Facebook Business versus Personal Page

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What is the difference between a Facebook profile and a page? How does one create business FB pages?

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December 4, 2013 7:32 pm

So a Business profile is what is set up for a business with a physical location and thus making it possible to “check in “ there. You should need to mobile verify if you are a local business and set up a physical location for your page. That way if someone already checked into a location they set up for your business you can claim it as your own (thus needing the phone # verification). Here are the 3 types of pages

  1. Personal Profile – must be set up to have a business spate
  2. Business Page – can be a brand, website, local business
  3. Business Profile – for physical locations – can link to Business Page.
December 8, 2013 1:39 pm

In general, a good analogy is to think of a Facebook or Google plus business page as a business. Every business has a person behind it – an owner or admin. Someone created a product, website or brand, it’s not a human but there is a human who set it up and manages the behind the scenes. So just the way a business doesn’t operate with out a person, a social media – specifically FB and G+ page can not operate with out a personal profile associated with it. I guess that is because social media is very personal and peer to peer or peer to brand driven. The nice thing about this though is you can manage multiple brands with one single log in.

The exceptions though would be Twitter and Instagram – business profiles as of right now for these two are the way you are thinking. You have one single brand log in for each business. As of now, you can not manage multiple profiles under one log in (unless you are using an API like TweetDeck). Both need a unique Email address though, one account per email address. Not sure if there are any apps or 3rd that I am aware of for managing multiple Instagram pages at least yet but could be in the future? And Instagram requires a smart phone versus all other social media sites which you can manage on a computer or mobile.