How to change "acting as" on Facebook app?

Here’s my situation: I’m trying to “like” and comment on posts using the Facebook app on my iPhone, iPad, etc. as me personally (and not my business page), but I can’t get this to work! When I log into Facebook via my browser (desktop or mobile devices), I’m able to click on the “acting as” link and change (toggle) whether I want to post as myself or my business page. While this linkappearsin the mobile app, I’m unable to click/touch it (ie. it does nothing), so I’m always forced to post as my business page when using the Facebook app. This is so annoying that it’s forced me to just use FB via my browser. Unfortunate, since performance is not as seamless. Is anyone else experiencing this issue?

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Alex Schenker
It looks like the latest Facebook app has this resolved? If you’re still having trouble, save the site from your Safari browser as an icon, and use it instead.

Yep, the same problem here. Any solutions now?