Google Plus Personal Page versus Google Plus Business Page

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I recently created what I thought was a Google plus page, through my Google address but realized after the fact that it was not a Google plus business page. In determining which type of Google plus page I should use for my business and what the differences were between the two I came across the following Pages are extremely similar to profiles, but they have some key differences between the two. Pages can’t add people into their circles until a page is added first or mentioned. If you a a person, you can add people into your circle at any point. Pages can be categorized versus people who are just either a female or a male, age, demographics etc. Pages can have multiple admins which personal pages can not – which is great when you have more than one person who will be managing content for the page you do not have to share your personal Google account log in info. Pages can’t plus one other pages or things on the way however they can like profiles. Pages can’t do a number of other things including playing games, share with extended circles and start a hangout on a mobile device. When in doubt, the best bet is to create a personal profile for yourself then be sure you set up a separate Google plus business page and categorize it and share with others to be admins if necessary.

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