw some false positives on “partial” files. In this case, since you just re-installed Dropbox, the syncing process involves downloading small chunks of files to your Macbook at a time, and it looks like maybe these are being recognized as malware by ESET as they appear. The only real solution is to exclude your caching folder from scanning, or disable real-time file protection until the initial Dropbox sync is complete. Then re-enable realtime protection and run a scan to make sure there’s nothing to be concerned about.

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