How to move things up and down Facebook timeline?

Is there a way to move posts up and down the Facebook timeline? I recently uploaded a bunch of photos from the past, and they’re all appearing at the top of my timeline, making it look like they were just taken. Is there an easy way to move these back in time?

ps. The photos were taken with and uploaded via the Instagram app.

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David Guitard
These fixes don’t work. The date you want probably won’t come up. Easy way is to open up the original post you want and hit the “share on Facebook” button and it will rise to the top.

A post of mine and all associated comments suddenly disappeared from my home page, but still appears on my timeline page.  How can I get them back on my home page?

Alex Schenker
The easiest way to move things on your Facebook timeline is to click the little edit (pencil) icon in the upper right corner of a particular post, and then select the “change date” option to specify when the date occurred.

Note that this does not work for Instagram submitted posts (i.e. for photos submitted to Facebook through your Instagram app). You’ll need to download the photos to your PC and then re-upload them to Facebook.

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