How Much Would a Good Facebook Advertising Campaign Cost

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I want to start making more money in my shop. It’s a small boutique and I really feel like I have good potential, however, I went with some discounted real estate, and there’s not a lot of foot traffic around here. I need to advertise. My location is a nice one, very picturesque and also very safe; it’s just not very popular and more residential. I’m thinking Facebook marketing would be a good strategy. What kinds of cost numbers am I looking at?

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Advertising through social media platforms such as Facebook can be great for getting your company out there to potential customers. Social media sites have a lot of users, and you can use the information they share about themselves to target your advertisements specifically to those who you think would benefit from your services.

How Much Does Social Media Advertising Cost?

Many people assume that social media marketing campaigns are inexpensive, which can be true compared to advertising on other media platforms such as television and radio. Other than that, advertising can ultimately cost you as much as you want to pay. How? Because advertising is Cost Per Click (CPC), which means you pay only for every person that actually clicks on your advertisement.

How CPC Works Through Facebook: The Basics

You pay a certain amount and set up your advertisements, including choosing your target audience and the link to your business’ Facebook page that you want to direct people to. This amount is usually about fifty dollars, but can be about twenty to forty dollars depending on specials that may be running at the time. Think of this money as being in your ‘advertising bank account’. Using a per-click pricing matrix, they will look at who your target audience is and how many people are in those demographics, and then calculate how much it will cost per person who clicks on the ad banner. For each person that clicks on the ad after it goes live, the cost to you is subtracted from your advertising bank account, and when that account reaches zero, your advertisement will no longer be shown. You do, however, have the option of adding increments of minimum twenty to fifty dollars to your account on a regular basis, to keep your ad campaign running.

Is it better to Put More Money in the Account Up-Front, or to Put More in as You Go?

This answer depends as well. If you expect a relatively high amount of traffic– say, if your company was already relatively well-known before you began a Facebook campaign– starting out with a larger amount of money may be a better bet. If your company is not as well-known, however, start with the minimum first and let your reputation build. Although you might miss some customers if your ads shut down briefly, it is better than having money sitting in the account and not enough people clicking on your ad.