How can I run my own Facebook marketing campaign?

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As a marketer, I am always looking for new ideas and techniques which can help me improve my business or gain more exposure. Let me back up and start by saying that I originally started out in the off line marketing world. I worked for some of the big ad agencies, but soon became disillusioned and left since they really did not seem too concerned about how their marketing campaigns actually performed.

In fact, they did not have anything in the way of tracking the ads, so there really was no way to know how anything performed. Looking back on it all now, maybe that was the point…so that clients would keep coming back to us even if the marketing was not working!

Anyway, I then got into direct mail and have had a long and successful career. The thing I like most is the fact that everything can be tracked and calculated right down to the penny. Recently, I have started some websites for myself and a few clients. Things are going all right, but I would really like to learn some new online marketing tricks. For example Facebook.

I know this is a huge opportunity, but I really do not yet know how exploit it. So, I wonder if anyone out there could give me some good pointers, tips or help on how to set up, use and run my own marketing campaigns of Facebook?

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I come from pretty much the same background as you, except that I never worked for any big agencies. I always understood that the ads they produced were much more concerned with being ‘creative’ or entertaining or trying to win awards from their peers rather than actually focusing on helping businesses actually produce real results. This realization also led me to running my own offline businesses that used primarily direct mail campaigns to market a variety of products from skin cream to health and vitamin supplements.

When I started making the switch to online marketing, it was a little scary. But now that I understand things more clearly, I can certainly say that it has been the best move I ever made. I think that after some time you will also probably feel the same way.

Facebook is a great source and site to use for a marketing campaign. There are a number of ways that it can be leveraged. Most of these can be run and managed fairly easily, so I do not think that there would be any need to hire any additional help. Facebook actually has a program where you can run ads directly. These are usually charged based on the number of impressions or clicks. In other words, you may have a cost per click of 20 cents. Each time someone clicks on one of your ads, you will be charged 20 cents. This can be set up so that when someone clicks, they are sent to your facebook opt-in page, fan page or even an outside web site.